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  1. Also, if you are using the web install and SKIPPED an update message, you won't be prompted for it again for about two weeks. Apparently, that is a Microsoft feature/bug, and OggDude can't do anything about that.
  2. My guts says the same, but I'd love to know if there is any official errata on the subject.
  3. I have my players roll 30 of each dice type (ability, proficiency, boost, setback) plus 40 purples and 20 reds, and I record them all in order. Then when they are making a "passive" check, I look up their stats/skills on my character cheat sheet (primary skills used for this are perception, vigilance, cool, discipline, streetwise and knowledge skills - plus applicable talents), and cross off the dice needed to create the roll. I generally ignore threat and advantage, but I do allow player's to use Triumph or Despair, while still maintaining a lot of secrecy about what is going on. My general rule of thumb is that I only use this list if the players have NO IDEA about what is going on. For example, if they said they were searching an area for a bomb, I would have them roll it out right there. But if one of the character's is a Demolitions expert, and he walks into a room with a booby trapped bomb, I will automatically pull the dice to have him do a passive Perception or Vigilance check to notice that there is something off. I like to print out little cards on WHAT the character's noticed/knew, and then I just let the player's read it. I like to make four versions for each "result", so there will be a Failure, Success, Triumph, and Despair version of each card. The key is, the player's don't know WHAT they rolled, so they'd don't know if the information is good, bad, awesome, or horrible. This really adds to the fun, as people make a bunch of assumptions based off their perceived knowledge that may or may not be good, which leads to all sorts of fun. This system also allows players to choose what they share with the rest of the group, which adds another new element that usually requires players to exclude their OOC information.
  4. The Shistavanen species in the Forged in Battle Soldier Sourcebook (pg 26) lists the following ability: Hunter's Instinct When making a check for Initiative, a Shistavanen may make a Survival check instead of a Discipline or Cool check. I bolded the Discipline in the description, because I think it might be a typo. When would anyone make a Discipline check as part of Initiative? The way I figure it, it is probably supposed to read VIGILANCE and Cool, but I would appreciate some clarification. As an 80 exp race, the ability HAS to be pretty powerful to compensate for the experience deficit, but I am not sure exactly how it is supposed to work. Alternatively, it could be that Shistavanen are allowed to roll Survival instead of Discipline or Cool checks, but then why would it specifically call out "when making a check for Initiative" (which has no bearing on the Discipline skill)? Or perhaps there is some obscure way where Discipline CAN be used for Initiative? Does that exist? Maybe the Shistavanen are allowed to use Survival for Initiative, Discipline, AND Cool checks? That seems far fetched to me, but the wording on the ability is not really making sense. Can anyone provide some input into what the Devs intended for this, or is there some errata somewhere with further information? Many thanks
  5. If wearing two suits of armor, defense is stacking if the "use alternative defense" rules is checked. Unless I am misunderstanding something, the defense should stack with ONE armor and ONE weapon, plus talents and whatnot.
  6. So, the desired feature I am looking for is a data export with incremental change version control that can be imported into the Roll20 character sheet. The most popular Roll20 character sheet (IMO) is this one: https://wiki.roll20.net/SWRPG-API-Compatible This sheet allows players to roll SW RPG specific dice by clicking on button's next to skills, talents, weapons, etc in the character sheet. What I would love is to be able to export a character file from your character creator and import it into the Star Wars character sheet. The SWRPG API Compatible Roll20 character sheet already has fields for almost everything the OggDude character generator has, the key would be to easily copy the generator to the Roll20 sheet. So basically a Roll20 specific export that maps all of the OggDude generator fields to the Roll20 character sheet fields. Things I would watch out for would be incremental changes in the characters, as they gain experience or modify equipment. For example, if you add a weapon mod or upgrade an en existing weapon mod to an existing weapon, when the file is re-exported to an existing character on Roll20, make sure it does not create a NEW weapon but modifies the existing weapon. Honestly, it is possible that the existing character export files OggDude's character generator already has might be used for this, but I expect a conversation between the two developers would be required to ascertain the exact specifics. Arrakus, can you bring the developer from Roll20 into the conversation or get them into direct contact with OggDude? If he is willing to consider the feature, then our best bet is to get them talking to figure out scope, existing assets, and potential bridges. If there is any way I can help (mapping fields, etc.) I am down like a clown. I have a Roll20 Pro license and am willing to create whatever sandbox games we might need for testing purposes.
  7. +1 on the Roll20 export feature. That would be absolutely fantastic, and such a HUGE timesaver.
  8. Just to clarify, you specifically mention here IF encumbrance changes. Is this in reference to adding an inbuilt weapon? Specifically in regards to a cybernetic appendage or implant, shouldn't that encumbrance become absorbed into the function of the cybernetic, and therefore show no encumbrance value? As examples, I would point to the Repulsor Fist, Implant Armor, Cybernetic Weapon Implant, and Cyberscanner Limb, all of which have inbuilt "items" that would normally add encumbrance, but do not appear to do so in cybernetic form. Is there information somewhere that states otherwise? Thanks again for your incredible work with the generator.
  9. That's excellent. Will the crafted cybernetics showing encumbrance values be fixed in that release as well? Also, I noticed that the Manipulate Force Power: Control Mechanics is not showing Force Dice for the Mechanic's skill - 3rd option on the far left tree, I edited the data file in my own version to allow this, but it should probably be in the core settings for the program. Thank you again for your time and dedication to the SW universe.
  10. This is an awesome addition to an already awesome program, thanks OggDude! Is it available in the program now? I am not seeing it available on my installation. It is showing that I am running version version (the web install, which should automatically DL new updates). I have tried closing the program and restarting it, to que the download, but nothing yet. Thanks again for all of your hard work. It really is greatly appreciated.
  11. I am also wondering about this. None of the standard cybernetics have encumbrance, and I can't find anything in Special Modifications that would GIVE them an encumbrance value, but they ALL appear to have one in the Character Generator Wizards. Is this just a typo in the Cybernetics crafting wizards? Thanks for all your hard work, this program truly is amazing.
  12. This is old, but I would say that you CAN add attachments, but NOT if they increase the ENC beyond the 2 point maximum. That would, indeed, make the weapon too big to fit. Furthermore, if the attachment adds Cumbersome or Unwieldy (which is highly unlikely for an ENC 2 or lower weapon), then that should apply ALL THE TIME for that appendage.
  13. @OggDude So, considering that there are players AND Devs on both sides of the fence with this issue, would it be possible to add in an option for your generator to allow defense to stack with defensive/deflection? I ask because I use your generator to keep all my character info up to date, and I am personally involved in two games that operate on either side of this issue. In one, they stack, the other doesn't. If we had the ability to toggle the stacking ability in your generator, it would make my character sheets accurate again. At ;least, until we get a definitive answer from the Devs, that is. And may I say, a HUGE thank you for your contributions to this game. Your generator makes my life SO much easier, especially for custom items.
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