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  1. it's good for:
  2. It won't touch the original paint job. I think they bake that ish on there. Drop it in the dip for 30 minutes to an hour and then scrub with an old toothbrush. Some of the paint will start to come off. You'll likely have to do multiple dips. And get into the cracks with a sharp toothpick. People make it sound like the paint magically comes off but sometimes depending on the paint used, you really have to get in there. Good luck!
  3. I think you should do what a magician does: Misdirection. Distract him with your punchy ships while the flanker magically appears out of nowhere to blind side him. Easier said than done if your flanker is the obvious threat. Just got to find that balance between your flanker and your bullet sponge.
  4. @Cubanboy I like you and the things you post, so keep that in mind when reading my reply. Which I hope doesn't sound like anyone is being disrespected--sometimes tone and inflection don't translate when written down. I think there was a difference in expectations from both parties: The OP didn't feel it was fair so that was outside of his expectations, so if the OP decided it is not fair for him then that's reason enough to say no. The challenger appeared to have the expectation that casual night means all comers would be like-minded and willing to try out the unreleased upgrades. And when the initial rebuff was presented (not a very strong rebuff by the way) the challenger reminded the OP that it's not a serious game. Which it really isn't, I mean we're moving plastic toy space-ships for goodness sake. The OP then resigned himself to play despite his misgivings. TWICE. Both parties should have presented their expectations clearly, how they wanted to have fun that night but only one seemed to. Opponent: "I want to try out some of the new Guns for Hire stuff" OP: "I want to play with regular stuff, not unreleased stuff." And then they could have gone their separate ways or come to an agreement or compromise and be done with it. All I wanted to get across was that a person should feel empowered to express their expectations. Playing X-wing was better than not playing X-wing but the OP didn't feel good about it, so this is where we find ourselves. Personally, I would have been happy to try the new stuff like you.
  5. Let's just say Lucas took the truth and embellished a little. Maybe it's true--all of it.
  6. I've been eyeing Runewars mini from a distance. How do you play it? I mean, are you going down to your LGS or just with some friends/family at home? Do you feel pretty good about it (is it fun)?
  7. I was driving home last night in one of those self hypnotic states that happens when you're on the road for a while and it occurred to me that maybe the Force that Yoda and Ben are referencing is more like the ability to control gravity. It surrounds us penetrates us. It's between me, you, the tree, the rock, everywhere. Gravity can crush things, lift things, move things, etc. Just a thought.
  8. That's a honey of a model!
  9. A true mountebank
  10. If it bugs you, (which if you're posting about it then it must) you're within your rights to say, "Nah, I'll pass. Do you have another list you can fly?" It's casual night, I get it, but being casual doesn't mean you have to let the other guy bend you over. Maybe bring your own "casual" list: Fenn, Quickdraw and Biggs? It's casual night right? It doesn't really matter right? Except it does. You came to play with certain expectations and someone brings something to play that isn't out, that hasn't been given an official blessing by the community, you know? It feels like the other guy could have been cool instead of making you feel like you would be the jerk for not being "casual" and letting him get his way. Do right by you and say "no" next time. Obviously, you don't have to be rude but you came to enjoy yourself and now... you feel bad about it because you didn't stand your ground. He would have played someone else and you would have too and not been bothered by what actually happened. It's ok to say no.
  11. wearing a monacle
  12. Just made my TTS purchase. It looked really neat and intuitive. I had downloaded Vassal, but never actually got it running. Friends had also told me that they had trouble gauging ranges so that may have soured me slightly. Either way, I'm giving this a shot and if it's not a good fit, I'll give Vassal a go. I want to get better, and the best way to do that is to keep flying, keep shooting.
  13. @Chaotix It couldn't hurt to try! You could always point to it as part of your portfolio, and I'm willing to bet that some chums out here would be willing to help out too.
  14. "--Just kidding!" smirked
  15. iExcellente!