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  1. Common Lore (Underworld): 30 (Int) - 20 (Untrained) - 10 (Difficulty) = 0 Roll:82 for 8 DoF Digging around in a box filled with an eclectic mix of autoweapon clips and broken small arms, Estelia found a strange object. From it’s firing trigger and hammer she could tell it was an archaic fire arm of some sort. The barrel was about 25 centimeters in length, and bare steel. It was connected to what appeared to be a simply but nicely varnished hardwood body with brass fittings. A detachable rod of some sort was affixed below the barrel ((this would be the ramrod)). The grip of the weapon bent away from the barrel at just under a 45 degree angle and flared out a bit at the end, capped with a brass endpiece. None of the workings seemed especially well polished, but neither did they show any damage, and seemed relatively well constructed. All told the weapon was about 40 cm in length and weighed as much as both of Estelia’s laspistols combined. It looked almost oversized in the young girl’s hands. After consulting with Inellia, the Novice determined she had found a flintlock hand weapon of average male. Apparently they were popular among nobility and the underworld as status symbols, though the value of such a plain specimen was limited. Digging further in the crate uncovered only 5 lead balls suitable for firing, but a small keg of black powder was in the corner. Acquiring some paper suitable for “wadding,” as the Sister described it, proved simple, and so Estelia was ready to try firing her newfound weapon. She did not load a ball, since she had only 5. Nonetheless, the Novice set herself up on the range. Such a primaries firearm was somewhat intimidating to fire. Almost all of the girl’s training had been with las weapons. Though more powerful, the firing lacked kickback, or any explosion at all in fact. She held the weapon pointed downrange and gripped firmly in both hands, pulled back the hammer, and fired. The sound was deafening, Estelia almost dropped the pistol. Her arms, unprepared and unused to such weapons, hurt. A small cloud of smoke hung around her in the room. The girl sat down on the floor and poked at her ears with her fingers until her hearing returned to normal. This was going to take some practice, but the visceral effect of the weapon had captivated the Novice. She picked herself up and set about finding some ear plugs . . .
  2. The first thing Estelia did was search the armoury for a holdout weapon, the previous events had made the Novice jumpy about losing her main weapons. Unfortunately, she could not find anything suitable, despite several days of searching through crates. The girl did uncover a rather odd item, a rather plain looking, if sturdily constructed, flintlock pistol, along with a small keg of black powder. Unfortunately there were only a few lead balls to be found. Feeling like she should at least make the effort to appear to be studding, the Novice also spent some time in the library. To her surprise, she soon found herself immersed in a book on the ancient tradition of circus performance. The villa's attic proved an adequate practice location, with it's open rafters. After matins each day Esteia took to firing her newfound black powder toy without a ball, to get a feel for the kickback (and it was fun). It also gave her a chance to learn to clean the piece properly. Eventually the novice took to wearing the pistol tucked into the belt of a loose robe. It would almost certainly be of little help in an actual fight, but she liked the way it looked. She tried showing it to Ariel, it's archaic working were really quite fascinating, but unsurprisingly the other Novice showed little interest.
  3. Ariel's spending time reading about the Creed would give her a chance to bond with Inellia, she's something of an ammeter theologian (the idea being she's rather well read on the subject of interpreting the creed), in my view of the character.
  4. Sorry for the delay Reroll for Autopistol (Average) using 20 of my bonus - Roll: 66 needed a 50, fail reroll for Flintlock (+10 for Common) using 10 of my bonus - Roll: 13 apparently the Emperor changed his mind: he does want Estelia to have that flintlock. I have 3 DoS beyond the initial 1, so I get 3 extra clips beyond the initial 2, which means I have a total of 5 shots (should have went for a good quality one, but this should be interesting). Edit: and I rolled for the Fate point I spent in the initial requisition process, go a 6 so I did use that Fate point Updated Character Sheet Estelia will take a -20 to hit when using the flintlock since she doesn't have Low-Tech Weapon Training . . . wait ok she does because we took that instead of chain training to take the knives ----- Having been unable to find a suitable holdout pistol, Estelia returns to the house carrying an archaic handweapon, and a small pouch containing a few lead balls and some black powder of dubious quality. She sets to cleaning the weapon, which she had purchased as more of an novelty than anything else, loads it (making a mental not to change the powder periodically if it was not fired) and tucks it into the rope belt of the robe she had donned as a disguise that day. The Novice wonders what Ariel had found, though she doubted the other girl would find Estelia's new toy very impressive. ((I'm imagining this is one of those longer barreled flintlock pistols with the more flat profile (the grip being bent at a shallow angle), like, say 40cm in length. It's only regular quality but I'd hope in good condition, so a plain wood handle and no embellishment on the barrel))
  5. Like I said in the OOC I’m fine with either. I’d certainly like a chance to re-roll but that might be an issue since Balthazar already got his flaming backpack topper I’m fine with however the Doctor wants to handle things
  6. either really, the first might be too generous for characters of your level, though I'd appreciate some way of trading for or getting an automatic requisition.
  7. It sounds good to me!
  8. Yes, Father Thorne is turning into The Redeemer all right I forgot about Estelia’s requisition rolls. I like combat toys in games, and so does Estelia (wow what a coincidence!), and since she’s been feeling kinda twitchy lately about having her weapons taken away, she’s going to look for an auto pistol (average) and someone willing to make it compact (average). Since Estelia’s influence is 30 she can look for one more thing . . . Hold up a second, She can have a flintlock pistol (common)? The other option is a concealed holster. Harder to find concealed weapon for niche scenarios or status symbol she can fire once (but may also draw attention)? I’m assuming we can spend Fate points to re-roll these? I’ll post results for with and without in case. Autopistol - Roll: 60 fail. Reroll: 65 fail. Well, I had about a 50/50 shot statistically with the re-roll. Shifting gears since that failed, Flintlock (+10 for Common) - Roll: 80 nope to that too (not going to attempt a re-roll). Alright, failing both of those (the Requisition system is not my favorite part of DH2E . . . ) is it technically a different item if Estelia looks for a Good quality flintlock (making it a straight Influence role)? I’ll make the roll, and if it’s not ok just let me know. Good Quality Flintlock - Roll: 95 fail. I need to end this post before I say something needlessly critical of this game system.
  9. Here's the updated sheet!
  10. Updated Sheet I'm still nervous about not taking Step Aside yet, but since we've not had any combat yet I thought another advance in Acrobatics might be more fun plus I don't want the characters to be too far apart in combat ability and I know Ariel at least is stocking up on much more useful stuff like lore skills (Estelia took one look at how much XP it would cost her and decided to take agility/BS stuff for the time being ). Mighty Shot is just to get that extra 5 (!) damage per shot (since she's BS 50 now, it's a prerequisite she needed to reach there), but Target Selection is so she can shoot around the Father head when he's bashing someone's head. So, We got Awareness (Known) 300 (ouch, but she needs that), the first 2 BS Advances for a total of 350, Stealth (Known) 200, Acrobatics (Experienced) 300, Target Selection 400 and Might Shot 400. A total of 1950, but since Estelia had 50 left over last time too, she's got 100 extra for next time.
  11. Yeah, this is fun! I’m a bit preoccupied for the next 16 or so hours with some stuff I need to work on, I’ll try to get my sheet updated sometime within the next 24
  12. Is the “it’s always Estelia’s fault when Ariel gets in trouble” gag too much?
  13. ((Wait, is Estelia really ingrained in Awarenss?)) Awareness: 20(Per) - 20(Untrained) +10(difficulty) = 10. Roll: 16 for 1 DoF Estelia follows the Father’s quick march down the corridor, making little note of the house’s interior. She is relieved when she recognizes Inellia’s voice singing. They are in the right place. She glanced to Ariel before securing her pistols on their holsters. The hymn being sung was well know to the Novice, but was not the kind of music found in an Ophelia cathedral. More the kind of music sung by children (such as her and Ariel) at a Schola on the Feast of the Emperor’s Ascension. Thinking of that she realized how hungry she had become. Almost as hungry as after the 48 straight hours her and Ariel had had spent scrubbing floors. After Estelia had knocked over a plinth while running in the hall.
  14. Estelia glances at Ariel. She’s nervous. Estelia is too, a bit, this was unfamiliar territory for both of them. Perhaps less dangerous than earlier in the day. Perhaps more. Taking her que from the other Novice, Estelia moves to free her pistols in their holsters, only to realize she had never closed them after confronting that idiot noble and his guard. Hopefully whoever was inside the house was expecting them, or showing the Inquisitorial icon the Father carried could turn things messy. She taps her right index finger nervously on the casing of one of her pistols.
  15. “This is the place? It looks nice, like something you see in pict-capts of buildings on agri worlds.” of course the novice had never been to an agri world, but she knew what one looked like from her Schola education. This looked like the kind of house the middle to upper echelon of an agri world would live in, though many of those would have had open sky above. ”Should we just go up to the door? I’m sure someone is watching it.” Estelia didn’t think it was likely that the house would be dangerous, but her day had been rather unpredictable so far, as one could suspect when dealing with the irreverent masses and possibly heretics, she supposed.