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  1. Estelia smiles at Ariel’s excitement, and leans over to whisper in her ear, “Imagine the the Sister Superior wearing a robe made of that, it might actually make you look like a ghost if you wear it with power armour.” Having notices that Cassa seems to be missing her point, Estelia addresses her again after she finishes speaking to Father Thorne. “I was thinking more of something I can fight in, if necessary,” she gestures to the laspistols at her belt, “and I still want to be able to climb or jump if I have to.”
  2. “Do you have anything that wouldn’t restrict movement so much? Maybe in that black material?” Estelia points to the starfield-like fabric Cassa had just mentioned. If no one was buying it it might stand out more than she wanted, but it was especially pretty. ”I really would just like something, maybe a dress, that isn’t too extravagant and won’t limit my full range of motion more than it has to.” Everything else aside, it’s clear Estelia is enjoying herself, although she doesn’t see the appeal of the lighter than air fabric, she can only imagine how difficult to move in it must be.
  3. "I'm not entirely sure what sort of clothes I'm looking for. Maybe a dress of some sort, like I said I want to be able to blend in, but it would have to be something that doesn't restrict movement too much." Estelia will make to get out of the autocarriage after the others respond.
  4. Estelia is still fascinated by the way the Hive looks. Everything looks similar yet nothing is the same. The griminess and irreverence of many of the locals was both strange and fascinating. Not that she envied their ignorance, but she hadn't seen such as this on Ophelia. The thought of getting new clothes from the tailor woman excited her more than she cared to admit. It would have to be something she could move in, but close enough to local norms to blend. "I don't see too many chapels for how many people are here, how often do you think most of them go to a service?" The norm for the Sororitas was of course three services on a normal day.
  5. Estelia nodds, pleased. "I'll go get ready to leave." "With you permission, Sister." ((Unless Inellia tells Estelia to stay . . . )) The Novice returned to her quarters, donning her black flak armour. The weight was less comfortable than a bodyglove, but she figgured as long as she could get away with looking like this, she preferred the extra protection. Besides, she had worn it the last time they had visited the clothier, so it made sense to her to wear it again. Making sure that the Imperial scrip she had been given was at her belt, Estelia made her way to find the others. ((I'd be fine going straight from here to a scene en-route, for clarity's sake))
  6. ((I think I worded my previous post poorly, I meant I wanted to get clothes from "the clothier we got information from before" rather than I wanted to go to the clothier we visited before for the purpose of gathering additional information :P )) "Oh, I was just thinking of getting clothes from them. Without knowing what we found out from the relay station I don't have any ideas for other questions that she might have answers too. If we thought she might be suspicious we could tell her something about how what we were asking about was a dead end or not necessary, but I don't trust myself to lie effectively so it might be best to just leave things as they are."
  7. Even though she didn't fully understand all of what the Sister had said, Estelia was relieved to hear that their mission had been successful. The Novice glanced sheepishly at the others in the room, seeing the new equipment they had procured. "Well . . . I had been looking for some more local clothes that would let me blend in more. Maybe something like a servant of some lesser nobility, which wouldn't be too out of place either here or higher up in the spire. I hadn't been able to find anything so far, but I wanted to return to the clothier we visited previously for information. I might be able to buy something workable there, assuming I have enough currency."
  8. Advances Taken: Eye of Vengeance [400], Fellowship (Simple) [250], Charm (Known) [200], Charm (Trained) [400] 50 XP remaining Requisitions: Expander Rounds: 30(Inf) - 10(Scarce) +10(+10 of +30 downtime bonus) = 30; Roll(in Discord): 53 (3 DoF) Flak Cloak: 30(Inf) - 10(Scarce) +20(+20 of +30 downtime bonus) = 40; Roll(in Discord): 51 (2 DoF) Clothing: 30(Inf) +30(Abundant) = 60; Roll(in Discord): 75 (2 DoF) Estelia also wanted to visit the dressmaker the group had talked to for information before, but she isn't sure how safe it would be. She'll try to find a moment to ask Inellia if the Sister thinks it would be unwise.
  9. “I could definitely use some food . . . or some sleep,” Estelia keeps her vision ahead as they move down the alleyway, “the longer we take getting back the more time for anyone who might know what’s happening to catch up to us or alert whoever they work for.”
  10. Noticing Ariel and Lax conversing quietly, Estelia says over the com bead, “see something?” ((Awareness to look around the alley for other ways in/out such as doors in the walls, and anything else that looks threatening: 20 Per + 0 Known = 20; Roll(in Discord): 47 for 3 DoF)) ”I don’t see anything . . .” the novice still has her weapons ready, perhaps still a bit too jumpy from their encounter in the relay station.
  11. Estelia nods and glances around for an alleyway to step into. (assuming she sees one she moves toward it quietly as before). To Balthazar she says, "That is the truth of it, I suppose. There will always be death, and we all are willing to die should He call our name, but that doesn't make it any less unsettling in person, the first time at least." The smouldering corpse of the guard comes back to mind, and she shakes her head, trying to forget for the moment. "I'll be happy to get back to the villa"
  12. As the group moves back through the tunnels, Estela moves up to Father Thorne so she can speak with him without talking too loudly, "I had thought you were staying at the villa while we went for the relay station. Did you follow us? How did you get in behind the guards?"
  13. shaking her head to refocus herself, Estelia whispers, "let's get moving, back to the villa so we can see what we've found." and disappears into the shaddows, moving back toward the entrance with weapons still in hand. ((Stealth 45 Ag + 10 Trained = 55; Roll: 04 for 6 DoS)) ((if someone wants to loot the body for info or something they can, I think Estelia is a bit to frazzled to think of that right now))
  14. ((Acrobatics: 45 Ag +30 Acrobatics +0 Difficulty = 75, Roll (in Discord): 66 for 1DoS)) Estelia vaults back over the equipment the way she had just come, moving back toward Lax. As she moved she almost tripped over a loose cable snaking across the floor. Maybe her nerves were getting to her. She muttered a prayer, "Holy Emperor see your servant, guide my strike to the heart of your enemy," the first thing that came to mind. Perhaps not the most fitting since the sactionaries were loyal Imperial servants themselves. As she rounded the last corner, the Novice raised one of her pistols and took a shot on the run at the sanctionary that Lax had just targeted, thumbing the power setting to Overload ((assuming I'm close enough to fire at the end of my movement. If not I'll remove this bit but I just want to get it rolled in case)) ((Standard Attack (as a Free Action from Move and Shoot): 50 BS (+ cover or other applicable situational modifiers) Roll (In Discord): 89 for 4 DoF 4 ammunition used, marked on character sheet)) The shot flies wide, and Estelia tenses, realizing she has just revealed her position, when it might have been better to wait. The pistol sits disconcertingly hot in her hand, but fortunately it's rugged design seems not to have succumbed to any malfunction.
  15. Estelia makes says something under her breath that she probably wouldn't want a Sister Superior to hear before nodding to Ariel, "We're coming back to you, Lax." The Novice Turns on her heel and moves back the way she came, hoping to get the drop on the Sanctionaries as they engaged Lax ((Does my previous Stealth roll still apply? Should I roll another Acrobatics?))
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