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  1. It's listed as an Alliance asset destroyed in the battle of the Recluse's Nebula. (Its estimated value was 125,000 credits, compared to a Y-wing's estimated value of 130,000.)
  2. I've seen it for myself. It's there. It saddened me.
  3. Because he doesn't want a C&D?
  4. Pretty sure the author did not want this posted on the FFG forums.
  5. You really want Lando to die, too, huh?
  6. ...Apparently my sarcasm didn't come through. Sorry about that.
  7. Because the message for kids is "love is worth sacrificing other people's lives for." Seriously, stop and think about it for a moment. Rose was willing to let everyone else die to save Finn. That's a great message.
  8. Consider the possibility that Tarkin was talking about the Jedi as an Order rather than a handful of individuals. The Jedi Order is extinct, even if a handful of people who claim the title of Jedi are still alive. They're irrelevant to galactic affairs, and have no real impact. Their fire has gone out of the universe. From that perspective, Vader is the only relevant former member of the Jedi left. He still has power and still affects the greater galaxy.
  9. I'm a fan of the original styling. Of course, I prefer the earlier styling for the TIE Defender, too - it looked far less TIE Interceptor-ish.
  10. Halyn

    Titles for X-Wings

    Yeah, and you don't even have the craziest version of that...the ARC-170 can add Navigator crew on top of Hobbie's ability, SoT, and targeting astromech.
  11. Halyn

    Titles for X-Wings

    Hobbie can't take an EPT natively. If you use the EPT droid for it, you lose targeting astromech.
  12. *shrug* We had PvP events on our server with a hundred people flying, and PvPers were always a minority.
  13. I still want my Nova Courier from SWG...
  14. ...I'm going to be sad to see this thread die.
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