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  1. I've found the website really slow to load lately. Not glitchy, but like it's just spooling up more data to begin with.
  2. They're pretty solid. Sinker, of course, does his thing of leading a swarm of Torrents, but that's not quite the same vibe as just loving and wanting to fly ARCs. 42 points for a 104th squadron pilot is a bargain. A little awkward to fly, but the stats are wicked good for the price. Squad Seven Veterans aren't as popular, but at 45 points with Dedicated, they're probably OK. Take Obi-Wan with 7B (choice of Droid... I think C1-10P fits, and he's spicy), add 2-3 104th ARCs. Better than bringing 3 ARCs would probably be Broadside with Ion Cannon Turret. That'd be an ace, two big bruisers, and a nifty little accurate control ship. They could, but they don't need it. Well, Rebels might, but Republic are fine. I think the backfill story was they were supposed to be heat vents. 🙄 I know some folks like it, but all non-Naboo-ship prequel design to me was just so blah. Anyhow, something interesting along those lines of a heat sink could be to reduce their front-arc primary weapon value, but allow them to attack twice. Maybe only at two different targets. Premise being that opening the S-Foils allows more rapid fire. Closed S-Foils... I might reduce the difficulty of the Hard 2. ARCs can't really leverage the stress well, so I don't mind giving them blue hards, particularly since if the "open" side allowed double-taps, it'd be a non-zero cost ship. That said, double-tap ARCs (even if they couldn't attack the same target) would feel almost exactly like VTG Y-Wings, and that'd be boring rather than new and distinct. Yeah, my whole idea is bad.
  3. Simple as it sounds, grabbing one of each of the 2nd edition TIEs is a great place to start. I'd try to avoid 1st edition ships and conversions, at least in the beginning, since that's a decent chunk of money spent on no-ships. My suggestions, roughly in order: TIE/x1 has Vader, and Vader is great, particularly with Afterburners and choice of lock-related Sensors slot upgrade. TIE/v1 has a bunch of other Force users. The Grand Inquisitior, Seventh Sister, a generic Inquisitor. They're all solid. Putting on a missile is often good, but TGI and Sev are both solid without upgrades. There is an extra pilot for them in the Hotshots and Aces expansion, but that's harder to find, and doesn't provide physical ships, so feel free to skip it, and if you want to fly Fifth Brother, just print off a copy and proxy him. No one will mind, particularly with a new player. TIE Striker is another solid ship, but the style of flying does take a bit of getting used to, with extra moves before you reveal your dial. Duchess is a great place to start, since she's got high initiative and can shut off her ship ability. Pure Sabacc is a nifty little hitter, and the generics are fine. TIE Interceptor has Soontir Fel, who's got probably more trade-up potential than any ship out there if flown well. The generics are also reasonable; they've got a different flavor from the Striker, but they're both ships with the same attack dice, similar toughness, and high mobility. So that'd be about $80 MSRP, and that leaves 20. There are kind of three options. You could get the expansion TIE Fighter. It adds pilots, brings the total up to 3. Taking three as basic ships to take pot-shots and fill space on the table, Vader, and another Ace, is going to be solid. However, you've already got TIE fighters. You could get a TIE Defender. It's not a super competitive ship, it costs a fortune in game, but it's an absolute bear for an opponent to kill. It has 3 green dice, 7 health, and will usually have a Focus and an Evade token. One key part: they have a white K-Turn, to flip around without stress. That typically makes things a lot easier. But because of the high cost, a list with a Defender will often feel pretty low damage. TIE Reaper looks like a 1st edition expansion, and it kind of is, but it has all the 2nd edition stuff in it. It's like a extra big TIE Striker, and can carry crew around and support your other ships. However, I'd probably go with more direct ships at first. Other note: if the Decimator looks cool to you, like something you can't wait to get on the table, go for it. It's a fine ship, maybe not the most popular. However, I think it's important to get stuff you like the look of. That goes for anything else. If you think the TIE Defender is an absolute boss, get that first. Think the Reaper looks silly? Skip it for now. // In the spirit of "Try before you buy" you can test out a lot of stuff in FlyCasual. That'll give you a bit of a sense of how things move, how the lists fit together. Maybe you hate Strikers, or fall in love with the TIE/v1 and want two. That's the other thing: it'd be pretty safe to end up with two of any of the TIEs.
  4. Two Fearless Skulls, plus Kath loaded to the gills. The goal is to do Range 1 rather than Range 0, but Fangs usually wind up bumping in the scrum anyhow. Alternately, Maul Kath + 2 Zealous Recruits + a Spacer has 9 points for choice of cannon and extra upgrades on Kath. I feel like the best Kath strategy is to just run good ships with her, and treat her ability almost as a perk. // Also, even a generic Firespray with Maul is solid. It's just an extra big RZ-2. One of those plus a Jumpmaster (Dengar or Nom Nom), filled out with basically any combination of I1 Scyks and Fangs. Maul Bounty + 2 Recruit + Nom fits (tight on upgrades tho). Seems like it'd be a nice little squad. Heck, there's even a Maul bounty + Dengar + Fenn list that fits... p.s. @Boom Owl said "More GIFs" last page, and I'm not seeing more gifs, people.
  5. And compared to a Torrent dial, it's quite good. Like, Torrent essentially can't pull speed 3 moves. Just put a ****ing turret on it, and forget about what a TIE Bomber costs. Am I like the only person who's actually flown naked TIE/sfs? Like, just having an extra arc for time on target--with mods--is pretty dang good. Compared to a TIE/sf, down a health. That's worth less than 5 points, and the difference is 3--29 vs 32. Dials are fairly close (SF is a tad better). Aggressor has a more variable arc, and access to a linked action; SF has range 3 on the rear gun (but 2 dice at Range 3 is pretty weak). And circling round to the dial again, given that this is a turret ship, this might be a more practical dial than a Scyk. 1-straight is an incredibly important move for a turret, and access to 3-hards is useful for getting around rocks while keeping side guns on target. I could see it going either way. Mostly, what I'm getting at is that on a non-turret ship, M3-A dial is a clear winner. On a turret, it's not so clear. To that end, I've gotta spin up turret-carrying Scyks in FlyCasual sometime.
  6. Other than the fact that the Gunboat now pretty much doesn't have a reason to exist. I'm starting to think Dorsal Turret should be 0 points (Ion @ 2 or 3), but every ship with a turret slot goes up 2-3 points. // I'll generalize this: the only changes FFG should consider making to TIE Aggressors should be to lean harder into turrets.
  7. The more I think about it, it doesn't really make sense in this edition of X-Wing. For example, in theory I think it'd be cool for every astromech ship to bring some kind of droid. However, there are essentially only three generic droids in X-Wing: Blue Moves, Double Locks, Regen (two flavors). If that's the selection, things look kind of blah. I just think it'd be fun to see stuff like Daredevil become free. In some hypothetical other edition of X-Wing, there could be a lot of free talents and upgrades that do something kind of interesting, but it's paid for with an in-game cost like stress, rather than points in list building. Maybe it'd need to be combined with another points refactoring, every list is now 40-50 points, a TIE fighter costs 4-5 or so, an X-Wing costs 10-11, but most upgrades are 0-2 points. The force-point crew would all be 2 points, solid but counter-able stuff like PerCo at 1, and most weaker stuff at 0. Current X-Wing based on a 200 point scale offers a lot of granularity, a lot of potential for fine adjustments in power level, so there's not much need for different upgrades to have similar amounts of value--the points can be fairly accurately set. Going to a system with less granularity in price means that the power level on nearly every upgrade has to be about equal (so often kind of weak and situational). The design of ordnance in such a system seems interesting to me. If Ion and Homing and Cluster are all intended to be 0 points, but Concussion, Proton Rockets, DBM, and Barrage Rockets are all intended for 1 point, how do they differ? How does FFG play with charges and effects? Would it be better for Concussion to have fewer charges and be 0 points? I dunno. Mostly I think it's fun to think about during lunch. Jumps slipped my mind, that's all. Yeah, cannon prices are totally fair on them.
  8. Some people care about Extended for some silly reason.
  9. Arguably, because they buffed Scyks, they needed to nerf the cannons for everyone to keep the power-level of the Scyk in line. *edit* Cannon prices seem good on Scyks, acceptable on S-Foil B-Wings, and bad on everything else.
  10. Ya know, it might be the latter. For most ships, most upgrades don't add enough value, so folks just bring bare ships. Missiles? Hah, foolishness. Just cut them and bring another ship. That ship will pretty much only ever be whatever happens to be the most efficient ship in the faction. Each faction has their aces, their best generic jouster, their best generic filler. Maybe a support ship. Everything else is just worse. Like, any time someone gets an oddball idea in the squad lists, the best improvement in the list is almost always to cut the upgrades and run another ship. On the one hand, more generics is good. On the other, it kinda gets boring. Thought experiment: Suppose pretty much all upgrades in X-Wing went down 5 points. Ships go up by an appropriate amount. The stuff that doesn't matter is now free, the stuff which is really powerful (the Mauls, the Advanced Sensors) you still have to pay for. Choice of missile becomes pretty interesting, or what bomb you bring, or so forth. Then again, people get stuck in ruts, and probably don't actually vary things up much. Maybe it's just that people don't like building diverse lists.
  11. That's what bugs me about the requirements rule. Some things like Old T aren't technically requirements, so they work, while stuff like Anakin are, and don't. I'd rather have had something which would more cleanly reduce down to "You can't add it to the queue if you can't do the whole thing right now." I like that the change to the rules cleaned out intervening steps. Can't do A to set up B to do C. My only problem is that it didn't go far enough. That's not a rules interpretation, it's a preference.
  12. Folks keep wanting to nerf Optics. I don't find it fully explainable, but seems like some folks do.
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