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  1. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia takes a seat and sets the flintlock in her lap for the moment. Flak armour is hardly the most comfortable thing to be wearing while sitting, but she hadn't been sure when exactly they'd be leaving. She glances at the dataslates and other documents on the table, but simply waits for the Sister to instruct them in what they are to do.
  2. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy this week
  3. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia chuckles at Ariel’s comment “but my laspistols don’t make that kind of noise, and you’re missing how cool it looks!”
  4. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia grins at Ariel's teasing (she had learned how to spot it of course), "and it's almost surely less accurate than a laspistol, and the propellant and ammunition have to be rammed down the barrel," she pantomimed using a ramrod to load the weapon, "What I was really looking for was something compact to use as a holdout, but this looks rather impressive and makes a nice satisfying bang when you fire it. It's a good way to get someone's attention." The Novice says nothing about the Father's shrine. She hoped he was joking, but knew from experience that the Frateris Clergy were very particular about their shrines and what should and should not be set on or knocked out of them . . .
  5. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia wiper her hands and grabs the flintlock from the table ((it’s about 16ish inches (40 cm is the number I had in mind iirc))), “I found this burried in the armory. I only have 5 balls but I’ve been practicing firing it without. Apparently the powder I found with it had gone bad, so armsman Lax had to show me how to mix it properly . . . It’s a neat weapon, isn’t it?”
  6. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia looked around for a bit before finding Ariel eating in the kitchen. Following the lead of the other Novice, she cut herself a piece of the bread to eat. She thought briefly of having something else, but the girl had had food prepared for her essentially every day of her life, even if it was usually rather plain, and so settled for the bread since it was easy. She set her flintlock on the table while cutting the bread, noting that Ariel had still yet to comment on the oddity. Not that this was especially surprising, the other girl would, in Estelia's opinion, either see it as an affectation to be ignored, or simply another weapon not worth especial attention. Estelia was only a little bothered. She glanced at Ariel as she sat down at the table, next to the other girl, "It's kind of exciting not knowing exactly what we'll do today. Almost like we're real Sisters."
  7. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia awoke around 6 to the sound of her alarm. She lay in her bed a moment before remembering that today was the day they continued their investigation. The Novice didn’t really feel ready and wasn’t sure what exactly she had learned in the past three weeks, asside from how to fire a flintlock. These had been three of the easiest weeks the Novice could remember, actually. Had the time given their enemies, who or whatever they were, the slip, or had it just allowed them more time to prepare? The Novice sighed, rolled over and picked up her dataslate. ”Ponder not your place. You are where the Emperor intends you to be.” A rather standard thought for the day. Estelia hadn’t had the least bit of choice in her place her entire life, though sometimes she did . . . ponder it. Her understanding was such thoughts were perfectly healthy, as long as they were not distracting or causing disobedience (though in her case perhaps this . . . ). The girl wondered if the Sister had selected or written this herself. She’d never seen a book of “thoughts for days” but she supposed one probably existed somewhere. The Novice pulled herself out of bed, rubbing her eyes, and began getting dressed. Halfway through she realized she should probably wear her armor today, and had to start over. Bodyglove then flak armour, belt with ammunition, pistols and other odds and ends, knife in boots. She stayed for a moment at the flintlock, she could not jus slide it in her belt while wearing hard armour. She glanced around the room, and not finding anything that looked remotely suitable for a holster, shrugged and just held the weapon in her hand for the moment. Next she knealt before a small icon of the Emperor that was in the room, asking for safety and guidance in the days tasks and finally moved to the door. She would miss the (relatively) spacious and comfortable room here she thought. Now it was time to find Ariel, and then hopefully some food. ((If I’m goin to we’re any more I’d like to see what Ariel is doing since Estelia was going to wait for her if she’s not already up essentially))
  8. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    I enjoyed these little scenes a lot!
  9. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia laughs briefly at Lax's mention of the Sisters Hospitaller, "From what I've heard, the Order of Serenity is particularly interested with the human mind, although I don't know where their nearest mission would be . . . and their idea of informal conversation might be a bit more . . . invasive than talking to a Novice like me. Thanks again for the help, I'm going to make some more gunpowder and try to get used to firing this thing." Estelia looks away from Lax and begins mixing gunpowder as he showed her. Afterward, she would fire the weapon a few more times to get used to the feel, and to confirm the powder was working properly, then clean the weapon. The girl wished she had a proper supply of lead balls so she could practice live shooting, but had to concede that using this weapon at all was little more than an affectation. It was far too large to use as a holdout, larger than her laspistols in fact, took far too long to reload (even though Estelia was quicker with her fingers than most) and was hardly more accurate than throwing darts blindfolded. ((the bit about the Order of Serenity is made up, but the name kinda fits and the Order is one of the Orders Hospitaller mentioned as being based out of the Convent Sanctorum, along with the Order of the Eternal Candle))
  10. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia is not quite sure how to respond at first. She’s never been put in this kind of situation before. Thinking for a minute, she responds, “Maybe your birth helped you get your position on station security, but you took your job seriously and served as well as you could, right? Would you have been allowed to stay if your work was unsatisfactory? As for now, it seems you’re here because you happened to run into Sister Inellia. It . . . is possible she knew something of you beforehand, though in my mind the Inquisition would be unlikely to think you should be treated preferentialy because of your birth. If it was a factor it was likely because of the possible connections you could have that might be helpful.” The Novice looks a bit embarrassed, “I’m not sure if that’s what you mean, and I’m not really qualified to lecture you about this.” ((She’s mostly referring to the probably 5+ year age gap between them))
  11. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia looks at Lax, somewhat surprised at the sudden shift in conversation. “Well, sometimes I’ve wished I knew my parents, but Ariel and I don’t know where we are from. All we know is that we arrived at a Schola together and have been allowed to remain together since. My parents could have been anything from a planetary governer to a Administratum scribe, though they were likely Imperial servants of some kind. At least I hope so. I also wonder why me and Ariel are together, we don’t look much alike, and we’ve always been told the Drill Abbots don’t know anything about our parents. They wouldn’t tolerate such “frivolous” questions. But all that asside, we have both been selected for service in the Adepta Sororitas, and now the Inquisition, so a certain birth is not always required.” The novice paused and continued more deliberately, “On the other hand, perhaps we were selected because we have no relatives that we care for. Your birth, and mine, affects the chances we have, especially early in life, but it does not make us do anything or prevent you from at least attempting something, and anyone can serve the Emperor, regardless of birth . . . assuming your birth wasn’t tainted in some way. Mutation and heresy are irredeemable even if passed on at birth. ” “I think what I’m trying to say, is that birth defines your surroundings, but not what you do in them, and fortunately many of the Emperor’s services don’t care one bit where you came from, as long as you are of use.“ The Novice gets a little grin on her face and (attempts to) affect a gruff, manly voice “Everyone can serve the Emperor, but some of us get to have more fun than others! Good, Emperor-fearing, fun!” She thumped her knee with her fist Back to a normal timbre, she continued, ”Or at least that’s what Abbot Gentias would say before making us read passages about some Imperial Saint or another.” Seemingly just realizing that she didn’t know, Estelia looked back at Lax, “why do you ask?”
  12. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    Those are some very interesting pieces. You don’t often see a Sister drawn so ANGRY (or any 40K character who isn’t a white European looking person for that matter). I think I like them. I don’t think I can find anything to complain about in the way the armour looks, he’s even got the proper silver in the Sisters shoulder pad since she’s OML, her robes are red inside and out too, which is proper, though that’s only true for post-third war for Armageddon. But if this is set in the 8th edition timeline we’re a couple hundred years past that right? Edit: The Sister has heels so, there is that . . .
  13. Of Great and Terrible Things

    ((There would have been male charges present at the Schola Estelia and Ariel were at up to about a year ago, though their contact would probably have been limited)) Estelia was a bit surprised at Lax’s appearance. She had not expected him to be so young (granted he was still a good number of years older than the Novice). In some ways he reminded her of the local nobles that had, occasionally, visited the Schola she and Ariel had been raised at, but he seemed somewhat less pompous and more physically fit than those. One could say he was handsome, but one could also say that such considerations were at best a distraction from her duty and at worst . . . the drill abbots had never been very specific, but had left Estelia quite sure the worst had something to do with Vandire’s Reign Of Blood, and that was enough warning for her. She had known some of the other girls to sneak about to meet some boy or another. The pairs were almost always caught (and severely punished); one time Estelia had reported them herself, for she had no interest in such things. Perhaps that is part of why she had been selected for the Sororitas and they would likely end up scribes somewhere. Regardless, Estelia gratefully follows Lax’s instructions to properly mix the gunpowder and load the weapon (still without a ball). That a weapon could function in such a fashion, rather than using a power pack and firing a laser, fascinates the Novice. She knew that autoweapons used a similar substance, but ammunition for such arms was prepackaged and simply loaded into a clip. There was something very satisfying about loading the components into the weapon one at a time. When she was ready, she stood and braced herself as she had thought she had seen older Sisters so when firing heavier weapons. This time the shock of firing the pistol, while it did agrivage her already sore shoulders and rock her back on her heels, did not set Estelia off balance. She looked back at Lax and nodded, “this is much better, thank you for your help.”
  14. 2 Sisters of Battle Looking for a play by post Game

    is everyone around?
  15. Of Great and Terrible Things

    Estelia nods eagerly, “sure! I’ve never trained with anything like this before. It looked fun, but I’m not sure what I’m doing.”