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  1. Dornean Gunships or Braha’tok

    Sorry, first language is french. I was meanning a nerf when I wrote it down (but at least, I think you get the point), thank's for the side note
  2. Dornean Gunships or Braha’tok

    That's my bad for the length of the Hammerhead, I look at the cruiser. We don't have the length of the hammerhead class corvette on Wookieepedia and I don't have a reference guide at home. But for the Braha'tok, it's really 90 m. and the GR-75 is at 90 m. So as I said, in my last comment, FFG do what is best for the game (scalling) and not nessecerly what is really the rigth length. The visual is more important then the ''reality'' for them.
  3. Dornean Gunships or Braha’tok

    If you look on Wookieepedia, the CR-90 is more like 150 m. and the Hammerhead near 315 m. Since the start of the game, FFG seems to don't really bother about the scale fact.
  4. Dornean Gunships or Braha’tok

    If a GR-75 at 90 m. can be a flotilla... I think a Braha'tok (who is length is also 90 m.), could be one too
  5. Dornean Gunships or Braha’tok

    Are you serious? I don't know if you saw how the game work since is start? Each time there is something who gets a little bit too good, FFG throw something good against it. Why that? 1. It's good for selling stuff. 2. It will force you to make some decision when you are creating your fleet. Do I want a counter in my list against what my foe could bring on the table? Hard decision, and that what I really like about this game Many people hope first for a buff or a errata, but FFG seems to like those little bast... flotilla. So they decide to give them only a little buff (no admiral on them). Because it was not enough, on wave 7, they put some card designed to help counter the activation advantage gave by them (and at the same time help for large ship list). Is that enough... maybe. But personnaly, I want something cheap (like a flotilla) to kill them without loosing too many point on that single purpose.
  6. Dornean Gunships or Braha’tok

    The Braha'tok as a flotilla could be the flotilla hunter that we are looking for FFG just need something to fit that same role on the Empire side Bye bye flotilla spam
  7. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    Epic scale is upon us... Beware!!!
  8. Star Dreadnought in Armada ???

    Ho... my bad, I didn't knew the Assertor before tonigth, I only knew the Bellator. When I look closer on the way the dorsal is made, I see my mistake. But this bring to the next question. Are we about to have a Epic scale soon?
  9. Star Dreadnought in Armada ???

    At 15 Km long for the Assertor, FFG should bring the SSD first. There is not a big difference between 15 Km and 19 Km at that point. The Bellator could be something that could fit well at 7.2 Km in a scale down. For the art card, I tried to get a close on, but it's not giving me enough clue. That Tie-Figther is where should be the other gravity wells projector on the Bellator. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm not working for FFG and I don't have any Bothan to get this secret.
  10. Star Dreadnought in Armada ???

    The Dauntless is at least, one of the biggest Rebel hitter. I know that the Bellator is around 7.2 km versus 1.2 Km for the Dauntless but I don't think there is alot of other ship that the Rebellion can put against them. The Bulwark Mark III Class is not that long too(2.5 Km.) but is supposed to hit like a SSD. So I don't think the length is that important.
  11. Star Dreadnought in Armada ???

    On the Rebel side we could get finally the Dauntless class heavy cruiser.
  12. Star Dreadnought in Armada ???

    Look like this to me
  13. Are we really about to have a Bellator or Assertor Class Star Dreadnought in Armada ??? It's maybe not a SSD, but that could be something BIG
  14. What would you like to see in the future

    What could be nice also, is a two factions Dreadnought and a title for a unique Rebel Quasar (like in the serie). I understand that we can not make this for every ship in the game but those two could be the exception and it will follow the theme. (I know... there is a lot of Rebel ship that come from the old Empire shipward, but phase out)
  15. What would you like to see in the future

    Sorry, this thread was missing this photo I want Epic play in Armada! Change some rules as for Epic play in X-Wing or for a campaign and it should fit