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  1. Never mind I made one myself.
  2. I'd be very grateful if anyone would be willing to make an alternate art version of I Can Swim using this image.
  3. It's finished. Go check it out here.
  4. You should have mentioned that in the OP. In that case my primary thought would be, don't go for honor it's an unreliable victory condition. The Earth provinces are redundant since you already have the Phoenix province for the Stronghold. I prefer Rally for Water since it cab help you win a conflict/save a province. For Air I prefer card draw personally, but your deck is pretty fate hungry. Seeker Initiate costs 2 for a 1/1 with an ability that only activates if you win a conflict of a specific ring, hard pass. Good Omens too unreliable, Grasp of Earth's ability is underwhelming, and the Phoenix conflict characters are overpriced. The Katana, Fan, and Banzai! are free skill boosts and Assassination is free board control. Kazue is overpriced and Let Go is the whole reason you splash Dragon.
  5. Never! Kolat 4 life! Also, the Utaku thing is an example of something being specifically contradicted.
  6. Given that FFG is still selling the old source books I'm gonna consider most of the old lore still valid unless it's specifically contradicted.
  7. Replace Entrenched Position and Elemental Fury with Rally to the Cause and either Fertile Fields or Manicured Garden. Replace Seeker Initiate with Isawa Masahiro. Replace Good Omen, Grasp of Earth, Ishiken Initiate, Seeker of Knowledge, and one Way of the Phoenix with Fine Katana, Ornate Fan, Banzai!, and Assassination. Replace Togashi Kazue and one Tattooed Wanderer with Let Go.
  8. The original Kolat were individuals who questioned the Kami's right to impose their will on Rokugan and whether the Clans they founded were truly preferable to the tribal system that had existed previously. However, with no better solution and no hope of defeating the forces of the Kami regardless they were resigned to wait and debate among themselves. Then Shinsei came and his teachings revealed the true nature of existence. Kharma dictated the society of the Kami would inevitably fall and be replaced just as they had replaced the one that existed before them. But the Kolat realized only logical purpose of the kharmatic cycle would be to create a system where the cycle was obsolete. Overnight the became conspirators dedicated to the establishment of this perfect society. It was later also realized that hereditary inheritance was an unacceptable means of determining leadership and that system was replaced with an enlightened meritocracy within the Kolat. The sections proposing the Kolat's victory would lead to the destruction of the world are of highly debatable canonicity. Unless one considers that since the current world is dependent on kharma, the creation of one where kharma is obsolete would necessarily destroy the old one. The Kolat must still exist. The Yasuki are a Crab Family and the Kolat were instrumental in bringing that about. They were also responsible for the Moto joining the Unicorn.
  9. We are an enlightened order of philosophers who will establish a perfect order under our leadership in this life and the next. They're delusional.
  10. It has too few Crabs to be best fiction.
  11. Nonsense. The Kolat's philosophy is rooted in taking the teachings of the Tao to their logical conclusion. The Perfect Land Sect is just making stuff up.
  12. Buy Masahiro with a fate, buy Naive Student, bid 3, and, assuming most of your opponents guys don't have any fate on them, attack Water Military with Masahiro.
  13. I could use some clarity on Reprieve. If the sacrifice part of an action is separated from the (-) by a period is it still considered a cost?