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  1. I have two things I would like to know. First and foremost is: How do I fix miniatures made of separate components due to glue failure? I found this out recently when a TIE Advanced/x1 that I'm getting replaced due to the failure of its attachment peg's visible portion broke apart, showing that it appears the wings or solar panels or whatever anyone wants to call them appear to be separately attached to the fuselage and thus the entire miniature is NOT a single component. I therefore suspect that this is glue failure since it appears that a low-quality glue was used. Therefore, I want to know if anyone would recommend a kind of modeling glue or epoxy out there that they would prefer using and that works better than what FFG uses at its factory in (where else) Red China (no offense intended). The other thing I want to know is: How do I completely remove attachment pegs, including the portion that's actually glued within the miniature, from the actual spacecraft without causing damage? I recently noticed that the hole drilled into the miniature to accommodate the top of the attachment peg when it gets glued in is the same size for the top of a standard peg, suggesting I could just fit a normal peg into the ship without having to deal with a permanent attachment peg if necessary. I want to therefore know how to remove the entire attachment peg so I don't have to complain to FFG about getting replacement miniatures anymore, since I'm tired of the attachment peg's visible portion breaking off to where the portion glued into the spacecraft is left behind and impossible to remove. That's all. (The photo is when the attachment peg's bottom portion broke off before the left wing on the ship also broke off.)
  2. Dagnabbit, it happened to me again. Now it's happened to my Lambda-class shuttle. I guess the Rebels sabotaged it. So let me review what's happened so far. It's happened on both latter generations of original trilogy Rebel starfighters from the films (the A-wing and B-wing, including the B-wing in the Rebel Aces expansion), the Imperial TIE fighter from the original trilogy as well as Darth Vader's TIE fighter, and both my Lambda and TIE bomber (both of which now have replacements). I must wonder: If it happened to these ships, why didn't it happen to the TIE interceptor, the last remaining original trilogy Imperial starfighter? Why didn't it happen to Rebel starfighters introduced in the very first film (the X-wing and Y-wing)? And why has it not especially happened to the other original trilogy large ships (the Millennium Falcon, the YT-2400, and Slave I)? Has that happened to anyone yet? What about ships from the Rebels TV show or Rogue One, as well as "expanded universe" ships (both standard and Legends canon other than the B-wing from the Rebel Aces pack)? And what about Epic Play huge ships and any complementary standard play ships that go with them?
  3. Hey, Zeonix, I had been wishing this had happened to my own TIE Advanced first instead of my TIE bomber. You must have better luck than I do, although I'm sure you'll remind me that in our experience, there isn't such a thing as luck! But you did the right thing by getting it replaced. That's what I did with my TIE bomber (my older TIE bomber is still good as a decoration, and your TIE Advanced is still good for that purpose, too). Even if the pegs aren't good quality, and they include the attachment pegs, we have to give credit to the Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee Editions folks. They're friendly enough to send us replacement miniatures if that happens, so we should cut them some slack even though this sometimes happens more often then we want.
  4. Yeah, Force Majeure, I'm not holding my breath, either. It's just a possibility. And yes, KraydKaflar, I think saboteurs on Lothal did sabotage your TIE fighter. Maybe that's what happened with my TIE bomber. Or perhaps I'm saying this because I'm in the Empire's pay.
  5. Hi, y'all, In response to y'all's remarks suggesting the use of magnets, that's the problem as Force Majeure points out. It's why I'm not very keen on replacing pegs with magnets. I just took a photo using my smartphone and uploaded it to my computer, then further uploaded it to the Asmodee parts request form page, which is http://parts.asmodeena.com. And they'll send you a new miniature for free and you don't have to buy the entire expansion all over again, nor do you have to waste time using superglue to reattach the peg, which can be a real hassle and nightmare, or use magnets. That's my suggestion, especially to you, juxstapo, since obviously you've got the variance issue which I have as well. The problem, of course, is if the miniature itself is damaged, and that's where you'll have to likely buy the entire pack all over again. And yes, Piscopas, if I want to buy a new expansion pack, I don't want to have to buy a duplicate for whatever reason. I'd rather be buying new ships like you do. I personally like to buy the original and sequel trilogy ships. (Speaking of which, why doesn't FFG do a prequel trilogy core set and matching expansion packs? I know a lot of Star Wars fans don't necessarily like how the prequels were done, but I know they did do the ARC-170 in Rebel Alliance/New Republic livery as part of Wave IX, and that ship was introduced in Revenge of the Sith. I'm just asking. And also, I'm glad that FFG is finally releasing Wave X's ships come Groundhog Day. I wonder why they had to take so long.) In other topics, what do y'all think of the title for Episode VIII?
  6. This is something that happened to me just this past week. I had recently received a clear X-Wing base and pegs package in the mail to try and get tighter-fitting bases and pegs on my X-Wing ships (I only own the ships featured in the original and sequel trilogies), not to mention replace a peg on my First Order TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack that broke. Well, guess what happened? As I tried to fit tighter-fitting pegs on my TIE bomber from my Imperial TIE Bomber Expansion Pack, the attachment peg on the miniature broke off just like that. [Giggle, just because I found it embarrassing.] Thankfully, the actual miniature wasn't damaged, and I was able to order a new TIE bomber miniature for free, but I want to know if this has ever happened to anyone else, where an attachment peg broke off someone's miniature and rendered it useless in playing X-Wing, but still useful as a little decoration or knick-knack. That's why I'm listing it here in the X-Wing Painting and Modification sub-forum since this is by virtue of technicality a modification. I tried listing this elsewhere in the forum, but no other sub-forum looked relevant. The funny thing about this was also that I never expected this to happen to my TIE bomber. In fact, I hoped that if this ever did happen, it would have happened to my TIE Advanced from my Imperial TIE Advanced Expansion Pack just because that's my favorite Imperial TIE fighter variant and it's the most underused and unloved TIE variant in the original trilogy. (Only Darth Vader used it in the original trilogy, and he only used it in Episode IV: A New Hope during the Battle of Yavin.) The other starfighters in the original trilogy were pretty much used all the time in those films, and those fighters that only appeared once still had multiple examples that got used in combat as well.