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  1. So far that's the plan. But I will give an update once I get something more concrete set up
  2. I can look into the second core. I'm looking into seeing if I can work krennic and death troopers into it once they are released.
  3. I would like to do a fast and aggressive play style. Right now I only have a single core and I picked up Boba Fett
  4. I am a new player to this game. I have been to my local store and watched a few games. I would like to know what I should invest in to get started with an Imperial build, including the upcoming expansions. I am not quite sure what I should focus on getting. Any help would be greatly appricated! Give yourself over to the dark side
  5. I just picked up armada core set. I'm not sure what expansion set to start with. Where I'm at, I am the only one with this game. I have found a few people I work with that like the game. I'm looking for something to get that what be too expensive since I will be the only with it. Any suggestions?
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