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  1. For anyone interested, Paddy's Game Shoppe in St. Cloud, MN will begin hosting a FRIDAY NIGHT FORGE event weekly for players in the area to play ChainBound events. The first even begins May 10th and we will run this weekly through June (and longer if the turnout is consistent) with a start time of 6:00pm. If you would like more details, email me at KyleTurck@gmail.com Thanks!!!
  2. I pulled one Maverick (a Dis Commander Remiel) out of the random 4 decks I purchased during the week of launch. I am now sitting at 40 decks (with one more display case coming in this week), and that is the ONLY maverick I have pulled myself.
  3. You only skip YOUR forge a key step. Meanwhile, your opponent is able to keep on forging keys like normal. It essentially just gives you all of the amber that they spend when forging their keys (instead of it going back into the amber pool). The card itself is a reference to the film "The Sting", an old 70's heist movie, so you are stealing someone else's hard-earned amber when they think it is safe and sound back in the pool. Hope that helps!
  4. With just being able to compare it to similar collections on eBay, I was going to start it at $400 (have since listed it for that price on the GoT Facebook group). Have had an offer already of $330, so I'm guessing I'm at least in the ballpark?
  5. I hope this is okay to post on here, wasn't sure where else to turn: After finding the 2nd edition Core Set on clearance and giving the game a try, I have since been picking up each and every Deluxe Expansion and Chapter Pack with the hopes of eventually learning the game better, building decks, and playing with friends. Well, that has not happened like I thought it would, so I am looking to offload my entire collection...but considering it's size, I was not quite sure how to go about doing that (aside from the eBay scene, which would be my last resort). Here is a quick sampling of what I have: Core Set x3 (with ALL tokens) Deluxe Expansions x5 (with King of the Isles pre-ordered) House Intro Decks x8 Chapter Pack Cycles x4 (with Dance of Shadows ordered) World Championship Decks x2 FF House Card Sleeves (x100 per house) Deluxe 2-Player Mat I am also sitting on a TON of Dragon Shield 4-Compartment boxes (where I stored cards for each house) along with some Dragon Shield deck boxes for individual decks. I know this is a pretty sizeable collection, but I am really looking for the best site or people to get in touch with about selling it off. Everything is UNPLAYED (aside from the few games I played with my wife learning the game a few years back), and I still have the boxes for everything as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks for taking a moment to read this!
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