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  1. We'll just have to hope for a return to the glory days when some ESPN variant starts broadcasting card game tournaments again.
  2. Personally I think Feast or Famine is worse, but Dragon is Seeker of Fire so you'll probably see both against them. Also, Phoenix is Keeper so Skirmisher's Blade isn't an option for them.
  3. 'New' Official Map

    Mostly I can't imagine anyone being willing to risk the hauntings of the forest long enough to build a dam. But I suppose they have shown the Crab being willing to harvest lumber from it so maybe...
  4. 'New' Official Map

    If it weren't in the middle of the Shinomen Mori I might suggest that it could be a reservoir built to control flooding on the River of Gold.
  5. 'New' Official Map

    Sigh. I had hoped to avoid that insinuation which is why I used flexible instead of negotiable. I wonder, how much are we taking canal building into consideration here? I think it could address most of the issues people are having. For example, back when the Lion still controlled Unicorn territory I could see them wanting to be able to rapidly redeploy troops by boat along their norther border. And the Crab and Crane would obviously both want the River of Gold to meet the sea within their own territory.
  6. 'New' Official Map

    Well in the old lore the Wall stopped where it did because Razor of the Dawn Castle already existed and blocked the only pass through the mountains on that side of the Empire.
  7. 'New' Official Map

    As opposed to rivers in real life? All rivers care about is getting from the high elevation to the low elevation. That's why we have the Nile and Rhine going north, the Amazon and Ganges going east, the Mississippi and Hudson going south, and the Colorado going southwest, then west, then south. Pretty sure there's a line of mountains there. I mean what ever stopped the Shadowlands from going west into the Burning Sands and coming at the Empire from a different angle?
  8. 'New' Official Map

    Isn't that how deltas work though?
  9. 'New' Official Map

    What's wrong with the rivers? They look fine to me. In Way of the Thief the chapter on pirates had a section discussing Clan backed privateers and how Shiba of flexible virtue will on occasion 'acquire' supplies to boost the Phoenix's coffers, just as the Yasuki and Daidoji do for the Crab and Crane.
  10. Thank goodness for Assassinate and Stoic Magistrate.
  11. Conspiracy Time

    Ah, so FFG is going to be the next Disney acquisition. Gotcha.
  12. It's not a 2/2 for 3, it's an event cancel and a 2/2 for 0. Except without being vulnerable to Assassination.
  13. Fireflies - Meditation of the Ephemeral Story

    Man, that ending tastes like diabetes and I frickin love it. Toturi and Kaede are so cute together. They're Rokugan's newest power couple.
  14. The Bright Flame of the World's Glory

    Well Anakazu hasn't shown up yet so it's only natural that Ujiaki seems more influential since he's actually out doing things. I don't know it certainly seems to have caused, or at least exacerbated, a wedge between Hotaru and Kuwanan and between Yoshi and Toshimoko. Plus an experienced and respected statesman who was available to provide advice and guidance no longer is. Now we're back to the issue of pretty much everybody having a motive to see Satsume dead. You could even argue that Ujiaki being so casual about it is an intentional ploy to throw suspicion off himself. 'I'm so open about it it couldn't possibly be me.' As for being honorable, he's already shown he's willing to undermine his Clan Champion despite Bushido saying his Duty is to serve his lord. Is it that much of a stretch to think he could have an Emerald Champion killed, especially one from a Clan hostile to his own. Court is a battlefield after all. And on the battlefield all actions are honorable.
  15. Allied Clans.. and the Crab

    The Crane's current vulnerability threatens the traditional balance of power. The Crab are not served by instability in the interior. Thus it behooves them to shore up the bottom until the status quo has a chance to reassert itself.