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  1. I think that is really what just bring the community to this level of gloominess. Since I start to play this game (at the lunch of the second wave) and join this community, I just saw that we where not the priority of FFG by their lack of exposure on the site. Did I care? Not really because you (members of the forum and some blogers) where there to entertain my Armada needs. Before the Hyperspace Report flop, all those "Armada is dead" where there to amuse the crowd and get remembrance of our beloved Admiral Neilson. But the Aftermath of the Hyperspace Report just light the powder for all those with high expectation (that something "big"). Now we are living the same as a bereavement (hoping it's the good word for what I mean). After the death off someone close to you, there are some stage that you will cross : 1. Denial 2. Anger (where alot of people are at this moment) 3. The minding that we can change thing 4. Sadness and 5. Acceptation. For me, I'm at stage 5, I already accept the fact that we are not the priority for FFG but this don't mean that our game is dead. It only mean that, as before the Hyperspace Report, we have to take care of ouserlf between us, players. Some of you will maybe remember last year, FFG post somthing telling us that they where sorry for the lack of coverage and their will to change that. Unfortunately, it did not last long. But at least, they know the situation and they try a little something. Is Legion shadowing Armada, maybe. But it's the same for Imperial Assault and at a even worse level because those two game are close from each other. We have the greatest game that I ever played. We have a strong community. Don't let that deception bring you down and turn your back to something that can bring so much fun. Armada will still alive as long as people will keep play this game. As @Cremate said, I'm pretty sure that more stuff are coming (looking at you SSD) and we only have to be patient (as we where before). Play, have fun and Pew Pew Pew those big ship!
  2. DOMSWAT911

    Latest Fling?

    Thank's for this topic Bring us back to what this forum was made for Or this could happen :
  3. This is the best game ever, so even if we don't get alot of attention from FFG, at least all what I have cannot be lost (I own both faction). So even if the game is no longer supported, I will be able to play with my friends. But one thing is sure, I preffered the continuity of this game and the support from FFG because there is a couple of other ship and squadron that i'm missing (SSD, Bulwark Mk3, Dauntless, Lancer frigate, U-Wing, etc...)
  4. DOMSWAT911

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    There is two way to see this : 1 : If you want a "playable" SSD 2 : If you want a static ship good for a campaign scenario. For option 1 : You need something that will be big enough to have a good visual impact by is mass but not too big because you want to move it (even at speed 1). I could like the idea that the rear end could be the one that make the pivot for more easyness on mouvement. It have to cost similarly around the cost of two ISD because if it bring to the table less than two ISD, you will choose two ISD. At 600 points, you will be alone on the table and we want a "Armada". This way, even for a game at 400 points, you could have 2 or 3 ships (if your SSD is around 240 points). I don't like the idea to put 2 hull zone on the side because it will bring more shield (total) and you could fire two times on the same target (different hull zone, so could aim the same target). I want the possibility to destroy a SSD during a game. It have to be powerfull but not too much (because of balancing and you don't want to oblitarate everything in front of you). Close to what could bring two ISD but not the same. Yes, that could be fun to have a Bellator or a Assertor Class Dreadnought too. So the SSD model should be a little bit longer from them (scalling). For option 2 : I don't really like this option because we could bring the SSD only with the campaign option. Maybe the scalling could be better but it wont be alot on your table. Paying around 200$ for a one shot deal... it's not a good deal IMHO. For balancing, Rebel could have the Bulwark MK3 for a counter for SSD and the Dauntless for the Bellator.
  5. DOMSWAT911

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    SSD could look something like this : Version A : 240 pts. Frontal arc : Armament : 6 Red and 4 Blue / Shield : 6 Side arc : Armament : 5 Red and 4 Blue / Shield : 5 Rear arc : Armament : 3 Red and 3 Blue / Shield : 3 Hull : 18 Anti-squadron : 1 Red, 1 Blue and 1 Black Defense token : Brace / Redirect / Redirect / Contain Speed : 1 and 1 click Command : 4 / Squadron : 6 / Engineering : 6 Upgrade slot : Officer (2x), Weapons Teams, Offensive Retrofit, Defensive Retrofit, Ion Cannon and Turbolasers (2x) Version B : 210 pts. Frontal arc : Armament : 4 Red, 2 Blue and 4 Black / Shield : 6 Side arc : Armament : 3 Red, 2 Blue and 4 Black / Shield : 5 Rear arc : Armament : 2 Red, 2 Blue and 2 Black / Shield : 3 Hull : 18 Anti-squadron : 2 Blue and 1 Black Defense token : Brace / Redirect / Redirect / Contain Speed : 1 and 1 click Command : 4 / Squadron : 4 / Engineering : 6 Upgrade slot : Officer (2), Weapons Teams,Offensive Retrofit, Ordnance (2x), Defensive Retrofit and Turbolasers
  6. DOMSWAT911

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    Why??? Because that looks like a Armada at my eyes
  7. DOMSWAT911

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    This is maybe hard on FFG but I think there is some (or even many) of the Armada player who think this : For myself, I think that they could give us more information, more thematics news, more Armada content. IMHO, they don't need to release more wave per year, just more hype. More people will heard about Armada, more people will want to play that wonderfull game. And it will cost a big nothing to FFG, there is only benefit with this little change of perspective. Give to your crowd and your crowd will give you!
  8. DOMSWAT911

    New Announcements? Facts, Rumors, and Conclusions

    Armada is not dead! Do I like the fact that we don't have a lot of attention from FFG? No! Like everybody on the forum. We all like read things about our favorite game. But, I'm not worry from this. Even if we are put aside for a moment, as long as the game (and new wave) continue, there is no problem. Enjoy what you have and when new stuff will come, you will be happy. Santa is coming once a year... so it's the same for new wave in Armada too
  9. DOMSWAT911

    Make your dreams come true?

    Yup, that what we can call agressive marketing
  10. DOMSWAT911

    Stop the sadness ;)

    I really understand why people are mad about the Hyperspace Report. I'm with all those who where thinking that Armada was about to received good news (Epic-SSD, next wave preview or a new core set) but unfortunatelly, it was only for X-Wing 2.0. I'm playing X-Wing too but less often. So maybe the impact was less stronger because it was meanning something to me. But, my prefered game still Armada and it was not what I was expecting (looking at you : "something big is coming"). They should say at first that it was about X-Wing, nothing else. After this, when I heard the fact that there was limited space for Armada and after this they are showing statistic that reflect a small number of us there, that's a lack from them too. For the maketing point of view, the Hyperspace Report is a solid flop. But... Ok, we where disapointed. We have to move on and continue. Yes we are customer (more than 2000$ just for me) but we are not the only one. Every other games need love and attention from their creators and at a certain point it will be the time for our game, ARMADA!!! And maybe some day...
  11. DOMSWAT911

    Stop the sadness ;)

    Why so much sadness and all those echos that Armada is dead? I know, this is all thank's to Admiral Neilson (R.I.P.) and it's a runnig gag since then... But some people are starting to joined their voice with this belief for real. Do you like the game at the state it is now? For my side, yes. All the little things that was annoying me are now solve by the last FAQ. Do I want more stuff to play with? Yes, that for sure! More ship means more options for fleet creation. Do I want Epic size? Why not, with the sliding scale in Armada, it's possible... I'm looking for you Executor-Class, Bellator-Class or Assertor-Class for Imps and Bulwark or Dauntless for the Rebs. Do I want more news from FFG? Maybe yes, but is that this important? No. My three first questions are more important for me than news from FFG every week to let me know that my favorite game still not dead. I joined this group 2 years ago. I was not the kind of person who was looking at forum at all. But because all of you, from all of your input, your love for that game, all the questions let by the rules reference guide where answer (with the habitually help from Drasnighta). I can pass more than a hour per day just to read all what people think about a new ship, the strategy that some peolpe are trying, what could be the next ship or just talking about Star wars. This is pure joy Is X-Wing or Legion more in front page? Yes, that's true. The firt one is their best seller and the second one is their newest game. Do I have a problem with that? Not at all. Could they give us some related articles even if it's not for a new wave? Yes they could and yes I would like (just like you), having more news from FFG about Armada but this is not something that will ruined my experience from the game perspective. What is the futur of Armada? I'm not in the secret of the god and I can't tell you. But one thing is sure, this is still my favorite game. I will continue to play it for long and continue to come to this forum because it's now part of my life as the rest (wife, familly, friend, work, etc...) Stop the sadness and enjoy the game that we have, continue all your post that keep us in the good mood between annoucement from FFG. We are (the players), those that still keep this game alive. Long live to Armada!!! Remember, jealousy, anger, impatience are all leading to the Dark Side. P.S. Sorry for my grammar, my first langage is french
  12. DOMSWAT911

    Happy starwars day!

    At one click to blow everything up
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    The Hyperfake Report

    An accent? What Russian accent? There is no accent, there is no russian!!!
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    Hyperspace Report Prediction Thread

    BIG... Big... big is coming! :)