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  1. I love Battlelore, on of my favorit games or its my favorit. I played a lot of games with it in the last 1,5 year and I cannot wait to play with it again and again. But I'm tried on waiting and be without any communication. I wont buy RW. Too expensive and I have no time and skill for painting. So I made my choice, I will buy CMON A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. They make a clear communcation I know what I can expect and I can check whats going on before its realese. I think that game wil be between Battlelore and RW. It will be a miniture game but each faction will have thier own color so its not needed to paint you can unbox and play. Its fast, easy and I think for a Game of Thrones fun its a must have... If FFG will realese new content for Battlelore I will buy it without question but all of my money what goes to CMON it could go to FFG but it seams they are good without it. LCG makes enough profit...
  2. I see a bigger chance for a second edition. The game is old, the contents are not the best quality and they must make a big blockbuster game if they wan't to have any chance against a CMON.
  3. Agree, I already tried to find it but no success..
  4. I also recommend the undeads. They look amazing and I love playing with them.
  5. I don't want to dissapoint anyone but FFG statments is if a product is on their products list its not dead and supported. BSG is ended, no more reprint no more expansions. The only thing what can happen is a second edition may be on gencon in august.
  6. And the answer is: RuneWars is a rank-and-file miniatures game for two players that invites you to experience war on a grand scale. Rather than small groups of figures in a frenetic skirmish, you’ll command powerful blocks of figures as they wheel and maneuver across the battlefield. With plenty of different figures, countless ways to upgrade your units, and the blank canvas of unpainted figures, it’s easy to make your RuneWars army completely unique.
  7. I don't care... just please release something....
  8. I belive they will release the elfs. GW is leaving and FFG will lose a lot of titles and offers from its repertoire. They must make new titles and make more pupular the running titles and universes. Runebould a nice univers. I think the Runewars will have a 2nd Edition too.
  9. Hello, Try it Hungary. At Budapest you can find 2 board game shops and the expansions usually available, for example the neutral units currently in the shop.