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  1. No worries ForgottenLore, all good, if I get back to Gen Con, I will try and invite you all in for a game Marinealvey Im well aware of the logistics, our game group currently has 5 regular players and we have played TI twice, but Im hoping to set up a regular game. possibly with a seperate group. Our current group likes to spread the games around (which I also do, but hey more TI is never a bad thing)! Thanks for the input guys.
  2. If by Rylar you mean Jol-Nar (a.k.a. Hylar), I understand how one might think that they can quickly gain an upper hand with all the tech they can get. However one must take into account the fact that they have a permanent minus one to ALL their combat rolls so they more or less need those "+1 to (insert ship type here)" techs to get up to the same level as everyone else start at. Yes the Hylar, just as I said before Being new to the game I thought the Hylar V Assault Laser +1 tech was across all their ships, (not just cruisers and destroyers) thus negating the -1 they are saddled with at the start. Yeah as you say they need all that tech just to get on an even keel, not so great after all.
  3. Hi guys New to the forums, Just putting out a call for anyone in Australia (melbourne area) for TI games..... Thanks
  4. I have only played 3 games and I dont have any expansions yet, but I've found the Rylar are good. Their tech advantage helps to build a formidable fleet quickly. Happy for those of you more experienced to give some pointers in this though
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