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  1. I was. Are you trying to also put player cards into the box? Or just scenario cards. Because I think its only designed for the scenario cards.
  2. I use the non-uniques for demos. They don't include some of the more tricky concepts, like chains, so its easier to get started.
  3. Why would you want to play the game that is so extremely divorced from the design intent for the game when there are plenty of excellent games that are designed for exactly the format you are looking for?
  4. Try talking to someone like Broken Token. It may be that they want to offer one if enough people ask for one.
  5. Respectfully, your rules lawyer got it wrong. I think the card you are talking about is this one: http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/arkhamhorror/arkham-horror-the-card-game/_/the-labyrinths-of-lunacy/rot-diagram-r1080 Although its true that an investigator cannot activate another's assets, this asset is unique. It actually puts the action on the location, rather than retaining the action on its own card. Because the asset is on the location, any player can activate the action. Which means that any player can use that action.
  6. It cannot hold everything, especially as everything will continue to get bigger. It can hold more than it is presently designed to hold, because they used a standard box size that they can release in later Return products to hold a full campaign cycle.
  7. What's wrong with the dividers? They seem perfectly adequate.
  8. I also do not think you need to buy two copies of an expansion pack for 4 players, although that may depend on your preferences. But a single core contianed one copy of many player cards, while expansion packs contain two of each.
  9. I sent the question in and received this response: Greetings! If I have Hypochondria out, and damage is dealt to me but I assign it to an asset, do I take the extra horror from hypochondria? Yes! When you assign damage to an asset, you are still considered to have taken the damage even though it isn’t placed on your investigator. If I have both Hypochondria out and Psychosis out, and I am dealt either damage or horror, do those two weaknesses loop on each other to kill my investigator? Yep. =O Cheers, ------------------------------------------------ Matthew Newman
  10. When setting up your deck using the deck building rules, you are instructed to draw a random basic weakness and add it to your deck. When drawing the card, are you supposed to know which card got added or do you not realize what it is until you have drawn it during the game (or looked at your deck after completing the first scenario and spending experience points)?
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