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  1. Hmm, can't say I'm particularly pleased with this turn of events. But at least Tadaka has an Asako and a nezumi around to keep his head on straight. Depending on how this plays out I might have some good things to say about the Phoenix. Well the Kuni have a fairly good track record of not letting the Damned lose their souls. Granted a Phoenix is wielding the blade this time, so... we'll see.
  2. Assuming we take Yori at his word. He could just be saying that to manipulate Tadaka.
  3. Well the original Yori was retroactively being influenced by the spirit of Iuchiban, so there was arguably no hope for him, while that doesn't seem to be the case with this version. Overall the Kuni have been well aware that they risk their souls in the pursuit of their studies but historically, despite the high percentage of them that succumb to the Taint, the knowledge they've gained has been worth the price. Tadaka seems like more of a dangerous combination of naivete and arrogance combined with a less than trustworthy instructor. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call for him but we'll see.
  4. Oh man, oh man, oh man. This is big. Although, question, how are we getting hatamotos if we aren't having tournaments? Also, interesting seeing non-Crabs being so friendly with a nezumi.
  5. I must have misread that when someone posted about it months ago. Although I could have sworn it was mentioned in a fiction at some point, but heck if I'm going to go digging through all of them looking for it.
  6. It did, but it was against forces from the Ivory Kingdoms. I don't think anything having to do with Thrane or Merenae has been mentioned yet.
  7. Samurai live to die for the sake of their lord. Sometimes they sacrifice, sometimes they are sacrificed. If a general needs to deploy a sacrificial rearguard he's not necessarily going to ask every solider that's part of that unit if they're okay with being sent on a suicide mission. You can't worry about losing a few pawns if it means eliminating a queen that's running rampant in your rear area.
  8. One could argue that any proper samurai would gladly give their life to deny their enemies a foothold in their Clan's territory.
  9. *long slow whistle of awe* Sukune himself couldn't have done it better.
  10. Well there's always the option of "natural causes".
  11. Satoshi was revealed as Kolat in one of the RPG modules (I'm not sure which one). I'm don't believe it's been established that Satoshi was personally responsible for Satsume's death, but it was established in this module https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/54/5d/545d40f0-3e88-406a-ab00-fecd7cea0875/l5r01dlc_adventurecompressed.pdf that Satsume was in contact with a member of the Kolat in the capital who he saw as a peer (which Satoshi would qualify for) and that they had him killed once they became convinced he couldn't be converted to their cause.
  12. The thing is if Shoju were going to have the Emperor killed it really doesn't really make sense for him to go to the extra effort of using the Emperor's sword to do it. He could just have him poisoned in a way that would look like natural causes. And, as Toturi has thought to himself, it doesn't make sense for Shoju to kill the Emperor before his edict naming Shoju regent is announced. Really the whole situation is too sloppy to have been preplanned. But I suppose you could say there's enough anti-Scorpion bias to cause people to overlook some of the logic.
  13. Well if we want to bring history into it then Matsu Itagi's time as Champion saw numerous military successes, but because he lack the political influence to turn those successes into actual gains it ended up being a lot of fighting for the sake of fighting. And then he got himself killed by trying to invade the Shadowlands.
  14. So, when Yoritomo grabbed the big red jewel did anyone else imagine a voice calling out "YOU HAVE TOUCHED THE FORBIDDEN TREASURE!"?
  15. *checks map* Since when the f*** is Kyuden Hida anywhere near the coast!? Well now I'm seriously questioning how the Destroyers were able to put it under siege if it was so close to naval resupply.
  16. Didn't she escape in the vicinity of Kyuden Hida? And the twins are headed in the opposite direction, so not much chance of them meeting up. I believe the implication is supposed to be that the abnormally high Shadowlands activity means that the Crab don't have the forces to spare to investigate so they decided to hire mercenaries and if you're hiring Mantis you might as well pay for the use of their ship too.
  17. I think you're overestimating how much power Shoju actually has. Imperial authority has always balanced on a knife's edge of letting the Clans do what they want enough that they don't question it but not so much that they start thinking they can ignore it. And now Shoju's effectively shown that his regime's powerless to yank the Lion's leash. Plus you have a coalition of Clans forming in opposition to the throne in exactly the way the Otomo have been trying to prevent since the time of the Gozoku.
  18. A Kolat does not want to 'just' cause chaos. Chaos is but a tool. Just as a forest fire clears away dead brush to allow new growth so too does momentary chaos allow steps to be taken toward the grand objective of replacing the rotten husk of society with the true, perfect order. Also, what less enlightened minds might view as chaos is in reality the result of centuries of planning to ensure that all the little dominoes are placed just right so that when you finally decide to knock them over they each fall precisely where you intend them to.
  19. If a Harrier had snuck into the Lion camp and slit Arasou's throat in his sleep it wouldn't have been any less of a legitimate means of killing him. I'm not a lawyer but after briefly skimming Wikipedia's article on hearsay my understanding is that Kachiko's confession would also qualify since it wasn't made under oath, in a court setting, or cross examined. Plus it could be argued that the confession was obtained illegally since Hotaru really shouldn't be in Toshi Ranbo at all. And while there's probably some evidence, any if it being of a nature that could implicate anyone in particular is unlikely since if it were Toturi and Ishikawa would need to go slumming to confirm that no freelance ninja had opportunity to do the deed.
  20. Well, technically Kachiko didn't rebel against Imperial authority since as Imperial Advisor she's just as much an instrument of that authority as Toturi is. Plus, since at the time the Edict hadn't been announced Sotorii hadn't been disinherited and thus it could be argued that she was taking actions to protect the interests of the future Emperor. I'll also suggest that we avoid using the term 'murder' as that implies a degree of criminality that is... debatable in the current circumstances. After all we don't say Hotaru murdered Arasou. And political violence is not all that uncommon in Rokugan. I mean what is the Lion invasion of Crane (and Unicorn) territory if not the use of large scale violence to further a political end? Finally, under a modern legal system Kachiko would be innocent until proven guilty and since there's been no trial she can't have been found guilty of something. And since Kachiko and Aramoro have a right to not self incriminate and Hotatu's a hearsay witness in the absence of any physical evidence (which I'm dubious about finding) it's unlikely this particular case would amount to anything.
  21. I suppose that depends on what they mean by 'set this right.' If they're just aiming to bring stability to the Empire then the Crane Clan Champion working with the Imperial Advisor and wife of the Regent have a lot of influence to throw around. Upon consideration I really like where this series of fictions. They get a prestige boost from aiding in the defense of an Imperial holding, they defame the Lion by getting an Emerald Magistrate to imply that such aid is necessary, and they've got a great jumping off point for operations against the Lion's rear areas come the spring. I'm a bit mixed on the Hotaru/Kachiko situation. Personally I would have kept the confession just to ensure Kachiko's good behavior, but I can see the good will built by burning it as being valuable too.
  22. Can you? Last I checked the Phoenix couldn't magic there way out of a wet paper bag. Plus, doesn't that go against that whole 'pacifist' thing you guys are always going on about.
  23. Can't help but think getting drunk and having a sword fight is more of a Crab thing...
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