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  1. Likewise reporting a good trade with @Hawkwing. Still holding out for that first package, but successful trade nonetheless.
  2. They confirmed 2 new ships by the end of the year
  3. To no one's real surprise, the SSD has been delayed to Q3 of this year. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/26/an-unfortunate-delay/
  4. Reporting a good trade with @Dreadnowt!
  5. Wow huge influx of messages for that post.... I should be able respond to everyone tonight
  6. Have: -Spot Gloss MC75 -AA Kuat -AA Howlrunner -AA Luke Skywalker -AA Darth Vader -AA General Rieekan -Spot Gloss Gladiator 1 (Worlds 2018) -Pretty much every other alt art (ISD1/2, MC80 Assault, GR75, Gozanti, Regular Neb B Escort, Gladiator 2, Vic 2, CR90A (regionals), Ex Racks, TRCs, X17s, EHB, APT) -Clear/frosted Acrylic tokens (Con fire, Squadron) Want: -Double sided Maarek/Shara card (#1 priority) -Plastic Nebulon Escort card (18/19 regionals) -2018/19 Regionals Dice -White/Green/Red Evade tokens (Top 4 18/19 Regionals) -Worlds Stuff??? (Willing to talk trades ahead of time for people going to worlds)
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/FFGames/status/1024798453883432960 Pic from FFG Twitter
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/FFGames/status/1024798453883432960 Pic from FFG Twitter
  9. Have: -Set of 2017/2018 regional dice AA Howlrunner AA Luke AA Dodonna AA Rieekan AA Y Wing AA BCC AA GR75 AA Gozanti AA X Wing AA Vader AA ISD 1 & 2 AA CR90 And much more if you don't see something you want... Want: -Spot gloss MC75 -AA Sato -Acrylic Raid and EWS tokens -Gold Acrylic command tokens from worlds -2018 Worlds Dice -Full Size Maarek/Shara card (not sure if any nationals have happened yet...?) -2018 Store Champs brace tokens (white)
  10. 3 1300s, Jan, Tycho, and Ketsu is my 96 point medium build at the moment. Holds up pretty well against Sloane
  11. Not only that, but ship deployment itself. In the current 3-4 ship meta, the 1st players 3rd deployment will be either their heaviest hitter, or their fourth which will go in the back, or they've already put it down. Meaning your 3 deployment can be your heavy hitter, or you can wait till the 4th. Plus it's a GREAT way to have your squadrons in Sato range off the bat.
  12. @MandalorianMoose see? I'm not the only one. Crabbok knows what's up
  13. Definitely Advanced Gunnery, Fleet Ambush, and Salvage Run
  14. Definitely viable. Heck I ran one similar myself. I'm not a huge fan of the yt2400s, but then again theres a lot of Sloane in my area.... I ran the MC75 ordnance cruiser with ex racks and Wide area Barrage. But I also love wide area barrage....theres nothing quite like instantly killing a flotilla or ciena/valen after you put 7 black dice in to a ship as well.
  15. As someone who has run something similar to this, slaves turrets can be.....disappointing. not even being able to flak was often killer enough, let alone possibly a shot out the front to plink a damage. Maybe you can get it to work better than I could but my experience was rough. I don't mind the squadron screen. My usual go to for around this many points or so is Valen, Ciena, Gamma, Zertik (or mauler if that's your style) for the same amount of points. Pretty tough to get through for 54 points.
  16. Looks like the chimaera card is top 2? Quantity of tokens and is it top 8?
  17. Oh so dreamy. Except for them switching the defense tokens...
  18. FFG Center just announced store champs for June 23rd on Facebook
  19. Personally, and I'm sure it's been suggested, I think the something big is a new starter set for clone wars era stuff. Adding in two new factions, squads, etc... It would make a bit more sense to me that it would take a longer time to develop and balance two new factions to introduce to the game over just maybe an SSD. I personally would love to see it, and it wouldn't be surprising given the announcement of 5 factions in XWing 2.0.
  20. Hey all, I'm at worlds and looking to make some trades! I've got: AA Howlrunner AA Luke AA Dodonna AA Rieekan Set of regionals rulers from this year Two sets of regionals dice from this year And every other alt art available I believe... Looking for: Spot Gloss VSD Spot Gloss Nebulon AA Screed I should be around all weekend if anyone wants to trade!
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