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  1. Estelia stares at Ariel, she’s never heard of a Grans Shrine of Oath, though maybe she just wasn’t remembering one of her lessons. In any case it sounded like a good starting point. ”That sounds like a good idea to me, we could even talk to the local clergy if we want to.”
  2. ((CL Imperial Creed test: 30 (Int) -20 (untrained) -10 (modifier) = 0 Roll:58 for 6 DoF))
  3. alright, I got a reply in. I feel bad that it's really short . . .
  4. Estelia reads quickly over the instructions, Ariel would not be happy at being preemptively chided by the Sister. "Having someone take us all the way to the site would mean they know we went there, and we are rather conspicuous. Is there a place it would make sense for us to visit close by? We could purchase transport to there and walk the rest of the way."
  5. Sorry for not replying, I guess I’ve been kinda distracted. I don’t have time right now to come up with a proper response, but I’ll try to soon.
  6. "This is probably about as private as we're going to get." Estelia sits on one of the chairs (flak armour is heavier than it looks, after you've been wearing it for the better part of a day) and looks to the Father to open the tube, wondering what's inside it; it had certainly been quite a hassle to get their hands on.
  7. Awareness: 20 (Perception) - 20 (Untrained Awareness) = 0 Roll: 22 for 2 DoF
  8. Estelia glances around the room. She is worried they are being monitored, but unsure of what to look for to confirm this.
  9. ((I'm going to try for a lower rarity one, I'll just give you the roll)) Influence 30. Roll: 14
  10. ((Estelia can make the test, though she only has 30 Influence it's higher than the other 2,)) Speaking to the adept, Estelia says, "I think we would like a space, yes. Something with some basic privacy measures should suffice" ((I want to roll for an average room, we'll see how this goes)) Inf = 30, roll 86 for 5 DoF (or is it 6?) ((I'm not sure I want to re-roll that on 30% odds))
  11. Estelia glances at Ariel and the Father. It seems their visit is complete. "Is there anything else?" The novice wants to ask more, but not within earshot of the clerk (and anyone else who might be listening).
  12. Estelia too wonders briefly about using their names, but it was unlikely that the simple mononyms given by the novices would mean anything to anyone, and this way if they checked the Father's identity they would find that he is in fact a Thaurian priest. Arial's response to the clerk confuses Estelia for a moment, but the other Novice generally remembers things like that that aren't exactly important, so she gives it little thought. It was good that someone had known how to answer the clerk, in any case.
  13. Estelia hopes that this is the place the Sister had left instructions for them, or at least the writ from the station security chief. Something so that their time here would not have been entirely wasted. At least this adept seemed to actually be trying to be helpful, unlike most every other person they had met since arriving on the planet. The Novice waited for the Father to speak, or call on her.
  14. Estelia also looks to Father Thorne to answer for the group. That they were on the buisness of the Adeptus Ministorum seemed obvious, but what Adeptus was their buisness with? The Novice finds herself irritated that Sister Inellia was not more specific with where they were to go upon landing on the planet. For all she knows, they could be at the wrong place.
  15. Estelia rolls her eyes at the Magistrate's petty comment, but his buisness had not taken long. Mostly, the girl is confused at the man's willingness to wait in line for hours in contrived show of equanimity, but unwillingness to let the Father go before him. It was extremely irritating, but the Novice stops herself from provoking the man any more, looking instead to the station calling for them.