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  1. A better way that strict limited dots, to be sure. The fact that it scales nicely into Epic games is a big plus. I'm generally of the midset that it wouldn't help much. It can shave a few points off of ships which are really close to the bubble, but ships still need to be priced pretty close to fairly, or else balance overall just breaks. Limited numbers on underpriced things are still underpriced, and still give a list a lot of room to fit in more stuff. We've seen this happen whenever unique pilots are underpriced, best example being the old Squad of Legends Imperial list, or Wretched Hive Scum, back before the first points adjustment, or the heyday of Wedge/Cassian/B/B. These were squads of single-dot limited pilots, and still really strong, because all the pieces were underpriced. Juke is another good example. Juke on Whisper or Echo is really strong, and if limited to 1 per 100 points, it'd be busted to let it drop as low as 4 points or something. A limit to 1-per-100 doesn't let Juke get cheap enough to be used on silly fun jank ships like Palob or Leevan Tenza.
  2. D o u G S-047 // Anyhow, well done! A single Ion Missile probably makes more sense than Grievous. If I have any first impressions reading this, it's that I might have been underestimating Sideslip. I'm an old Optics-SF guy, so I value consistent 2 red attacks with high time-on-target more than most folks, so those are probably under-rated by the community at large. But Sideslip sounds like it's a lot more potent than I'd figure.
  3. Worth trying. I'm of the opinion as many folks should put ATP on as many things as possible, at least for a little while. It's the kind of thing that needs to get "felt out." How often are you able to claim the tokens? How much does it suck to have the targeting restriction? Is it fine? Does it lead to inconvenient turns? That can't be learned except on the table. For Finn and Rose, it seems particularly nice, since they both can leverage that token well, but also because keeping these pods as cheap as possible, and that's something which just seems wise.
  4. That's a potentially good meta call. Against some stuff (aces), HP is better. Against others (swarms), MF. Something each player needs to work out based on what they think they'll fly against more.
  5. As you note, some ships can have more than one lock, but for most ships, kinda yeah. The way I read the FAQ is that you'll pick a weapon, then among all the valid targets for that weapon, you have to pick one at the closest attack range.
  6. The power of a laser is insignificant compared to the power of the Force.
  7. With the latest Rules Reference, it's totally clear that it works. Before then? A lot more ambiguous, and it could have gone either way. I'd probably have answered like @Whisper10 --probably many others would too--which is likely why the thread got dropped after a single answer back when it was new.
  8. Yeah, I'm not really into Sensor Buoys. Targeting Syncrhonizer maybe can do something, but the only efficient missile ship in First Order can take Passive Sensors, and that's just going to be a way better list. Maybe with a Huge ship, for easier Turbolaser or Ordnance Tube attacks? Probably not though. Biohex tricks work, but they're slow, and wicked position dependent. I suppose a 3rd use would be forward-deploy Dormitz-Upsilons, where it'd be a really easy way to ramp up your offense, but that's a list which is prohibitively expensive. Yeah, if that list was affordable and added these to Hyperspace Tracking Data, that's a powerful thing.
  9. It's also one which is probably safe-enough to release under-priced, and just nerf later if it is indeed too good and too widespread. There's a lot of stuff where FFG has been fairly cautious, and that's great. But MMP, even at best, probably just isn't going to be a major problem.
  10. Dang, I forgot there's yet another one. Rebels have FIVE of these (and that's not counting Lando). Just WHY? I guess what I'm saying is... maybe it would be better if the Rebel faction didn't seem half-built around focus-passers? Even at best, it's never that great. I mean, Kyle was the worst 1e HWK, and they just kept his ability when bringing him to 2e. Is anyone surprised he hasn't been successful? Maybe it's because his ship ability was never good enough. Here's the thing, though: it just doesn't work. If you want an example of where it kinda does, Republic has them. 7th Fleet Gunner is kinda Jan Ors done right, and the LAAT is everything Kyle wishes he was. To the extent that there is potentially design space in trading attacks for buffs, the Rebel HWKs don't get there. Payoff just isn't big enough. The wishy-washy "maybe you're giving up an attack, maybe not, and we're going to balance this around not giving up the attack" just failed. The best attack-substitution effects have results which are worth it, and penalties commensurate with attacking. Dace pays 3 points for 3 initiative and a Talent slot. Doesn't seem unfair. If that doesn't interest folks, I'm fine with them making that choice. I feel like all the Scum HWKs (limited and generic) know who they are, know what they're doing, and all have a role. They've got usable statlines, usable set of upgrades. Folks can use them if they want, and if not, so be it, but it's not because they're non-functional. Are the busted-strong? Not really but they're as fair as a lot of stuff.
  11. There's a reason why Vader doesn't cost 57 points. One dot doesn't let him get under-priced. Petranaki Arena Aces, even if 3 or 4 dot limited, wouldn't be fair at their current price of 30. TIE Defenders at 60 points but 2 dot limited wouldn't be fair. To be sure, it's safer if a limited pilot is cutting it close, and off by a few points than if a generic is off, but it's still usually bad. This is why folks like Anakin and Whisper have been nerfed. One issue is that Kyle just has a bad and uninteresting pilot ability. Sling a focus. Like Esege or Jake or Garven do, and there's also coordinate which simply does better. I think the arc restrictions are kinda suspect, but even without, he'll never be good because he'll never do anything better than anyone else. He's got a zero-sum pilot ability, and his ship is simply a nice and fair one. Underpricing Moldy Crow doesn't fix that, and probably never gets Kyle on tables. It wouldn't be worth upending the HWK to try to prop up a badly designed pilot. It's bad 1e design, and bad in terms of weak, rather than OP. Rebels have far too many bad pilots who all kind of do the same thing, and it creates this illusion of a synergy faction, when pretty much every synergy ship that gets played is mostly selfish. Lando and Jake, most notably. They can help someone else, but mostly take care of themselves. The unselfish synergy ships that have actually worked from time to time are the non-zero-sum ones, like Dutch and Cassian. But for familiarity reasons, so many pilots simply had the same abilities as 1e, even when they were bad or boring, and that's doomed them in 2e. This is why I keep banging the table about "don't bring back Tycho with the same ability." So many 1e Rebels didn't really do anything, but they just *had* to keep the same abilities, so they don't do anything in 2e. Jan's not particularly interesting, but the Scum ones all work fine for what they are. Offensive abilities keyed to arcs actually make sense. Dace, while wicked niche, is able to function for what he is--with or without the title. He's not going to dazzle, but he's functional. The HWK is a nifty little ship, being able to rotate turret and keep mods is a nice feature for a ship like this. It's kinda disappointing that none of the Rebel pilots seem actually designed around the capacities of the ship. Here's my Hot Take: HWK should have only be a single-turret-arc ship with no means to get an extra arc (not native, not titled), and all the pilot abilities should have been build around that.
  12. Yep. Particularly considering that Barrage Rockets exist. This is probably true, too. While Barrage K-Wings are probably better than MMP K-Wings, the best bet is probably to go a different direction. Like, if you just want 3-dice attacks, going for some ship other than a K-Wing is probably better. The thing to do with a K-Wing is probably to leverage it's K-Wing-ness. I've had fun with Miranda with Bombs and Jyn Erso. Bombs are nice, and Reinforce + Shield Regen means she dies slow, hopefully buying time for the rest of the list.
  13. I'd say must doesn't mean you have to do it first, just that you've got to do it if able. Doing something else that prevents you from doing the "must" seems totally reasonable.
  14. This is certainly an off-ramp if we choose to use it. I don't think an interpretation being correct is necessarily the right frame. Again, we've seen a lot of cases where there are a few valid interpretations. Some might be a bit more convincing than others, but often there are multiple good-faith, well considered ways to to read these texts. My big point: it's up to us.
  15. Might totally be a trap. Still seems fun to try out for a few games, see how it feels. One place where it might work out well: TIE/sf. With the front primary and a rearward turret, you'll be able to "cheat" the ATP somewhat, and choose between front and rear, then the closest target in that arc. It might be fun to fly 6 of them. Probably not top-tables-large-tournament, but an interesting experience.
  16. I feel like where MMP could be fun are on the Imperial ships. Gunboat SLAM often leaves them in the wilderness without shots. 180 arc might help with that. Punisher can Boost > Lock, which is almost like a gunboat SLAM but smaller, and there might be a fun in-your-face style to playing them. TIE Bomber with Roll > Lock might be nice at getting the bullseye effect, and it could be a really fun way to fly someone like Tomax or Rhymer. But at 8 points? Ungh. At 6, it's probably wholesome fun, but when you're flying non-ace Imperials, you need to really squeeze out the value.
  17. It'll be too expensive. If it's 8 points for MMP and 8 points for Barrage Rocket, given the fact that MMP will always have a lot of overlap with the guns on the K-Wing... just seems better to Barrage Rockets, since you don't need a lock, or to waste points trying to get Calculate tokens.
  18. This is what I've come to expect. I'm a broken record about my thought that the Heavy will get breakpointed, simply because 6 medium bases is a lot of board real estate, particularly with turrets, and 48 health with Reinforce is substantial, even if it is crit-prone. I think the rollbot is potent enough (better Expert Handling with some fraction of an R4 Astromech built in) to justify the cost. But Aimbot does seem to be more powerful.
  19. Also like, how BS is it that Resistance gets a "Hotshot Blaster" before Scum does?
  20. I mean, nearly every broken rules thing is fine if we just pretend it worked. But that'd require taking agency over our own interpretations, rather than pretending we're "just following the only interpretation." We're always making choices in how we read this language, so we ought to try to make good choices.
  21. Good observation. Hask has a non-standard timing for adding dice specified on his card, so he happens then. Well spotted.
  22. To put it another way, we can choose to get around Hux. Great. We could have chosen to get around Hondo--didn't--and that's made things a bit stickier.
  23. The fact that you *could* use Hux on enemy ships is brokenness, IMHO, even if you're not forced to. Being able to, then forcing an opponent into a red action, is something which shouldn't happen. Hux is also not special, Hux is just an example. Even if we can find a way around Hux, this is still a mechanic much more prone to being broken than before the un-needed fix. I'm not pissed off about Hux. I'm pissed off that the community begged for a fix that has unintended consequences, when we didn't need a fix in the first place. I'm mad at the X-Wing Rules Community. // I'll also mostly agree with @Rn_ReFlux that there's potential for a fix if we view Hux as altering the number of ships within a coordinate action. There's enough there, and it fits within my general interpretive framework that if there's a valid interpretation we can go with that's more just and fair, I'm fine going with that. I'm still annoyed at the change in the rules to something *worse* because folks onhere weren't willing to use a valid interpretation that was just and fair (that Hondo worked under the Golden Rule), and demanded FFG address things specifically.
  24. I mean, I already knew I was right about Kalani, but it's nice to see it there anyhow.
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