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  1. Lego Leonidas

    Any Methods Necessary - Firespray 2e article

    My wife bought me a boba fett t-shirt that says "I have a Boba Fettish." Mark my words, gentlemen: Marry a nerd. You won't be disappointed.
  2. Lego Leonidas

    Novel Characters getting some love!

    I hear ya. I had been really hoping for a Rogue Squadron aces pack with all(or at least most) of them in X-wings. Maybe I'll mess around with using Corran's ability with a 2.0 T-65, see how viable it is.
  3. Lego Leonidas

    Novel Characters getting some love!

    I'm actually happy we're getting Gavin Darklighter. That makes TWO Rogue Squadron pilots in E-wings. That nostalgic part of me is hoping for more of them with the E-wing 2.0 release.
  4. Lego Leonidas

    Are you going to buy Saw’s Renegades?

    I don't have a U-wing, OR any T-65's(bought in with TFA core set.), so I'm down to clown. I also plan to grab a 2e core, and a 2e X-wing pack, so I'll have 3 T-65's when 2e rolls out, all with the articulated wings.
  5. Lego Leonidas

    2nd Ed Han pilot ability

    <rolls> hit- asteroid hits the falcon, minor shield damage. <rerolls> crit- Exogorth pops out of asteroid, takes a bite out of falcon.
  6. Lego Leonidas

    French conversion kits at 25 euros

    Sounds like a good deal, even with "mandatory voting". Too bad practically ANYTHING THAT MOVES down there is deadly and willing to kill you! XP Just teasing. My favorite podcasters are a pair of Aussies, and I'm DYING to visit your country!
  7. Lego Leonidas

    Corran Horn, no force ability????

    I honestly just wanna see him in an X-wing. C'mon FFG, little highschool-age LegoLeonidas spent so much time in those books! Do you REALLY wanna shatter his dreams?
  8. Lego Leonidas

    When Will They Stop Selling 1.0 Ships?

    Personally, over the next couple months I'm gonna be spending my spare cash bringing my collection up to "one of almost everything, 2 of my favorites". I'm WELL below the "par" established by the conversion kits, and I wanna get the most out of my money.
  9. Lego Leonidas

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

    Actually, the opposite. I kinda want to get a few games in with my favorite lists, and try out some of the janky combos before we bid them farewell.
  10. Nope, sending it to live on a farm, where it can frolic and play with other obsolete miniature games. Still, it's not like our 1.0 stuff is going anywhere! I plan to keep it all in a separate case, so if people feel like playing some "old-school" x-wing, it'll be right there!
  11. Lego Leonidas

    Fickle had a terrible thought (re TIE Reaper preview)

    Lol! You guys remind me of me! You insist it's gonna be crap, that it's gonna suck, so then when it turns out to be "just okay" it actually feels pretty good! I do the exact same thing everyday about work!
  12. Lego Leonidas

    New Storage post.

    I use a big Plano tackle box(I believe model 728?). It holds 3 large trays in the center, plus two smaller trays on the sides. I use one large tray per faction, one small tray for tokens dice and templates, the other small for upgrade cards. It works fine, but my collection is starting to outgrow it. I'm gonna have to upgrade to two or three of these things.
  13. Lego Leonidas

    (Rebel) Fenn Rau upgrades?

    What about his mod slot? Is it worth it to put Engine Upgrade on him? I mean, a boost at PS9(or PS11) is pretty great, especially useful for realigning his arcs for his ability. But, most lists would rather use Coordinate for his action instead, and those points could go elsewhere. I've played with the idea of putting Pulsed Ray Shield on him, but I'm not sure how much use it'd be, as I feel like he'll get focused down pretty fast. This is all speculative for me. He was my latest purchase, and I haven't put him on the table yet. I'd never fly him alongside the Ghost, as that seems kinda NPE.
  14. Lego Leonidas

    First Destiny, now Armada... Everything comes in 3's

    I like to play casual games like this. It's surprisingly refreshing.
  15. Lego Leonidas

    How do you roll your dice?

    I like to yell "yatzee!" Just to confuse people.