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  1. My guess is that they're saving droid-R2-D2 for the ETA-2/Actis. Personally, I kinda like it. It'll give FFG a bit more of a sense of the faction, a better idea about what Republic needs by the time they release R2.
  2. Kind of in the middle. There are two steps to Executing a Maneuver. 1. Maneuver Ship, where the ship is placed in a new location. 2. Check Difficulty, which is when the stress is removed. Once both steps are done, you'll have "After you Execute a Maneuver" effects. For something like a BB Astromech, you can't use it while stressed, since the stress isn't removed until afterwards. If there are other specific effects you've got questions about, let us know.
  3. No. A ship may only perform a particular action once per turn. Difficulty (white, red) doesn't not impact this limit. There are some effects which "kind of" get around this. Some cards assign additional tokens, or instruct you to acquire a lock, or in the case of Anakin Skywalker in the N-1 instruct you to perform a barrel roll. One key thing: these all use the word "focus token" or "acquire a lock" or "barrel roll" instead of the symbol for the action. Basically, if it uses the symbol, it's an action and cannot be used more than once per turn. If an effect uses words, it can cause action-like things to happen more than once per turn.
  4. I feel like Fanatical is one of the strongest talents in the game, but that doesn't mean it's great on every ship or in every list. With the high shield-to-hull ratio (so less time in the ships lifespan where it can be Fanatical), and in a list where ships can probably be focus-fired more easily, Fanatical might not be the best pick. Silencers are going to be better at avoiding mass fire. TIE/FO can activate Fanatical from even a single chip damage. Someone like Quickdraw is better able to pick their spots, and their ability discourages incoming attacks. Fanatical seems like a very good go-to on those, but generic TIE/sfs... eh. The fast damage of Crack Shot seems better.
  5. Soulless One? Most important upgrade on Grievous, IMHO. Impervium is an addition that's seldom let me down on GG, but I can see skipping it if need be. That said, GG will work fine at like 45 points with just Crack Shot. Solid pocket ace. Scimitar? Eh. Try it out, it's probably fun. However... It's seldom used. Doesn't show up for Maul on Metawing, more of a Dooku thing. DRK-1? Probably not worth. Maul can easily take Locks on his own, Sun Fac would have to equip Targeting Computer, and Grievous ideally already has rerolls from his ability. Hate? Probably stapled to Maul. Even after the nerf, it's still a LOT of force which gets added to Maul, and funds his rather expensive but necessary pilot ability. Ensnare? Probably stapled to Sun Fac. They need to tractor the target to have their guns worth a ****, and the best way for that to happen is with Ensnare. I strongly believe that what will separate good from bad Sun Fac players is how well they make use of Ensnare. To that end, I'd try to fit Tractor Beam onto Maul. Wait. No. Maul is Init 5, Sun Fac is 6, so Tractor Beam wouldn't work as a back-up. Might be good if running Chertek, however. We won't know until... PointsAndSlots PointsAndSlots PointsAndSlots
  6. Vessery's stock seems likely to go up after Wave 5 and Targeting Computer. Vess works best when he's attacking before the friendly ship with a lock. Passive Sensors doesn't do it, since those ships have to engage first.
  7. Well, there might be room for it, if changing it up a bit. The Advanced Proton Torpedoes + Ion tricks seem like fun. Main thing, Saturation Salvo is just bad (very expensive, only works on the Ion Missiles since APT are one charge, often doesn't improve things since you must pick 2 dice and will often have to include blank or eye results in the reroll). Cut it, and probably drop the Rhos to Nus. That's 18 points more to play with in the list, which is massive. Second, if running Jonus, add Barrage Rockets, even if you cut bombs to get them. Barrage turns Jonus from single-mod 2 dice into double-mod 3 dice, and that's a huge improvement. For the gunboats, there are a few options: Nu (Passive Sensors, OS-1, Advanced Proton Torpedoes, Ion Missiles) 45 - just a lot cheaper, and nearly as effective. Nu (Passive Sensors, OS-1, Advanced Proton Torpedoes, Ion Torpedoes) 47 - Seems cheap enough that going up to 4 dice Ion Torps would be nice, and remove a lot of doubt in getting ion effects. Would pair well with Jonus, since it'd be really easy to save the lock, between his rerolls and having an extra die. That would mean you don't have to relock to shoot the APT... even Passive Sensors might be good... calculate or lock someone new if the first target is out of range or dead or such. Nu (XG-1, Ion Cannon, Advanced Proton Torpedoes, Advanced SLAM) 46 - The unlimited charges and flexibility of the Cannon could be nice, too. ASLAM keeps them zipping about with focus, but the range 3 attacks are a little weaker due to range bonuses. For this gunboat, Jonus should be cut for a different ship. For the rest, two of these three: Soontir Fel (Predator) 55 - I like him more than Duchess, but he is more expensive Duchess (Predator or Crack Shot) - 43-44. Depending on points, maybe add a bomb or a Shield Upgrade Jonus (Barrage Rockets) 51.
  8. Every good 3 ship list right now has the Force. Most of the best 2-ship lists have also used the Force. I'd say the main characteristic is at least one ship with the Force. I'm not sure 2-ships are really where it's at now. The busted combos in Roark/Dash and Fat Han and Boba/Guri have all gotten pretty nerfed.
  9. Discussing Tri-Fighters with a friend of mine, he thought they ought to be faster than exists in the game, 4 and 5 hard turns and banks. I personally don't really like that direction of ideas, nor do I think it'd ever happen. However, something which struck me: it might work to give them an Ailerons-like ability, but with a fast rather than slow dial. For statline, I like 3/3/3, without Cannon slots, just Missile/Mod. Action-wise, Calculate, Evade, Barrel Roll. No Lock. It can be added by Targeting Computer, if folks need it. Ship Ability: Robotic Ailerons: "Before you engage, if you are not stressed, you must execute a white (1 left bank, 1 straight, 1 right bank) maneuver. If you fully execute this maneuver, you may perform a Red Calculate action." Dial might look something like this (https://xwvassal.info/dialgen/dialgen - AileronTriFighter.1FW,2TW,2BR,2FB,2NR,2KR,2YW,3ER,3TB,3BW,3FB,3NW,3YB,3RR,4FW) A ship like this would almost be too fast to handle, but it'd have flair, and could Calc/Evade. // Another direction: Calculate/Evade/Barrel Roll -> Red Calc/Boost -> Red Calc. Networked Calculations ship ability. It'd be really interesting to have an interceptor-type ship which could share tokens. Seems like it'd be nice for if it gets mixed up into a scrum, since blocking one of these doesn't necessarily eliminate it's potential to modify it's dice. The dial would need to be fairly different, however. (LinkedTriFighter.1TB,1YB,2TW,2BR,2FB,2NR,2YW,3ER,3TB,3BW,3FB,3NW,3YB,3RR,4FB,5FB,5KR). No banks for clearing stress would be awkward on an interceptor-style ship, but having both 1 and 3 hard turns being blue would make them super hard to block.
  10. The thing about Lock munitions vs Calculate munitions is that in a lot of lists, it's not impossibly hard to get a long lead with DRK-1s, and get locks well before engaging. I go back and forth on the effect, however. Ion Missiles are less flexible (ESC can switch between targets). They can't ever do more than 1 damage and don't inflict crits (ESC crits are sometimes handy). But they're also 3 charges, cheaper, and Ion control effects can be nice. Meanwhile, Calculate-based ESC cannot be fired if you spend your calculate token to not-die, so if you're able to get locks well enough ahead of time, you can spend your calculate freely for defense and still shoot a missile at something. That's pretty nice, on squishy Vultures. One of their biggest strengths is networked Calculation, and ESC kinda doesn't play well with that ability. It's also almost impossible to fire Energy Shell Charges on a K-Turn or Talon Roll Turn, while Ion can if the locks go unspent. I think it's probably a push as to which is better, and that's great for the game.
  11. Probably to much, but it's fun to dream about something kinda nutty for a few minute... Or maybe make it charge based... spend the one recurring charge to use the 2-length, so you couldn't do two long move actions.
  12. I'd go MMS/Autoblasters/Shield if going with Autoblasters. It's not 4 B-Wings, but 3x B-Wings with Gavin Darklighter might make sense as an Autoblasters list. E-Wings are decent-enough, and that's some scary crit-pushing threats. But... B-Wings aren't fast, and ships which aren't fast aren't great at flanking and pincer-ing, IMHO. For HLC... I half want to say Tractor Beam... but I really have to just say Hull Upgrade. But actually... I think I'd go Selfless/Shield. Boring, but really hard to bring down in a timely fashion.
  13. Stealth Device only seems "worth it" on ships with enough defensive dice modification to be likely to roll an Evade with that extra die. I think it almost makes sense on someone like Ten Nunb (two rerolls plus a focus isn't bad) or Captain Feroph (turning a side to an Evade, if the defender has no tokens). It might be decent on Luke if Jyn Erso is in the list, since Luke with an Evade token is next-level. The fact that Ten or Feroph is unlikely to keep the Stealth Device beyond the first attack doesn't matter too much, since Hull or Shield also only work once, but the chance of keeping it has the potential to make it better. But only if you're rather likely to roll an Evade on that one extra die. For Wedge, he maybe has a focus, if he doesn't spend it to attack. Likewise, I probably wouldn't put Stealth Device on someone like Corran Horn, despite going up to 4 dice, since he probably only has a Focus token. Kind of an over-elaborate answer, but it strikes me as generally applicable. Strong Defensive mods = Stealth Device. Anything else? Hull or Shield.
  14. I also kinda miss Zeta Ace. Being able to use 2-length Barrel Rolls was a nifty but not-super-amazing ability. Oh man. What if the TIE Silencer "Rush" in the upcoming pilots pack had essentially that ability: able to use 2-speed boosts and barrel rolls instead of 1-speed? That'd be SWEET, even if mid-level (3 or 4) initiative.
  15. Nantex has two Talents is the new Purple Actions can be performed in addition to a regular action.
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