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  1. I think the AI is trying to Slow Play you Rick. Get a judge!
  2. I've had a similar experience. The I1 Delta is incredible paired with those two.
  3. I wish they sold this in two-packs. My wallet is so starved as it is!
  4. Quick: Someone make a Globetrotter/Gold Squadron mash-up t-shirt for him to wear on stream!
  5. I keep reading "DRK-1" as Drunk-1 😄
  6. I don't know if it would actually cover up all that much on the card if the slot is 1/4"
  7. Wow, for roughly $30 that seems pricey for four plastic stands. If you know someone with a table saw, you could make a slot at a 10 degree angle on a 1"x 2"piece of cedar cut to 11 inches or so would work just as well too. And if you are one or know a decent woodworker you could make a little recess for tokens to sit in.
  8. @Herowannabe the link just loops right back to this topic.
  9. May I ask why you want to magnetize it? Did it break? I ask because it is a very unusually shaped ship (top heavy) so a ring magnet, even a counter-sunk one would likely fail to keep it upright. Personally, I don't enjoy when ships are on a ball bearing because they flop around everywhere. My personal choice is using two disk magnets: one on the peg and one on the ship. You still get the ship to rotate or come off the base pretty easily when ships are gridlocked and the model is getting in the way.
  10. The E-wing dial is sooo good. Add the R4 astromech and you have the best dial in X-wing.
  11. I really enjoy the IG Aggressors and feel that they quite possibly may be the best chassis in the game. With a stat line better than a defender: 3-3-5-3, two cannons, system, device, illicit, Talent, mod AND title slots. And have you seen the dial? 1 hards, 9 different blue maneuvers, 3-sloops and a 4-K! This bad boy was built to kill. Ok, so the Initiative is a 4, but good players will do well. Great players can elevate them to heights unknown. I'd rather see this ship in Hyperspace than 4 naked Jumpmasters (watch for it when it drops--the Jump is coming!).
  12. For those of you that have made custom mats (the ones that are sent off to be printed) what printing service do you use, and what do you use/where do you get your images?
  13. My thought for the Deplete effect working to remove shields temporarily came from one of two places: The Mag-Pulse Warheads and games going to time more often than not, now in the era of Second edition. If someone like Major Vonreg at I6 hits with the MP warhead and essentially short-circuits the Shields for a turn, that is a super powerful effect MAINLY against shielded ships, not to mention the jam it adds. (Had to add this pic of such a pretty ship) Folks have been crying for a Missile counterpart to Proton Torpedoes and the Mag-Pulse Warhead could be it. But after further consideration I really don't think that the Deplete effect affects shields as I had put forward. Major Vonreg's pilot ability would have him near Dash Rendar prices if my guess was close to the mark: "During the System Phase, you may choose 1 enemy ship in your [bullseye arc]. That ship gains 1 deplete or strain token of your choice." and would put the new TIE/ba in a really tough spot if they used their ship ability: "Fine-Tuned Thrusters: After you fully execute a maneuver, if you are not depleted or strained, you may gain 1 deplete or strain token to peform a [lock] or [barrel roll] action." -------------------------------------------------- Assuming this source is a good one, looking at a typical Ship/Pilot card we have these common attributes: Initiative, Attack, Defense, Hull, Shield, Actions and Force. Initiative, Attack and Force are three that have not been "messed around with" in a significant and negative way (excluding Torkil Mux for Initiative and the Weapons Failure damage card for Attack dice). I'm certain there's something I'm forgetting. Could Deplete still affect shields? Maybe but not likely. The same goes for Force as we don't have an infestation of Force users running rampant just yet.
  14. Force Majeure


    We don't know what deplete is yet. However my guess is that for one turn it depletes a ships shields so all your ships can attack it under the shields. If this is the case how much would you pay for such an upgrade?
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