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  1. Agreed on the difficulties painting X-wings. I have more trouble painting that ship over any other. The early runs of the 1st ed. X-wings are terrible in my opinion. I tried prying one apart in order to get into the space between the wings and although possible, my attempts ended up ruining it. Later runs are easier to pry apart, but if you can save yourself the hassle, don't do it. Fortunately(?) I have about a dozen spare X-wings 2/3 of them unpainted.
  2. Get Out! That is super-cool. MacrossVF1, you never disappoint!
  3. @player5570647 Dude! You can't just tease the modified Y-wing... I'm salivating over here. Where can I see more of that little guy? Also, your bloodhound is really good. Where is the skull from?
  4. See? You can trust him to point you in the right direction and is cool about it. Thanks Paul!
  5. I'll be brief with my answers, as just a tiny amount of digging you'll get more in depth answers to all these questions. It's as competitive as you want to make it. Pre-Covid we had regular tounaments & other competitions at high level. Skill does trump luck often, but not always: about 80/20 I'd say. People do blame their dice but if you can avoid getting into a tight spot (through skill & list building) the dice are a variable that can be mitigated. List building is very varied and allows for a lot of creativity. The meta typically sees change through two main factors: points changes which are scheduled twice a year January & July which typically addresses problems that have arisen such as over-performing upgrades, ships/pilots and combinations there of. The second meta changer is when new product is released. Rules updates & errata are also addressed when the points get adjusted. I'll point you to this post that is pinned at the top of the forum to answer your last question: I hope you enjoy the game! Edit: By the way, the person that responded to you first, Paul Heaver is a two time world champion of X-wing. He knows what he's saying and you can trust him. Cheers!
  6. Holy smokes! Part of me cringes at the number of Vipers sacrificed for the mod, but the end result is worth it. I presume there will be a follow up of the re-painted Mutalisk-Viper?
  7. Go for it, but try and keep X-wing as the main thrust of your pics.
  8. Mmm.... not completely pointless. A legal squad requires 2 ships & there's enough points for a Zed.
  9. I have to play these against one another now in Fly Casual
  10. Do you have a friend you can recruit to help you? Like RebelRogue said, seeing a bored guy sitting waiting for people to come up to them isn't as inviting as having a game being played live for potential players to watch. So if you can, bring an extra body or two. Having company will definitely help. Additionally, they (the potential new player) can jump into the game already in progress if they take your place while you coach them through the rules. Slave-1 vs the Millennium Falcon, Luke/Wedge/Biggs vs Vader & Ties, Kylo & the Upsilon vs Poe & friends--you already know this. Whatever format you play (I vote for a standard 200/6) I would strongly recommend you have iconic ships from as many factions as you are able out on the table beside your game. People love the models. When they see something they recognize they have a built in connection to the game right there. Also, if you still have them around, use the cardboard components. Seeing someone giving a demo with 3rd party kit can be misconstrued as a necessary added expense. Good luck!
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