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  1. When an opponent's mag'd ship is too askew, I'll ask if I can straighten it. I've never had anyone complain or say "No". Twisting out of their natural stance is what magnetized ships are going to do. A duck is going to quack.
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  4. I don't have any experience in proper wargaming, but I don't feel FFG will make painting a requirement. At the very least, they ought to require you to distinguish your figures as you suggested, with a marker or similar. For Imperial Assault, unpainted minis for tourneys is common. However they (FFG) provide small colored circular stickers in their core & expansions with numbers on them for you to denote different figures in a two or three person squad. Maybe they'll do something like that.
  5. Don't fret. It's been like that at my LGS most of the summer. The interest in SW ebbs and flows with the movie releases it seems. Also, it would help if there were actual X-wings in play--not your fault, it's my little dig at FFG. Have you tried alternate game formats? (Mario Kart, Missions, Epic?) For us, having the same 4 or so people show up to play, it made it a little easier to broach the subject. (Which for some reason or other seemed verboten in our circle, although it clearly wasn't due to the excitement shown when I brought out my X-wing/Mario Kart stuff.) And when a rando came into the shop, they'd come over to watch. Maybe it didn't translate into an immediate convert into an X-wing player, but at least it might be part of conversation down the line that influences someone to come check it out and play the game.
  6. Okay, so this weekend I tried to craft a moisture vaporator with our challenge in mind, so I got all my materials together, some found, some bought, but still under the self imposed $10 rule ...and: I'm not really happy with it. It is crooked, due to my poor cuts, but also, the only glue I had (I have at least 4 different types) that would hold any of it together was hot glue from a glue gun. So then I thought, "You know, I'm not too bad with wood" and decided to pick up some dowels, etc. and try that route. Sorry guys, I abandoned the $10 rule and just wanted to get something that I was happy with ...and: My cuts were still not as precise as I wanted. While I waited for glues to dry, I did make up something I was pretty happy with. I'm not sure what to call it, but here it is: and here are all three together and primed for paint: Awesome picture quality! Admittedly, I was rushing to get some kind of proof of concept done between obligations this weekend, so that didn't help and I think I'm going to buy some e6000 glue that I've seen used before. On my next attempt I will take my time with my cuts and glue application. We'll see how that goes.
  7. I don't mind non-canon looks/colors, but personally, I wouldn't do anything outlandish like polka dot stormies or bright orange Vader. There has to be some tie to what could be considered "real" in the SW universe.
  8. I picked up some fat markers from the dollar store yesterday. I think they're going to make the central pillar of my vaporators. Here are some MVs from Jakku.
  9. I like that tournament grouping system. "Which division are you competing in? I signed up for Division 1 and 3 'cause I want to wreck face with my Luke list, AND Nym is pretty sweet too."
  10. said. "It's classy."
  11. 'Doh! how could I forget? Get you some Matte Varnish/Clear Laquer, whatever you want to call it. This will seal your model and protect it to some degree from chipping and paint rubbing off. Plus you can still paint over it if need be. I like Testors brand.
  12. I don't know about any paint pot conspiracies but I do agree that the Citadel pots are tricky to shut properly. I have to check them two or three times just to make sure.--And they're easier to spill. Having said that, they make good paint. It's thicker than I like, but they have a great selection. Their washes (shades) are my go-to washes. Be mindful of Nuln Oil, as it really darkens the model if you apply it everywhere. Thin it or apply it directly where you need it. I'm a Vallejo man myself and find their paints go on smooth, have a quick dry time and have great coverage (and they are less expensive). Plus they come in a dropper bottle, so risk of spills is minimal and you'll never contaminate the paints with another color, as one might if you're painting straight out of the pots. Make your own wet pallet. It's easy enough and you probably have what you need at home already. Here's a link. If you're doing one-offs, learning how to mix colors is really handy. If you are doing armies, buy the bottle of the main colors you're going to use. Invest in a good primer. I like Tamiya. The spray is very fine and I like the results better than the dollar cans from the home improvement stores. If you want your figures to have darker, more muted colors, start with a black primer. If you want your colors to "pop" a little more, go with a white primer. For vehicles, I like to use a grey primer. Eventually, you'll sort out what works for you. Also, look into this technique with primers it's called pre-shading and is similar to Zenithal higlighting. Lastly, you MUST invest in a way to clean your brushes. It's not expensive and will preserve your brushes, and save you grief & money in the long run. Get some of this: and use it like this.
  13. via a wipe.
  14. X-ACTO makes some of these saws, but it is not itself a knife. You can make a simple wash just by watering down a color, but it is not a true wash. If you are on a budget, this will get you by. You CAN make actual washes, but it takes a little more investment. Watch this video for how to do it.
  15. @Timathius I'm sorry if you took my post as an attack, but I thought I was asking a fair question. I knew I was going into a TLT/Bomb heavy meta. I knew my odds of winning were very low. I went in with a smile and took it on the chin. What sucks is that the dudes doing the winning weren't having fun. There were no "Nice shot!", "Dude! You barrel rolled just out of arc!" "Nice maneuvering!" moments which are typical, in my experience. There was none of that. Maybe it was an off night. Maybe there was something bothering them in their lives, so they weren't invested in the game--who knows? The thing is, to a man, they seemed to be doing a chore, like washing their gym socks in a bucket. They weren't expressing having fun or getting any enjoyment from the experience so why do it? I'm not judging you, I genuinely want to understand why someone will do that. This is a game after all. This is a mystery to me. If it is fun for you, please tell me why. Maybe I can learn to enjoy it as you do.