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  1. I think it's a fantastic new. We have a lot of plastic and carton. The next one another expansion like this with overlord cards fixed or as it's said in other topic a rulebook with competetive rules between heroes, an arena or something like that.
  2. I dont think FFG will make a D3E, you only need to look at forums to see that is more profitable to exploit D2E and make new mechanics that make a new edition, because nobody will buy it. The base game works very good and Imperial Assault and Mansions of madness plays with similar rules as D2E. As for what you are saying, I do not think there is a need for a new edition. You can create a new manual (Like the Heirs of Blood) with corrected mechanics, like so many other games (D2.5E). It would also be viable the option of a new campaign (either in physical format or in the RTL App) with your suggestions. An official PVP mode or a new campaign in which different characters you didn't choose at the begining are added in temporaly in different missions, to force you to play with them.
  3. These are fantastic news! Now I'm expecting for new physical content with an another campaign, like Nerekhall. Well done FFG!
  4. and what about including all campaigns that we already have in the app of road to legend? It would be an interesting option...
  5. I would like see Uthuk Y'llan in a campaign. I know that the overlord it's suppose to be Waiqar but, maybe a change of faction could be interesting.
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