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  1. Awesome! You guys are really helping me out here. Love it. Thanks!
  2. That's a cool idea. "We know that they know" kind of thing. I do have an imperial agent working for the rebels already in the story. Thanks!
  3. They are soldiers/fighters. Two heavies (Wookie and Selonian) and a spy (Human). Spy is very stealthy and uses the force.
  4. My campaign is building up to the battle of Endor but I'm not sure what I should have my PCs do during the battle. They are rebels. I'm trying to think of something they can do on planet while Han and his team are doing their part. Any thoughts?
  5. I was looking at the section of this website where you can buy the core rule book and all the accessories and noticed that they are all listed as unavailable. Has FFG finally pulled the plug on reprinting any SW RPG materials?
  6. Does anybody have a source for Reek specs? I'd like to add them to a game but not sure where to find the stats. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know if additional hard points can be added to weapons, armor and star ships? Thanks, Clay
  8. Hey Everyone, Is there a good source of table top maps out there or an easy way to create them? Looking for a variety of locations. I'm finding it easier to run a game with a good map. Definitely helps to track positions and distances.
  9. I have pretty much the same question. I'm fairly new to the Star Wars RPG games and I was bummed to see two of the three adventure books were sold out. "Special Mods" book is sold out too. I've found them for sale elsewhere but for highly inflated prices. Hoping they have plans to restock these books or at least make digital copies available.
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