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  1. but discolored his
  2. The most fun for me to paint so far: Kimo, Quadjumper, Scurrg, B-Wing, HWK, U-Wing, YT-1300, 2400, VCX, Firespray, Misthunter and ARC.
  3. I know nothing about 3D printing except that I like it. Good work @dinobaldi !
  4. "Or unguents either,"
  5. Well, our friend here isn't going out to spar with people on the cutting edge of the meta just yet. So, @Elrath', don't let too much of that influence you so soon. Get a few "just for fun" home games under your belt and enjoy the game. When you're ready, join us in the shops and tourneys. There's always room for one more.
  6. "Invest" in Sir Willi's tuck boxes. I say "invest" because really you're just printing a box at home (or work?) that you cut out and glue together. You're chiefly investing your time more than anything. Buy a ream of 110 lb card stock and a glue stick. They are easy to put together and protect your ships from damage. I haven't had one break yet. If your ship's cannons are breaking outside your storage solution, it's most likely due to falls from the game table, for which I don't have any reasonable suggestions. Hope this helps you or someone else out there.
  7. I think you need to fly Death Rey: Rey (45) Expertise (4) Finn (5) Kanan Jarrus (3) Millennium Falcon (TFA) (1) Jan Ors (25) Wired (1) Autoblaster Turret (2) Chewbacca (4) Vectored Thrusters (2) Moldy Crow (3) Total: 95 View in Yet Another Squad Builder This list hits hard, and as long as Rey keeps your opponent in arc, she has pretty good durability with the Finn/blank rerolls. I found it fairly easy to fly. I use Chewie crew mainly for extra durability, but with 5 extra points, you can use Sabine Crew and a bomb if you wanted, or give the Falcon Missiles and an Illicit upgrade like Scavenger Crane to reload. I prefer Autoblaster or Dorsal Turret, (they're cheaper) but most people run Jan with TLT. Lots of options. The biggest counter I had the last time I played this list was Kylo Crew.
  8. You're doing it right.
  9. You have like 15 kids. Were they off to Grandma's house? I just don't know how you do it.
  10. "General Skywalker never
  11. Yup, you got it. I had the same issue for the longest time way back when. I just knew it had to be simple and it was. That Cassian build is pretty cool BTW. Getting two focus is really fun.
  12. on his nose
  13. The best "solution" for this is having a limited budget. Seriously. Whether it's real or artificial, setting limits forces you to get both creative and make use of the things you already own/have purchased. If you have too many options, plans and things in the works, you'll get overwhelmed and paralyzed. I'd suggest making a chart with 4 or 5 slots for projects you have in mind. Go ahead and have 1000 different projects in mind, but only move forward on those first 5. Once one of them is completed, cross it off/remove it from the list and you can move one of the others up onto your short-list. Of course, be realistic. Don't list something that will take 4 years to complete as ONE project. Small chunks are easier to manage.
  14. has epileptic fits