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  1. Force Majeure

    Dace Bonearm 2.0

    It's possible that the HWK may get a tittle or two other than the Moldy Crow that allows it to treat its primary turret as an ion turret or another. I'm so eager to play the new HWK.
  2. Force Majeure

    When Will They Stop Selling 1.0 Ships?

    Have those reprints come to shore and into stores yet? You don't suppose they're being super sneaky and the "re-prints" are the 2.0 version of those ships? Probably not, but that would be awesome.
  3. Force Majeure

    Breaking News...

    I'm not offended; I doubt many are.Your post gave me some amusement, if that's worth anything to you. There's just so much clutter and so many "the sky is falling" threads at the moment. Adding to the noise isn't very constructive, that's all.
  4. Force Majeure

    Strikers and new turrets

    (Paraphrased) At the beginning of the Combat Phase, you may spend 1 [force] to rotate your secondary firing arc. +1 [force]. Regen Force. At least that's what I'm finding. We really don't know if that translation is accurate or if there are any other factors to consider from the rule book.
  5. Force Majeure

    Strikers and new turrets

    Why do we do this all the time? Let's keep cool heads and wait until we see the english card.
  6. Force Majeure

    Breaking News...

    Move along citizen. Nothing to see here.
  7. Force Majeure

    What is a Tie/In?

    I shot the serif, but I did not shoot the deputy.
  8. Force Majeure

    You Look Like A Nail's Painted Spaceships Emporium

    You should field the Kimo at least once. It's not a bad ship, in my eyes. Great paint job by the way! I'm sure a lot of people feel like they're in Limbo right now too, but I'll tell you this: I've had to step away from playing regularly because of a new addition to the family and the one or two times I've tried playing since, I've noticed I'm struggling more than in the past judging distances/range and clearing obstacles. The point is, you should still try and get regular games in just to keep those skills tuned. Besides, now is the time to play those crazy lists or ship types that were put aside.
  9. Force Majeure

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Up for a Game anyone?
  10. Force Majeure

    WE can’t have 2.0 yet! There’s still a missing 1.0 SKU!

    Aren't we missing a scum ship fir wave 14? Methinks there lies the mystery.
  11. Force Majeure

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    At the top of the hour Like in 10 minutes
  12. Force Majeure

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    I think I'm going to have that playing in another tab while I watch.
  13. Force Majeure

    2.0 Acrylics--Where Do You Get Them?

  14. Force Majeure

    Chemnitz's Legion Log

    Your OSL looks good on the figure, but I'm not sure what he's standing on. Is the floor supposed to be red, or is that from the saber? Make the ground look like the one used on the Rebel figures and that should make a difference. That's my only note.
  15. Force Majeure

    2.0 Acrylics--Where Do You Get Them?

    I've been looking for Charge tokens, Force Charge tokens, Arc Indicators, etc. and so far have come up short. I just recently ordered a new set of 2.0 templates/range rulers from Curled Paw, but I wants my 2.0 acrylics! What have you found? Will you get acrylics too?