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  1. So, I decided to make some official homemade aliens and variants some people should try. KIDNAPPER - YELLOW You have the power to Kidnap. Whenever any other player would send ships to the warp, use this power to collect half of those ships and place them on this sheet. These ships cannot be affected by alien powers, artifacts, ect. During any Regroup phase, you may offer any or all players all of their ships back for a ransom, The ransom is limited to either cards, colonies, things earned in a deal. They may pay the ransom and get their ships back to return to their colonies. If this power is cosmic zapped, then each player may retrieve two ships from this sheet. If you lose this power, all ships are returned to their owner's colonies. Wild - You may play this before destiny cards are drawn. Discard this flare and retrieve four ships from the warp. If you do so, then you may choose one player to send one ship to the warp. Super - During every regroup phase, you may choose one player and kidnap a ship from them. You may also retrieve one of your ships from the warp after you kidnap that ship. DEATH - RED You have the power to Kill. During the regroup phase, if their is a foreign colony in your home system, use this power to take one ship off of that colony and send it to the warp. If their are no foreign colonies in your home system however, you must send one of your ships to the warp. Do this for every single foreign colony in your home system. You do not lose this power because of having too few home colonies. Wild - Play this at the start of your encounter, you may draw a reward card. Super - For every foreign colony you kill off (even the ones not in your system) You may draw a reward card. BUILDER - RED You have the power to Build. After you win an encounter in which you revealed an attack card, use this power to place a number of tokens on this sheet for every ship your opponent lost. At the start of any encounter, you may discard five tokens to take three ships from the warp and return them to your colonies. You may discard eight tokens To draw three cards from the deck. You may discard fifteen tokens to choose any planet in any system and destroy it by removing it from the game, and send its ships to the warp. Wild - You may play reinforcements for double their value. Super - You may also spend eleven tokens to look through the discard pile and retrieve one card of your choice and put in in your hand.
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