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  1. We recently played a battle using mass combat rules. The rebels had a few infantry companies, an AFV platoon, a couple fighter squadron and a small frigate force fighting a similar imperial force. Of course it was not a platoon sized battle... Each was leaded for a Player on NPC using his ranks in leadership. Each one had to fight to an enemy, sometimes overwhelmed, others with superiority. Lets say the inf coys had to delay a battalion of stormtroopers, The frigates had to evade the Tie bombers, the Z95s had to destroy the Tie fighters in order to chase the Tie bombers... Each one was a different check; success allowed partial destroy, retreat, or whatever... Meanwhile, a few players were preparing to launch the main mission. The battle had to go well in a specific part of the battle, the others were distracting ermm... just cannon fodder...
  2. I recently played with a Strategist character and several doubts arised, mostly with the "CLEVER COMMANDER" and the "COMMAND" TRAITS. 1.- Command trait starts: Add a blue per rank of "Command" when making leadership checks. - Do these bluedies add in mass combat checks? - Do these bluedies add in mass combat checks (Warfare Skill) in case Clever Commander is used? Then, the trait goes on: Affected targets add a bluedie to discipline checks for 24 h... - What is exactly a Leadeship check? Can we prepare a Leadership check every morning (as it has a 24 h duration), is it a Maneuver, an Action? It has no difficulty? - In case this trait affects mass combat, can it be rolled using Warfare instead leadership? 2.- Clever Commander says Warfare can be used instead Leadership in Mass combat checks: - I have 3 ranks in "Knowledge Specialization: Warfare": Does a Critical dieroll using Warfare ranks upgrade a Mass combat check? So I add 3 successes to the mass combat total? - Lets say I strain myself while leading an ... Imperial unit using the "Intense Focus Maneuver" Does this maneuver upgrades a rank the mass combat check?
  3. This thread is NOT for asking questions for the dev. It is for posting their responses. You need to submit your questions here provided you have reviewed the forums to be sure the answers have not already been provided elsewhere. OK I ll do asap
  4. My current character, an Engineer (Scientist) has recently purchased the Strategist Career. Lets say I have 5 intellect, 3 ranks in Warfare, 2 Presence and no ranks in Leadership. Of course, Leadership is not a Career Skill, so I went for CLEVER COMMANDER, allowing to use ranks in Warfare to upgrade Mass combat checks. So, in a battle, I upgrade 3 times the pool. 1.- One of his talents is INTENSE FOCUS, allowing an upgrade of any ability, at the cost of a Strain. Can I use this FOCUS to upgrade WARFARE skill once each Mass Combat Check, using 1 strain, allowing to upgrade 4 times the Pool? 2.- Another of the Strategist Talents is "KNOWLEDGE SPECIALIZATION", Warfare is selected, I pop up 4 ranks in it, (fortunately, Engineer has also same talent) in order to use this talent in a Mass Combat Check, as is based in Warfare Skill. Correct? 3.- "NATURAL SCHOLAR" allows re roll a knowledge skill check. As now the Mass Combat check is based on Warfare (a knowledge), can it be re rolled? 4.- "RESEARCHER" removes Black dies from all knowledge checks. As now the Mass Combat check is based on Warfare (a knowledge), can black dies be removed from the pool? 5.- "COMMAND" adds Blue dies to Leadership Checks. I am not sure if this talent is useful for Mass Combat at all. Can these blue dies be added to the Mass Combat only if Leadership is used, with Warfare also, or not at all? 6.- "COORDINATED ASSAULT"... It says "Combat Checks" instead "Mass Combat checks". Can be used in Mass Combat at all? 7.- "THOROUGH ASSESMENT". It talks about an "encounter". Is a Mass Combat an encounter? Lets say I got 2 "READY FOR ANYTHING" talents, so up to 2 black dies can be removed.
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