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  1. Nah, I just mean, I usually have trouble with a lack of Strain, so I figured that one would be the most powerful. Go figure! Then again, I'm in a TOR setting, so it's not like lightsabers are uncommon and whatnot. So bleh. Allow me to rephrase: Ranks 1, 3, and 5 give a free Advantage. Not just 1. So most lightsabers that's an auto-crit IIRC. The inspiration was Obi-Wan in Ep 1, in case it wasn't obvious. Hah, thanks for being friendly about it then
  2. All these "Add a DP cost" notes...I clearly didn't think some of these through. Obvious fix. 2 Strain might be enough? (It'd probably still be a 20/25 Talent) A DP seems a bit much to me for some reason, but okay. Probably do a DP when I think about it. Yeah, I knew it was lower tier than the rest. I'm thinking I'll rewrite this one as "gain an automatic 1 Advantage/odd Rank for 1 DP." Tell me your thoughts on that. I don't know why this reply is so weird to me, but it is. Maybe I'm not familiar with Soft Spot. Okay, DP. "Thanks for the in-depth feedback," he said as he tried to hide the winces of pain.
  3. So, the seven Form Specializations have never quite felt right to me in a way I couldn't quite articulate. A thought has finally occurred to me in that regard: a secondary "Form Talent" (or Primary for Shii-Cho) would help. Below are some off-the-top-of-my-head ideas. Probably unbalanced af but that's okay they're not meant to be balanced yet. Just getting a feel for it. Juyo/Vaapad already have secondary Talents so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also don't know where I'd put these in the Talent Trees, properly. Let me know your thoughts, of course.
  4. Wait, Collapse is out?! I thought I pre-ordered it...
  5. (walks in wearing a military officer's uniform) ROIGHT STOP THAT. SILLY. And a bit suspect I think. TIME FOR A CARTOON. EDIT: Source video.
  6. You know, this makes a lot more sense...ah well, someone will just have to homebrew it.
  7. Thanks! I feel like this should be in the FAQ; I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be confused. Sure, the wording seems obvious, but...
  8. I'm honestly unsure if this is right, but I'm of the opinion that when you upgrade attacks, the Strength upgrade should apply. Obviously the Duration upgrade shouldn't, since you can only attack once per round (barring Force power shenanigans, such as The Force is My Ally or the Unleash upgrade that lets you spend a DP to use it as a maneuver once/session), but am I reading this right?
  9. There's at least one PDF thing I know of that doesn't require a subscription, just a one-time fee, and if you can convert your doc to a PDF, you could put the frame images in the background. You might still need to size the frames properly, but if you have the .psd files...
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