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  1. I think there is another reason. George Lucas really like in the past to borrow many "visual" elements from WW2. So Disney took the same path. I think the Resistance B/SF-17 heavy bomer is suppose to be the new child born of the B-17 Flying Fortress So don't try to look too far why that bad concept
  2. DOMSWAT911

    People still playing?

    In my region (Montréal and Québec, Canada), there is still a community that playing in store tournement. We are doing one tomorow at the Zakeda, on the South-shore of Montréal, and we are supposed to be around 7 or 8 persons. There is some tournements on the North-shore of Montréal too, at the BD Cosmos store, that bring approximatively that same number of players. In the Québec region, there is a strong community that play even more game at the Imaginaire store. Yes, I would like to say that Armada is play by more people in more store but we have to don't forget that this game is not a casual game as X-Wing is. The audience is a little more "niche" because of the game length, the price tag, the complexity of the game and other reasons of this kind. This game is the best game that I have ever play and still alive even if we don't have the same level of publicity like other games (looking at you Legion and X-Wing). If FFG took a marketing decision to put emphasis on those two products don't means that other games like Armada are about to die.
  3. Tomorow all this sadness will end because we will have an article on that beauty... I hope
  4. FFG want us to beg for news Just when everybody was about to say Armada is dea... There's a new article!!!
  5. DOMSWAT911

    2018 Community shoutout Thread.

    A big thank you to @Crabbok, for all your videos and your positivity on this game.
  6. DOMSWAT911

    Dreadnaught Cruiser / Imperial Support Vessel

    I want it for both faction!!! Just like in Star Wars Rebellion (the computer game).
  7. DOMSWAT911

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    SSD announcement! So happy to finally have it in the game
  8. DOMSWAT911

    You know what?

  9. DOMSWAT911

    Imperial Light Cruisers spoted in Zatu games.

    And again, it's gone baby gone
  10. DOMSWAT911

    Eagerly Awaiting Next Necro'ed Gem of a Thread

    Company's don't like to loose money $$$$$$. If Armada was not a source of benefit for FFG, they could just close the line. No new product (like the SSD) or re-print!!! The fact that we have those is maybe a good sign that Armada is not in that bad position that some peoples think. Yes, Armada is maybe not a priority like some of their new products but the game still on
  11. DOMSWAT911

    How big is your collection?

    Hi, my name is Dominic, as one of you, I do have a Star Warsalcoholic problem's I currently own the following: 2 x Core Sets 2 x Assault Frigate Expansions 2 x CR90 Expansions 1 x Nebulon-B Expansions 2 x Rebel Squadron Expansions 3 x Gladiator Expansions 1 x VSD Expansions 2 x Imperial Squadron Expansions 2 x MC80 Expansions 2 x MC30 Expansions 2 x ISD Expansions 3 x Raider Expansions 2 x Rogues & Villains Expansions 2 x GR75 Expansions 2 x Gozanti Expansions 2 x MC80L Expansions 1 x Interdictor Expansions 2 x Pelta Expansions 2 x Arquitens Expansions 2 x Rebel Squadron II Expansions 2 x Imperial Squadron II Expansions 2 x Hammerhead Expansions 2 x Quasar Expansions 2 x MC75 Expansions 1 x Chimaera Expansion 1 x Corellian Conflict 2 of almost everything is the name of the game. I got Legion and X-Wing too, in the same proportion. I'm what we can call a good customer for FFG
  12. DOMSWAT911

    Nicknames for the SSD

    SSD is just fine. But if you are really looking for a nickname, it could be The Arrow of Doom.
  13. DOMSWAT911

    What Ship Do You Want Most Of All?

    Dual faction!!!
  14. DOMSWAT911

    Would you move over to Armada 2.0?

    1.5 - digital app!!! That's all we need to keep the game in a good shape for a long time. The point cost is the only problem I can see to this wonderful game (ship, upgrades and squadron). The squadron game could be change at the same time just by adjusting their cost. Intel or all aces that make a "blob" around them should receive a point boost. The same is true for the fact that aces (because of their defence token) sould be less cheap in comparaison to generic.
  15. DOMSWAT911

    Squadron upgrades

    I think you miss some of what I said. I do like squadron... I really don't want something like Attack Wing. But the squadron game is now too strong for what that game is supposed to be. A fleet game where your ship are doing something good. You are talking with someone who really know well WW2. I do know that a grand majority of fleet combat loss a due to dive bomber or torpido, not direct hit by ship guns. But we are not playing a WW2 game like Axies and Allies naval miniatures. Could we make it more like "Star Wars". Yes in the movies, one squadron (a A-Wing) crash down a 19 km ship, a single shot of torpido blew up a Death Star but I think the majority of us are looking for the big ship, noy really the squadron. They are important but not supposed to be the center piece of this game. That's my point of view