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  1. A Fate Worse Than Death blanks the target's text box until the end of the phase, but Tsukune's interrupt triggers when the phase ends so is it still the conflict phase or the start of the fate phase when that would go off? Edit: Nevermind found the answer on fiveringsdb. Tsukune would trigger before A Fate would expire.
  2. I don't know, its ability can only be used the first time you attack a given province. It'd be different if Unicorn were Seeker and could use Chasing the Sun to bail out of an attack on Shameful Display of Meditation before their opponent can trigger their ability.
  3. Just like that time he invaded the capital.
  4. Tournament Rules
  5. Unless you Calling in Favors a Way of the Dragon or something.
  6. Well he doesn't have the Courtier trait so... As for turning down Lion aid, the last thing the Crab need is for the Lion to get warmongery because a bunch of their troop got killed and/or corrupted while helping the Crab. After all the last time the Lion thought they could do the Crab's job better than them the Crab Champion had to venture into the Shadowlands to rescue the Lion Champion just to prevent a war. And they both still ended up dying from their wounds. Personally I would have like the response to "...they can't be bothered to learn." to be something like, "They won't have time to learn. The Shadowlands are unlike any mortal enemy and a single mistake can to death or worse for an entire army. The Crab will not allow the lives and souls of the Emperor's samurai to be put at risk by the inexperience of their commanders."
  7. No one ever accused the Mantis of not being short sighted. If they were concerned about angering people they wouldn't be raiding the coastline. If he wanted to talk he could have just done it at the Embassy. Kidnapping Taka doesn't do anything other than decrease willingness to work with them. Unless Yoritomo plans to force cooperation at sword point in which case he's just dramatically increased the likelihood of finding a Hiruma dagger sticking out of his back. Although, now that I think about it, if the Mantis want to bend the knee, swear fealty, and become a Family of the Crab... That idea might have some promise to it.
  8. What do you mean nothing extra? He's the Yasuki Daimyo. That makes him one of the wealthiest men in the Empire by default. Of course there's any number of people who'd could be paying him to acquire a high value hostage. That's the thing about mercenaries, they then to have someone else pulling their strings.
  9. It occurs to me that by making sure no Imperial aid is forthcoming the Scorpion have ensured their offer is the only viable one on the table. Which would leave the Crab indebted to them of course. I'm betting Yoritomo plans to ransom Taka back to the Crab.
  10. They did, and they had three children, but it wasn't until several years after where we are in the timeline.
  11. They're both yes. If a player doesn't use an opportunity to declare a conflict they "passed" it regardless of whether they potentially could have or not. You can have two copies of a card with a reaction ability react to the same trigger.
  12. I think Sword and Fan talks about that a bit. Since marriages between Clans are usually used to seal treaties if the treaty breaks down and the Clans go to war the marriage tends to get cancelled. Although it's very rare for that to occur once the couple has born children.
  13. It occurs to me that if Seal of the Crab is free it's going to allow for a nice combo of sacrificing Keeper Initiates for Way of the Crab.
  14. Whoo! Kage! Also, the image of young Kaede and Toturi is super cute. Although it will be a Crab who takes the Emerald Championship. We have the best duelist in the Empire after all.