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  1. I was able to get second in a small tourney with this. Played with the three biggest rocks. The ties are great for blocking and they can do some damage when up close. They're also pesky and can be hard to get rid of rolling three defense dice. Keep rocks near the middle when placing so when you move a rock after all forces are placed (Beckett) you can drop it right in front of their squad. Kath Scarlet (80) Tobias Beckett (2) Trick Shot (4) Slave I (2) Mining Guild Sentry (24) Mining Guild Sentry (24) Mining Guild Sentry (24) Mining Guild Sentry (24) Mining Guild Sentry (24) Total: 200
  2. Totally freaked me out. Glad I googled this thread. I thought I broke the **** thing getting it out of the box and was treating it gingerly thinking I would have to glue all of them back to their regular open position. Having said all that; cool ship with very interesting abilities.
  3. Here's my variation: Lieutenant Bastian — Integrated S-Foils Jessika Pava — Integrated S-Foils, M9-G8 Temmin Wexley — Composure, Integrated S-Foils L'ulo L'ampar I'm using M9 to target lock my own ship, L'ulo, so he always has an attack reroll. As a result, it makes more sense to put M9 on Jess since she won't need her target lock due to her reroll she can do while friendly ships are within 1. All ships have the potential to be double modded except Jess, depends on friendly ships, and then L'ulo is getting one attack reroll.
  4. I've been playing this version. I really like using the Tie Fighters over a third Scurrg. I feel like they add another dimension to the list and you can use them to speed in, ignoring rocks during activation, barrel roll, blocking your opponent's ship to steal actions; basically just create all kinds of chaos. They usually end up staying alive because your opponent is trying to take out the Scurrgs allowing them to play this nuisance role for several rounds. Also, because they have a good dial, they can keep in the battle at range one, getting three dice attacks. Having Beckett on one of the Scurrgs has been extremely helpful to clear the way for your swarm and also for placing an obstacle in front of your opponent to cause them to change direction or slow down. I've entertained the idea of dropping both Mining Guild Ties to Sentry (from Initiative 2 to 1) but I've become a fan of the options/choices in terms of order that happen in the game with movement and firing when the four ships are all at Initiative 2. Drea Renthal + Ion Cannon Turret Lok Revenant + Dorsal Turret + Veteran Turret Gunner + Tobias Beckett Lok Revenant + Dorsal Turret + Veteran Turret Gunner Mining Guild Surveyor Mining Guild Surveyor
  5. I just played this list against two jump masters and fenn and the person I was playing said they were really confused how to play against this list. I ended up losing but I had incredibly bad dice and it came down to my bus verse one jump master. Had the dice had the cold spell, I think I could have won this game. The only issue was surviving long enough with the Z-95 to get the Thread Tracers to trigger. Thoughts? Trandoshan Slaver (42) Dengar Jabba "Hot Shot" Blaster Ion Projector Binayre Pirate #1 (16) XX-23 S-Thread Tracers “Hot Shot” Blaster Guidance Chips 15 points Binayre Pirate #2 (21) Homing Missiles “Hot Shot” Blaster Munitions Failsafe 16 points Binayre Pirate #3 (21) Homing Missiles “Hot Shot” Blaster Munitions Failsafe Total: 100
  6. What about this build? Both Marksmanship and Mangler uses Bossk's crit ability, Dengar gives one or two re-rolls, with Jabba I could burnout slam in two different turns if I needed to reposition, Ion Projector keeps opponents, especially aces, from positioning too close in my path and then Jabba allows Hot Shot to be used twice on each pirate without worrying about arc and two of the pirates have munitions failsafe which would allow the HSB card to stay around until they each hit twice. Thoughts? Bossk (53) Marksmanship "Mangler" Cannon Jabba the Hutt Dengar Burnout Slam Ion Projector Binayre Pirate #1 (16) “Hot Shot” Blaster Munitions Failsafe 15 points Binayre Pirate #2 (16) “Hot Shot” Blaster Munitions Failsafe 16 points Binayre Pirate #3 (15) “Hot Shot” Blaster Total: 100
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