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  1. Likewise reporting a good trade with @Hawkwing. Still holding out for that first package, but successful trade nonetheless.
  2. They confirmed 2 new ships by the end of the year
  3. To no one's real surprise, the SSD has been delayed to Q3 of this year. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/26/an-unfortunate-delay/
  4. Reporting a good trade with @Dreadnowt!
  5. Wow huge influx of messages for that post.... I should be able respond to everyone tonight
  6. Have: -Spot Gloss MC75 -AA Kuat -AA Howlrunner -AA Luke Skywalker -AA Darth Vader -AA General Rieekan -Spot Gloss Gladiator 1 (Worlds 2018) -Pretty much every other alt art (ISD1/2, MC80 Assault, GR75, Gozanti, Regular Neb B Escort, Gladiator 2, Vic 2, CR90A (regionals), Ex Racks, TRCs, X17s, EHB, APT) -Clear/frosted Acrylic tokens (Con fire, Squadron) Want: -Double sided Maarek/Shara card (#1 priority) -Plastic Nebulon Escort card (18/19 regionals) -2018/19 Regionals Dice -White/Green/Red Evade tokens (Top 4 18/19 Regionals) -Worlds Stuff??? (Willing to talk trades ahead of time for people going to worlds)
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/FFGames/status/1024798453883432960 Pic from FFG Twitter
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/FFGames/status/1024798453883432960 Pic from FFG Twitter
  9. Have: -Set of 2017/2018 regional dice AA Howlrunner AA Luke AA Dodonna AA Rieekan AA Y Wing AA BCC AA GR75 AA Gozanti AA X Wing AA Vader AA ISD 1 & 2 AA CR90 And much more if you don't see something you want... Want: -Spot gloss MC75 -AA Sato -Acrylic Raid and EWS tokens -Gold Acrylic command tokens from worlds -2018 Worlds Dice -Full Size Maarek/Shara card (not sure if any nationals have happened yet...?) -2018 Store Champs brace tokens (white)
  10. 3 1300s, Jan, Tycho, and Ketsu is my 96 point medium build at the moment. Holds up pretty well against Sloane
  11. Not only that, but ship deployment itself. In the current 3-4 ship meta, the 1st players 3rd deployment will be either their heaviest hitter, or their fourth which will go in the back, or they've already put it down. Meaning your 3 deployment can be your heavy hitter, or you can wait till the 4th. Plus it's a GREAT way to have your squadrons in Sato range off the bat.
  12. @MandalorianMoose see? I'm not the only one. Crabbok knows what's up
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