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  1. Technically it would only encourage them not to play to time in the game that they lost since they can't really help it if the other player won't concede.
  2. shineyorkboy

    Cards that are better/worse in Multiplayer

    Except if it's their last ring they wouldn't be able to declare attacks since you need an empty unclaimed ring pool to declare ringless conflicts.
  3. shineyorkboy

    Cards that are better/worse in Multiplayer

    But that other bit you quoted makes me think that your cards treat your rings on provinces as being in your claimed ring pool, but not your opponents. Although that leads to an awkward issue where either your opponents can never have a claimed Earth ring and thus Tadaka can never be shut off or as soon as someone claims a Water ring Prodigy of Waves is always active.
  4. shineyorkboy

    Cards that are better/worse in Multiplayer

    Ah, my mistake. I thought her ability said each player, not each opponent. In that case since rings on provinces are not the same thing as a claimed ring pool your opponents don't have claimed ring pools and her ability does nothing. Also, I note that Keeper Initiate is much less useful in multiplayer since as long as you have your keeper ring on a province you can't claim it to trigger their ability. Edit: Actually anything that reacts to rings being claimed, like Asako Tsuki, are less good. But stuff that needs a ring to have been claimed, like Prodigy of the Waves and Solemn Scholar, are better because you don't lose it at the end of the turn.
  5. shineyorkboy

    Conflict declaration

    Player one just has to make sure they have treaties in place to protect themselves from attacks before declaring any. Also, I note that it's possible for two players to work together to deny fate from rings to a third. So player 2's advantage isn't quite as big as it might seem.
  6. shineyorkboy

    Cards that are better/worse in Multiplayer

    I'm pretty sure, based on the wording under Rings and Card/Game Effects, that she would only get the bonus for rings on her owner's provinces.
  7. shineyorkboy

    Restricted List

    I think Scorpion could keep seeing similar results if they started splashing Phoenix for Display of Power. They'll miss the Let Go but they have native attachment hate so that isn't too, too much of a loss. I'd say Dragon is probably affected the most since they'll want to keep splashing Crab for Reprieve and thus be forced to choose between PFB, MF, and Charge. Among top tier decks Crab is probably affected the least since this doesn't really touch our usual splashes.
  8. shineyorkboy

    Restricted List

    Ahahaha. Wait, you're serious? Let me laugh ever harder. AHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, because I'm totally going to give up Iron Mine for Charge. Good, Forged Edict is way more annoying than Mirumoto's Fury. That'd just mean people can more reliably use events against Scorpion.
  9. Wouldn't have really thought of Mel as a Scorpion player. Good article. Hits pretty much all of the highlights of why someone would want to play Scorpion.
  10. Watch it be the Scorpion Clan pack.
  11. That address doesn't go anywhere when I try it.
  12. Is New5r still 1pm on Saturday?
  13. I hadn't been aware that there were chapters of this series after 24. So that was a nice little archive binge.
  14. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/5/2/perfection-incarnate/ Couldn't help but notice that this seemed to be more platitudes than actual strategic advice.