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  1. Hello, you should wait until August, check the portfolio after the GenGon. As I see the realm of Terrinoth is before a big change. After GenCon you will have a clear picture.
  2. I still have hope but everything looks like you are right and FFG will be an SW shop. Its sad how Disney can effect for board games also. I have the new TI and I love it and after the first game my wish was that FFG should do the same with Runewars board game. But be honest about the whole Runebound univers: Battlelore an awesome game but not sold well so its done. The same for Runewars board game so its also done. Runebound is went wrong so its done. Runeage is done. Descent has a lot of expansion so its done. And the Miniture game is a big question. They will close the Runebould universe or they must invest so much in this universe... SW looks much more easier way...
  3. Thank you for this. We played it twice and that step wasn't clear till now.
  4. But before you can produce you must activate the system, then the next players turn, then you can produce the unit. But later you can produce again because the system is activated and you have make units again. And with sarween tools you can do it again again because you can produce the ground units on your planet for free.
  5. I mean you get a free resource and you can make 2 fighters for example in your tactical action as a production. Then the others do their actions and after you can build another 2 fighters for free and so on.
  6. Hello, Can we use sarween tool more than once in a round? Can we decrise the infantry or fighter cost to 0? If yes it means we can produce 2 of them everytime so the round will be over if all the units on the board.
  7. Thank you for this fast and detailed answer, its much more then I expected. I really appreciate it.
  8. Hello, I have a question about the action phase. There are 3 different actions (tactial, strategic, component). Are there any order how these actions must be resolved? For example: Can I do an activation then do the component action, then production, movement and so on or the first is the tactical and must to the steps in order then the strategic and the component?
  9. I love Battlelore, on of my favorit games or its my favorit. I played a lot of games with it in the last 1,5 year and I cannot wait to play with it again and again. But I'm tried on waiting and be without any communication. I wont buy RW. Too expensive and I have no time and skill for painting. So I made my choice, I will buy CMON A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. They make a clear communcation I know what I can expect and I can check whats going on before its realese. I think that game wil be between Battlelore and RW. It will be a miniture game but each faction will have thier own color so its not needed to paint you can unbox and play. Its fast, easy and I think for a Game of Thrones fun its a must have... If FFG will realese new content for Battlelore I will buy it without question but all of my money what goes to CMON it could go to FFG but it seams they are good without it. LCG makes enough profit...
  10. I see a bigger chance for a second edition. The game is old, the contents are not the best quality and they must make a big blockbuster game if they wan't to have any chance against a CMON.
  11. Agree, I already tried to find it but no success..
  12. I also recommend the undeads. They look amazing and I love playing with them.
  13. I don't want to dissapoint anyone but FFG statments is if a product is on their products list its not dead and supported. BSG is ended, no more reprint no more expansions. The only thing what can happen is a second edition may be on gencon in august.
  14. And the answer is: RuneWars is a rank-and-file miniatures game for two players that invites you to experience war on a grand scale. Rather than small groups of figures in a frenetic skirmish, you’ll command powerful blocks of figures as they wheel and maneuver across the battlefield. With plenty of different figures, countless ways to upgrade your units, and the blank canvas of unpainted figures, it’s easy to make your RuneWars army completely unique.
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