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  1. ((XP Expenditures: Precision Killer (Ranged) - T2 Talent, 2 Appt., 300XP Fellowship (Intermediate) - 1 Appt., 500XP Decieve (Known) - 1 Appt., 200XP Scrutiny (Known) - 1 Appt., 200XP Command (Known) - 1 Appt., 200XP)) ((Downtime Requisitions: 1. best quality sword (common +10, best quality -30) using my entire downtime bonus (+30) with Inf 30 = target 40. Roll: 69. FP Re-Roll: 27 for 3DoS (FP not recovered (rolled 7)) 2. shotgun shells (scarce -10) with Inf 30 = target 20. Roll: 27 for 1DoF given 1/10 chance for Villa library to have a hymnal, rolled 5 3. hymnal (plentiful +20) with Inf 30 = target 50. Roll: 39 for 3DoS (at GM suggestion, upgrading to Good quality because of the DoS))) Almost immediately after returning to the villa, Estelia goes back out into the hab, looking for a few items. She is forced to hurry because of the approaching night, though some merchants seemingly remain open wall past the artificial sunset. While she is again unable to find any ammunition for Ariel's shotgun, she does find a good looking hymnal that she thought would complement her disguise as a young noble the next day. The other item she was searching for took a bit more looking. After several hours of searching, she by chanced upon a somewhat decorative-looking blade in the window of a shop, and was able to negotiate the proprietor down to a price smaller than the amount of currency she could afford to part with. Examining the sword, she found it to be in good condition, and functional. The ornamentation somewhat obscuring the quality of the weapon as a tool of war. Returning to the villa for the second time that day, Estelia went to find Ariel. "Ariel! Look what I found!" she shoves the sword in it's scabbard in front of whatever the other Novice is doing, "you were looking for something to go with your disguise right?" Estelia seems quite pleased with herself, and waits expectantly for Ariel's approval. (I'll let Lynata fill out the details of the weapon I think))
  2. Estelia waves back at Ariel, just finishing the gyro "A nice man gave me some food and pointed me in the right direction. It seems like the locals know their way around this part of the hab at least," in a lower voice she continues, "We should get going if we don't want to be recognized when we return, or someone gets the wrong idea from the way I'm dressed. I'd rather not have to test your theory about whether anyone misses the disappeared." The Novice nods also to Father Thorne, "Was your visit productive? I found a place we can get some food and maybe ask questions of a local discretely, but not much else."
  3. Estelia freezes, not sure at first which piece of advice to follow, before settling on listening to Estelia. The people of the hive had been rather fun to talk to before, even if they didn't wish to speak to her. She looks around for someone who doesn't look too busy and approaches. ((reminder: Estelia is wearing just her armored bodyglove right now, and has her laspistols strapped to her waist. Inquiry: 35 Fel + 0 Known + 20 Difficulty = 55. Roll: 58 for 1 DoF. Faith Point Re-roll: 31 for 3 DoS. Faith in the Creed: 2 so no regained FP, 1 remaining)) "Good day [sir/madam], I'm looking for the alms house that I think is around here somewhere. I can't seem to find it in all these alleys." The Novice does her best to smile endearingly at the stranger she has addressed. ((She leaves her comm open as she talks and hopes she sounds "natural" to the locals))
  4. Estelia tries to make contact with Ariel via their comm beads "Ariel, I think I'm lost. Can you still hear me?" She begins looking around for any nearby landmarks that might let Ariel and the Father know where she is.
  5. The blond novice takes uncertain stock of her situation before trying to make her way back to the alms house. ((Survival: 20 Per - 20 Untrained + 0 Difficulty = 01, Roll: 72 for 8 DoF so no help with the Navigation there. Navigation (Surface): 30 Int - 20 Untrained + 10 Difficulty = 20, Roll 21 for 1 DoF)) Unfortunately, Estelia is forced to admit to herself that she's lost. At least a bit. She could have sworn the place was right there.
  6. Moving as quickly as she can without making a racket, Estelia scrambles down to street level. ((Stealth: 45 Ag + 10 Stealth - 10 Difficulty = 45. Roll: 16 for 4 DoS)) Back at ground level, the novice keeps low and quickly glances around, taking stock of her present location ((Awareness if you want it: 20 Per + 0 Awareness = 20. Roll: 93 for 8 DoF (not including any difficulty modifier, not that it probably matters))
  7. Estelia's eyes go wide when she realizes she's been spotted. She hurries to get out of sight of the door, reaching for her pistol but not drawing it yet. Hopefully her black bodysuit would be nondescript enough that she could not be tracked down later. She would find out how good of a look they'd gotten at her face when she came back disguised as a noble. The Novice subvocalizes over her comm bead to Ariel and the Father, "I've been spotted from a distance, moving away now." ((Estelia will try to get and stay out of sight of the person on the roof, and try to get back down to street level so she can leave if necessary))
  8. Estelia makes her way quietly to partway down the fire escape of a building to the left side of the alms house (left when looking at its front entrance). She squints her eyes, trying to pick out any details she missed or any suspicious activity that wasn't visible to her before. ((Awareness: 20 Per + 0 Known + 0 Difficulty = 20; Roll:48 for 3 DoF Faith PFint reroll: 68 for 5 DoF so it just made it worse. Faith in the Creed: 8, so Estelia is down to 1 FP))
  9. ((forgot to roll for Faith in the Creed before when I spent a FP. Roll: 1, FP regained lol)) "Throne!" Estelia curses under her breath as the door refuses to open for her. Trying something a bit more direct, she steps back and attempts to force it open (all while trying to stay quiet to avoid notice) ((S + 10 = 40, Roll: 55 for 2 DoF; FP re-roll: 58 for 2 DoF again. Rolling for Faith in the Creed to see if I get the FP back, Roll: 1, holy crap I got the FP back again so I still have all 3 of my FP available)) Estelia is unable to brute force the door open, perhaps unsurprising given her small stature. Perhaps she would have to look for another way around. She looks to nearby rooftops to see if she might be able to traverse across them to a better vantage point.
  10. Estelia decides to stay where she is for the moment, she isn't confident in her ability to force her way into anywhere else. Settling in on the rooftop and trying to keep her profile low to avoid being seen, she continues to watch the Alms House, waiting for any update from the Father or Ariel. After a few minutes, the novices grows in frustration, resolving to make her way elsewhere. She tries to force her way into the building from the rooftop to find a better vantage point. ((Security: 30 Int - 20 Untrained = 10, Roll: 39 for 3DoF)) She realizes too late she has no idea what she's doing trying to pick a lock.
  11. “I’m going to take a look around I think.” Taking Ariel’s (backhanded) complement as a go ahead, Estelia slips out of the auto carriage when no one seems to be watching and slinks into an alleyway. ((Stealth: 45 Ag + 10 skill + 20 difficulty = 75, roll 46 (in discord) for 4DoS)) The Novice slinks around to the side of a building adjacent to the House and attempts to climb up to the roof for a better view. ((I’m feeling bad about not having posted Faster, but I’m not sure if I can use Acrobatics rather than Athletics so I will roll both and let Doc decide which result to heed.)) ((Athletics: 30S + 0Skill + 20Difficulty = 50, roll 69 for 2DoF, FP reroll for 19, 5DoS)) ((Acrobatics: 45Ag + 30Skill + ?Difficulty = 75 perhaps, roll 76 for 1DoF adjusted by Difficulty, if Difficulty is Challenging or higher, FP reroll, otherwise it’s a success (2DoS). Reroll for 53 for 3DoS, adjusted by Difficulty (again this reroll only matters if difficulty is +0 or harder))) Estelia makes her way to the top of the building and scans the House and its immediate surroundings, keeping a low profile as she does so. ((Awareness: 20Per + 0Skill + 0 Difficulty = 20, roll 58 for 4DoF)) ”Throne blight it, you never think things through do you Estelia?” she whispered annoyedly, not seeing anything of interest from her current perspective, “at least I didn’t fall . . . “
  12. Estelia turns to Ariel as they travel “If you would rather do the sneaking, you can, I just assumed I’d be better at not getting seen.” Having assumed she would be doing the stealth part of this mission, Estelia is wearing just her body glove, hoping the black would blend in better. ”As for talking to people, we don’t want to pose as the nobles we will be posing as when we come here later, right? That might be suspicious. I guess we can be no one in particular and just ask around among the people leaving the premises.”
  13. Estelia shifts from foot to foot, nervous at the idea of traveling alone, “It might be a good idea to find another way up, though I might just get myself lost. I wouldn’t want to just be seen before I even got there to snoop around.”
  14. Estelia nods, “that sounds fine to me, Sister, as long as we can avoid getting caught doing the initial scouting.”
  15. “That sounds more like a comment on my face than my clothes! I’d like to see you do better; you know how much the Drill Abbots encouraged us to care about appearances,” Estelia counters in a sarcastic tone. As Ariel lectures her Estelia grins, “You know, I did find a good deal on them . . . I think. But I’d been looking for days! I had this first one I found in the armoury here and I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head that it’d be much better to carry more of them. The Novice stops for a moment, enjoying their banter, but there were more serious consequences at stake. ”Really, I was hoping the weird weapons would take attention from how much I don’t look like a noble’s granddaughter. I’m bringing this too though,” she reaches into a fold in the dress and draws the compact autopistol from its hidden holster.”
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