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  1. theBitterFig

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    There are probably a lot more options for a 2-ship Anakin (although I'm not necessarily convinced on 7B over CLT). Cheap-Anakin probably needs a more filled-out faction.
  2. theBitterFig

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Am I crazy for wanting to fly a cheap Anakin? 74 is Calibrated Laser Targeting and R2 Astromech. Seems like regen on a 3-agility ship with the force and this much mobility would be pretty nice, and he'd do a decent job at protecting those points. Heck, if I decide I don't want bid, I could fly it with 3x 104th ARCs.
  3. theBitterFig

    Arcsarcsarcsarcsarcs.... ARCS!

    Did anyone actually think Quad ARC wasn't going to be possible? I mean, I didn't expect 42 points for a 104th (I guessed 46), but I always figured a SSV was unlikely to be more than 48 points.
  4. theBitterFig

    Sith Infiltrator has moving wings

    The thing which annoys me is that I can't (yet) get a stand-alone Belbullab.
  5. theBitterFig

    Delta 7b and Agility Scaling Upgrades

    I dunno. R2 Astromech is kinda more appealing to me on a 3-agility ship which is less likely to take damage. A "budget" Anakin with Calibrated Laser Targeting and R2 seems like he could hit pretty hard, and also be fairly unlikely to give up his "mere" 74 points.
  6. theBitterFig

    New Hyperspace?

    Interesting that Cassian Andor and Baze Malbus are hyperspace legal, but Jyn Erso isn't. 🤔
  7. theBitterFig

    New Hyperspace?

    This pleases me in an aesthetic sense. Always seemed silly to me to have half the pilots for a ship unusable. I don't know that I really have many plans for said U-Wings, but I'm glad of it.
  8. theBitterFig

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Taking a stress for a red action is also often a steep price to pay. Mathematically, sometimes getting an extra evade token is worth the force. Someone like Anakin or Mace who has 3x Force Charges can do well with it.
  9. theBitterFig

    A Powerful Ally article

    I'm kinda depressed that Brilliant Evasion seems priced into oblivion. 6 points on an Aethersprite, 4 on a T-65... I was hoping it'd be a decent cheap option, perhaps literally half it's current cost.
  10. theBitterFig

    Delta 7b and Agility Scaling Upgrades

    Just going to say this for all the people in the back. Base stats and not upgrade-adjusted stats are used, per the rules reference (RR, FAQ/List Building, p. 23) Q: If a ship equips an upgrade that alters one of its values (such as agility), how does this affect variable cost upgrades? A: Other upgrades are ignored when calculating variable costs, and the base values of the ship are used.
  11. theBitterFig

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Agreed. Considering that they also scaled Calibrated Laser Targeting, they probably could have left Delta 7b as a flat 15, +1/+2/+3 points on Init 4/5/6, and reduced the scaling on CLT. Nope. Base stats and not adjusted stats are used for the pricing of variable-price upgrades, per the rules reference.
  12. theBitterFig

    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Brilliant Evasion 0 points on 0 agility. Confirmed on Kanan. Energy Shell Charges being only 4 points really scares me. Just seems like an excessive amount of dice to be throwing at that price, without requiring a lock. Vultures aren't tough, but it's not too unlikely that even two 3-red focused attacks fails to kill one at Range 3. 104th ARC-170 seem a bit cheap at 42. Compared to other 3-red jousters, it just seems a bit low. I'm surprised the Blue Torrent (Init 3 Talent) is 4 points more than the Gold Init 2 untalented. That seems like a huge jump from 25 to 29 for only 1 Init and a talent slot.
  13. theBitterFig

    Ship Sizes

    I do use LaunchBayNext, now that you mention it, but that's not really the point. There should be something official from FFG for every ship beyond just the base token.
  14. The thing which keeps going through my mind is that if I'm flying an IG-88 and I manage to get a shot, and a *MISS* then it's a big L for the round. Ships this expensive can't afford to not do damage when they get shots. So IG-88B and Ion Cannons give a much better chance to actually push a damage.
  15. theBitterFig

    Ship Sizes

    Mostly unrelated, but I wish there was some piece of information on cards, on price lists, or even in the app about what ships are what sizes. I mean, we all "know" but that's not really enough. A little box with a S/M/L/H inside wouldn't be obtrusive, but would be quite handy. Many other miniatures games will tell you exactly what base size various models have.