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  1. I kind of love how evil Yoshi was in this fic. Starting a civil war just for the chance to have a puppet as Champion. Though I think his desire to become captain of a sinking ship may be an indicator of serious tunnel vision. Also, I'm not sure if that was actually Kagi or a shadowspawn impostor. Uh, no, Trump is a Crab.
  2. I think the biggest issue is attracting new players. I think the best way to address it would be to turn L5R into a multimedia franchise kind of like what GW did with Warhammer 40K. Not just novellas and spin-off board games, but a full animated series or at least a series of 5-10 minute animated web videos to get people invested in the setting and characters without making them buy anything. A few spin-off video games wouldn't hurt either, an L5R skinned tower defense, maybe an RPG of some sort.
  3. Assuming you don't have enough fate to give them instead of honor to kill themselves through milling.
  4. I'd put the chances of that happening as fairly low considering reprieve is useful in clans outside of Crab and withstand the darkness is in no way a replacement for it. Reprieve both isn't dependent on your opponents behavior to activate and it protects against kill effects like noble sacrifice and endless plain. Overall Crab's previews were pretty meh, so par for the course. The Dragon Stronghold could be potentially really annoying given you'll have to deal with it every conflict every turn and it could potentially remove so many rings from the pool that you can't declare all your conflicts. But I suppose that's balanced by the fact that it's trivial to play around.
  5. How is Kachiko using Yoshi as a cats-paw to further isolate the Crane and deny the Crab Imperial resources while minimizing the amount the Imperials are blamed for it a bad idea for Kachiko? How is not allowing non-Crab troops to just wander around Crab territory unsupervised a bad idea for Taka? At best they'll get themselves killed and/or Tainted once they actually see combat. How is not letting the Lion get away with their duplicity a bad idea for Atari-san?
  6. We haven't even started negotiating a new trade deal yet...
  7. Or until they (the Scorpion) run out of jade.
  8. Grrr, my deck is not uncompetitive. I have reservations about undermining the Crane, but I suppose there's a fine line between being strong enough to serve as an effective buffer state and being too strong for us to safely ignore.
  9. The image of Phoenixes as Sisters of Battle is quite amusing. I have to raise an eyebrow at Shinjo's original mortal followers still being alive a century after they left the Empire when she divided her hordes. But overall this was a very enjoyable book. Can't wait to see Shono get his crystal replacement eye.
  10. While the "Cult of the Katana" sounds really cool I'll stick with my clubs, warhammers, and battle axes. Oh, and artillery. Lots and lots of artillery.
  11. That's not true. She also bribes the Scorpion with a spot for his son at the Kakita Academy. I prefer to think that he just didn't want the blemish of letting the hostage go on his record, so when he saw the writing on the wall he made himself scarce and left the Matsu holding the bag.
  12. Well the Crab's courtiers were originally Cranes so...
  13. Nice to see the Crane getting their feet under themselves again. As for the Lion not getting any advantage out of winning battles, that's kind of how the Lion work. That's how they managed to control two Clan's worth of territory for several centuries and not leverage it into compete domination of Rokugan.
  14. Hmm, so with Courteous Scheming Unicorn could theoretically break stronghold turn 1?
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