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    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I mean, sure. Those would be other options. Ship ability describes conditions for rolling extra dice. Cannon slot. My first thoughts on it were to actually give the thing a cannon slot, and have the ship ability expand ranges, at reduced dice cost. But do TIE Interceptors really have fancy cannons, or just killy guns... So ultimately, I think it'd be more fun to have two primary weapons. A few other ships do, like . It also prevents some bonuses (Outmaneuver) from being applied to Yeah, I don't quite know what I'd price an I5 at... seems like 48-50ish could work. But for generic prices... This is roughly an A-Wing with a Heavy Laser Cannon, and an A-Wing is only 1 point more than a Scyk. Scyks aren't good, but they also don't have Boost link to Focus. I guess these, as I've typed them up, have better initiative than Scyks and A-Wings. That'd count for something, too. A lot would depend on how Range 1 is treated.
  2. theBitterFig

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    My version, because I want it to feel different from the Silencer: Statline: 2V/4||/3/3/1 So outside of bullseye, it has the same statline as a TIE/fo, 2 red dice. But it gains a 4-dice bullseye primary attack. That's kinda spicy. Dial: Standard-ish TIE-style dial with all the hards. Hrm. White: 1/2 hard, 2 bank. Blue: 3 hard, 3 bank, 2/3/4/5 straight. Red: 1 bank, 5 K, 3 Segnor's Loop. There hasn't been an interceptor-type fighter with only 3-speed blues (Interceptor/Silencer on 2s, TAP on 1s), so it should feel kinda different as it flies. Maybe it'll be familiar to TIE Defender in flying style. The fast blue moves probably make it a bit more of a challenge to keep bullseye on a target while linking actions. Actions: Focus, Evade, Barrel Roll -> Red Focus, Boost -> Red Focus. There are linked actions here instead of Autothrusters, again, so that it doesn't just feel like a Silencer at a different price point. I mean, the model looks kinda like a TAP/v1, so it makes sense to me. Ship Ability: In this version, I'm not sure it has one. *edit* Thinking deeper, probably a ship ability shuts off the R1 range bonus, for bullseye and regular attacks... 5-dice R1 could be absurd... Upgrades: [Talent where applicable], Tech, Modification, Modification Double-mods, because why not. Price: Probably about 34 for an Init 2 non-Talent; 38 for an Init 4 Talent. One of these suckers with Predator is going to be scary. Is that too cheap? That might be too cheap, particularly if it didn't have a ship ability...
  3. theBitterFig

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    RE: Kids and hot dice: I haven't played against many folks I'd consider kids, but I'm sure that if they're winning, then they've got hot dice. I'm not getting outflown by a kid. Nope. Must be... um... their dice. Yeah. They've got hot dice. 🤣😂
  4. theBitterFig

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Personally, I'd make it a mod slot, so you can't easily combine it with Engine Upgrade, but I like the concept.
  5. I think, generally, going up 2 on each of these probably makes a bigger impact that folks might imagine. It can add up quick. Consider: Vader, Whisper, Juke, Redline, Proton Torpedoes all up 2 points, probably also Soontir (he's not so broken, but Init 6 seems just generally too cheap almost everywhere), maybe Advanced Sensors. The Whisper/Soontir/Redline list is maybe still legal, but pretty much the entire bid has vanished. Putting Palob, Moldy Crow, Quads, 4-LOM, maybe Mist Hunter all up by 2 goes a long way, particularly since Boba Fett probably goes up a hair, and 0-0-0is 5, and Kavil up 2, and Han gunner is probably 8 points now, and Scum is in a really different place. That's just how I'd do it. Lots of 1 and 2 point adjustments, and a willingness to adjust them again the next round. TIE Bombers up 1 (2 for Jonus), Barrage Rockets up 1, most other missiles down 1, TIE Aggressors and TAP v1s and Rebel A-Wings and Scyks all down 1. I'd probably iterate faster on the 1 and 2 point adjustments than FFG seems like it will, but it's still my preference. Keep tapping things up or down until they fit together better, rather than a wave of massive nerfs and buffs.
  6. The modest and prudent changes I'd prefer aren't few things being touched, but rather lightly touching lots of stuff. I can only think of two things which should have a point cost increase more than 2 points: E-Wings Down, to allow in the dreaded 3x Knave + Torpedo list, since either it won't be an issue, or we'll call for nerfs, but at least we'll know the E-Wing needed them. Han Solo Gunner Up, because he's too cheap. Heck, maybe both Han gunners, since I hate no list more than Roark-Dash... that's a list which shouldn't be able to afford a bid of any kind.
  7. theBitterFig

    Ships that are not in a good place if you ignore 1 pilot

    Kath's ability is certainly a cool concept, but the list-building math never works out right in my mind. A friendly non-limited ship being at range 0 isn't too easy to pull off. Compared to Horton Salm or Lieutenant Blount, there's just so much more work to get anything out of Kath's ability, and the reward isn't that much better. If I were to completely rewrite her ability, with the Pirate Queen and her Minions mindset... I'd give Kath non-recurring charges, and she could spend them to add a die. She'd get a charge back when a non-limited ship dies (two charges for non-limited, one per limited?). Maybe she starts without any charges. Maybe it takes two charges and she starts with one, like Resistance Chewbacca crew. Maybe she starts with a charge and thus gets at least one bonus die per game. That'd be pretty good, even without minions to sacrifice. Something so that it's easier to get at least a little from her ability, but perhaps it'd be weaker in the long-run. And this requires less specific list-building, but still encourages the theme.
  8. theBitterFig

    Ships that are not in a good place if you ignore 1 pilot

    It me. The guy who's never flown a Defender other than a Delta, and who's never lost a game with a Delta. (And I lose my share with other stuff.) Wait. Does this means the Defender is one of those ships, in a bad place, except for one ship: the Init 1 generic? 😂 🤣 😝 I kinda like the thought that they'd go in a new direction, but the ability winds up being a little too tricky, given the prices of everything involved.
  9. theBitterFig

    What ships have been surprising you?

    4-LOM: Just priced out a 1e version, AdvS and Mist Hunter. 31 points, about equivalent to 62. Same upgrades in 2e? He'd be at 59. That's only 3 points different. I'm just so surprised how big a difference the change in edition made, when on paper the two versions look so close. // Personally, I still kinda think the Lambda is the best Large Base ship, but it's close. Hard to compare across factions, and I haven't had much play time yet with Upsilons.
  10. theBitterFig

    What ships have been surprising you?

    Rebels: I dunno. Maybe the X-Wing. In general, Rebel ships wound up about where expected, given the differences between 1e and 2e. X-Wing probably is the best overall Rebel ship left, despite losing 5-per-list capacities, and FAA. But the degree of surprise here is small. Galactic Empire: Lambda Shuttle. My nominee for most-improved ship (Moldy Crow is most improved *title*, more than HWK is an improved ship) in 2e. Their action bar got a massive upgrade, adding both more toughness and more versatility to the ship, and the rear arc, while not amazing, is able to contribute. Runner up: TIE Interceptor. Autothrusters made it decent at every level, with a pretty nifty niche. Scum: 4-LOM. G1-A was never a popular ship. This droid, gaining what at-first looked like very little has become quite a powerhouse. A hull added was pretty necessary. Dial changes worked out in it's favor. Medium Base seems better for it than small. 4-LOM's pilot ability gained only the calculate token, but you could already go with Advanced Sensors and Mist Hunter for barrel rolls, and he could already shunt off stress to other folks. 4-LOM even lost PS/Initiative relative to his 1e level (seems like most PS-6 went to Init 4). But he's still a good deal better than before. Resistance: RZ-2 A-Wing. At first glance, it's just a Rebel A-Wing with potential rear guns. I kinda slept on it, figuring that it'd just be essentially the same as the other A-Wing--that is, bad. But it turns out to be really good. The time-on-target increase makes up for the weak guns. First Order: Upsilon Shuttle. I guess there were some folks who liked the Upsilon in 1e, but it generally seemed like a silly, overpriced ship. It didn't even really gain too much over 1e. Maybe this is more of a case of everything else in the First Order being a bit worse than 1e (TIE/fo still dull, TIE/sf and /vn losing a bunch of action economy and dice mods upgrades), and the Upsilon looking better by comparison.
  11. theBitterFig

    How can you use Lambda's?

    Yes and no. The structural weaknesses of the /x1 on non-Vader ships are challenging. But FFG could have priced them appropriately. There's no way, for example, that Tempest is worth as much as a Blue T-65, or Maarek Stele worth two points more than Thane Kyrell. That's got nothing to do with Vader--it's just a major failure to price them appropriately for their given capacities. At the some hypothetical lower price, I think the x1 is close enough to a fine ship. If they were cheaper, it'd be a really interesting high-skill-cap ship, where if flown extremely well, they'd punch above their price point. At one price, the action inefficiency of the ship makes them garbage. At another price, the action inefficiency is an interesting challenge making up for an on-paper under-priced ship. I think I'd rather have the ships as-is in terms of actions and tools but at a lower price, than to give them action efficiency tools like linked Focus-Lock. I personally don't want too many linked double-tokens in 2e. But they totally should have had linked Lock-Roll. // Bah, I've gone really off topic in the Lambda thread.
  12. theBitterFig

    "Null" and setup

    IIRC, in 1e, the early concensus was that Epsilon Ace was placed at the higher PS 12, but after Dormitz glitches, there was a ruling that Pilot Abilities don't begin until after set-up. Given that FFG has made rulings in the past, I'd be inclined to treat it the same way until we hear otherwise. I think setup at Init 0 for Null is appropriate, but it's not something I'd fight hard on.
  13. theBitterFig

    R5 and R2 Astromech

    I was playing with someone locally yesterday who was running 4x Red Vet T-65s with R2 and Marksmanship (Crack Shot probably would be better). The R2 kinda made sense, there were often times when the X-Wings were disengaging and turning around. If one avoids being killed, it can break off, and force your opponent to either split up or let it regain health. Now, whether this would be better than 4x Red T-70s, I don't know. Those have 1 shield instead of 2 they have to work for, an action bar & SFoils combination which is probably better, and 2 points each to spend on droids (R4 seems meh), talents (Predator might work well with closed S-Foils; Heroic isn't availble to Rebels), or 8 points asymmetric weapons (two Tractor Beams might be handy). But I was somewhat impressed by first impressions on a ship which doesn't really seem optimized for taking full advantage of R2 Astromech. I don't know that I'd like R5 in the same way. The regen can't start as early in the game, and giving up actions might be harder than giving up shots, since Shots often won't be needed. // I did run a list once with 2x Rogue Squadron Escorts with R2 Astromechs and Crack Shot, as well as Miranda with Proton Bomb and Hotshot Gunner. I liked it, but it was an odd game that probably wasn't too representative.
  14. theBitterFig

    Making Upsilon Work

    Must have been someone else, but I can imagine A-Wings would shred it.
  15. theBitterFig

    Kanan Pilot Ability on Himself

    Correct. Kanan-pilot does not work on himself. A ship is not in it's own arc. Kanan-crew works on his own, ship, however.