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  1. shineyorkboy

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Hmm, so Defend Your Honor can't be used in an unopposed conflict and thus can't stop Display of Power. I feel like this makes Censure much more useful than it.
  2. shineyorkboy

    New dynasty pack; For the Empire

    I don't think there's an issue with Sotorii having the Crown Prince trait. Even after his brother becomes Emperor he'll still be heir apparent until Daisetsu puts a bun in Shahai's oven.
  3. shineyorkboy

    Coiled Snake

    Daisetsu: Virtual Paragon of Bushido, has a nice ring to it. They should make Sotorii Ambassador to the Ivory Kingdoms or some other gaijin realm. Far from the throne, chance to die of malaria, win-win.
  4. shineyorkboy

    Children of Bushidō

    I think dysfunctional works. For Hotaru abusive too, emotionally if not physically. Think Claude Frollo and Quasimodo's relationship from Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  5. shineyorkboy

    Children of Tradition

    ...she's like at least a decade older than him. In other news really good fic. I was just thinking how we hadn't seen inside Sotorii's head yet and this surpassed my wildest expectations. Really easy to empathize with him. What!? No! Quit looking at me!
  6. shineyorkboy

    Children of Bushidō

    As I recall in Old5R the Kolat would occasionally set up bandit gangs or minor criminal organizations with the intention of having them wiped out to dispel rumors of their existence and sow confusion over what the Kolat actually is among the authorities. Plus there's the Kolat agents with positions as magistrates leading highly public hunts of Kolat members that turn up nothing. I kind of doubt Satsume was fully recruited into the Kolat, but regardless his personal desire to keep the Empire stable conflicting with the Kolat's intentions hardly makes him opposed to their agenda. It's more an argument over means rather than ends. Kachiko being Kolat would be so hot. It makes me wonder if her push for more overt power for the Scorpion is an intentional effort to reduce their ability to oppose the Kolat. I have to roll my eyes that we've begun arguing over the semantics of "everyone" and "everyone except Yoshi".
  7. shineyorkboy

    Children of Bushidō

    I don't know if that's true. Certainly every aspect of a narrative should be relevant otherwise its just wasting page space, but finding something interesting is kind of like finding something funny in that it's highly subjective.
  8. shineyorkboy

    Children of Bushidō

  9. shineyorkboy

    Children of Bushidō

    Daisetsu Fu Leng may be an a-hole but you can't go mouthing off to somebody and not expect to have to wave two feet of forged steel in each other's faces.
  10. shineyorkboy

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I'd prefer to support my FLGS. Plus I have store credit there so I have to spend less actual money.
  11. shineyorkboy

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Grrrr, they would have to release this in the middle of me being out of town three weeks in a row. And with Defend Your Honor being such a must have I gonna need to make arrangements to acquire a copy in time for Boston.
  12. shineyorkboy

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Warm Welcome is garbage. No one plays Good Omen, no one's going to play this.
  13. shineyorkboy

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Did bully dueling go somewhere? Also, all dueling is bully dueling because you're never going to trigger a duel ability that you aren't going to probably win.
  14. If the Tortoise are going to stop being a Minor Clan they should just become an Imperial Family outright. It would be dumb for them to give up having the Emperor as their Clan Champion in favor of Yoritomo. If the Mantis are going to stop being a Minor Clan they should just become a Crab Family instead of the Falcon this time around.
  15. shineyorkboy

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    I was worried about Ujina but then I checked and Iron Mine and Reprieve protect against him. So between them and Vanguard Warrior he's fine.