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  1. Managarmr's creative corner

    Can you get a close up shot of the ARC & HWK please? Those colors intrigue me.
  2. Alpha's Repaints

    You have such nice collections! My paint jobs are so scattershot with little to no uniformity. I must admit I'm envious. Those Defenders are my favorite. Well done!
  3. Istrolid

    Um... this game has taken over my life. MUST.... BUILD... SHIPS... BIGGER! FASTER!! STRONGER!!!
  4. Ynot Squad Benchmark

    I've been curious to try out Debris Gambit myself.
  5. Istrolid

    Nice little diversion! I like the ship construction aspect.
  6. Leia needs a change

    Leia really needs a new crew card. Or for heaven's sake, make the current one 0 points or null the "discard this card" but limit the ability to range 1-2. That would definitely make her worth the 4 points. Are there any examples of another Unique being represented more than once as crew?
  7. More Universal 1 Point Mods Needed

    Maybe we can get mods that mimic some of the less used 1pt EPTs like Cool Hand, Lightning Reflexes, Determination, Calculation or Adrenaline Rush. Call them something else of course, and maybe tweak them a hair.
  8. Showcase: C-ROC Cruiser

    @Niinivaara Where are they? All I see are shipping containers floating in space.
  9. Worlds accommodations

    Any BnB places near by? Some of my buds went to the Arizona Regional and stayed at one. It was less expensive than a hotel they said. Wherever you go, try and split costs unless you have the means or the inclination.
  10. Lambda - What to do?

    I know this may not be within Imperial Standards, but how about some bird wings painted on? It could be somewhat subtle like a dark or medium grey over a lighter grey. I mean if the Chimera can have a custom paint job, why not a a Lambda Shuttle?
  11. Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    I got to play against live Fly Casual people via the internet this past weekend. There were a number of time-outs that resulted in aborted games. I'm guessing that folks got the wall of red text and dropped out. If that happens to you, after taking a screen shot to send to Sandrem, type "close" and you can carry on playing (usually). This weekend I'm away camping, but most nights I'm looking for a match starting around 9pm Pacific until midnight. I've just used the "Want to Play" title so far, but I'll start using my username as the room's title.
  12. How to pronounce "Gila"

    I've been just saying "the Kimo" Don't sweat it. I know I'm not going to correct anyone for saying it their own way--because its Star Wars after all. Nothing that needs to be taken too seriously. Besides, there are examples of names & words that have different pronunciations in the films: Leia & Hoth immediately come to mind.
  13. Yet another Imperial Co-Op Campaign: Flight Group Alpha

    Some people are just cool.
  14. How to pronounce "Gila"

    It's like if the Scum Y & the B had a baby. M-12: 3/1/6/2 - Focus, TL, Barrel Roll, Reload + Salvaged Astromech, Illicit, Missile and Torpedo Y-Wing: 2/1/5/3: B-Wing: 3/1/3/5
  15. Showcase: B/SF-17 Bomber

    Holy Snokes! Just add a propeller