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  1. theBitterFig

    [BLOG] Red Squadron's Return

    I wonder how it'd work to swap the Red Squadron for Gold Squadron Veterans with Proton Torpedoes. A bit more potential for spike damage, but less consistent damage. Nothing else in the list would need to change--same droids, same Selfless. Or change the droids some... drop R4 from Biggs, and put a pair of R3s on the Y-Wings... I know some folks have had success with low-Init Y-Wings with Torpedoes, but they seem harder to use. And with the Selfless aspects of the list and wanting to keep the ships close together, consistent X-Wings are probably better in this variant.
  2. theBitterFig

    Trying to build a list around the VCX-100

    I flew this the other day: Kanan Jarrus (Heightened Perception, Magva Yarro, Jyn Erso, Dorsal Turret, Shield Upgrade) 109 Luke Skywalker (Supernatural Reflexes, R2-D2, Proton Torpedoes, S-Foils) 91 I kind of liked it. I feel like the bones of this Kanan (Magva, HP) are pretty good. Dorsal is pretty useful for his ability, but possibly optional. Shield Upgrade and Jyn are totally stuff which can be cut. But Magva seems good--Kanan has low-ish initiative, as well as two force points so if he Reinforces and is attacked, he'll be able to fire back with full mods on 4 dice--essentially a Torpedo. Heightened Perception is pretty sweet on a big gun like this; I can crank it to 7 to try kill something before it attacks. More of a second-round-of-engagement ability. So the list has two double-modded 4-dice attacks, and with the weight of fire it probably takes to kill Kanan, Luke will make it to the endgame against a weakened opponent, and he's got the regen to succeed. If an opponent trys to shoot down Luke first, he'll probably have an Evade from Jyn, plus Kanan's ability protecting him. You'll kind of have to guess some, get a read on your opponent's plans. But an opponent gunning for Luke probably is slowed down a bunch (Evade+Force+Kanan makes a Redline a lot less scary), and they'll have to deal with a Ghost peppering them with 4-dice every turn. // It also occurred to me why the X-Wing S-Foils have a Focus linked into a Boost, rather than a Boost linked into a focus: so SuperRef Luke can't Boost-Focus-Blue. // I also have half-a-mind to try this out with a Corran Horn instead of Luke sometime. Playing with it in the squadbuilder is kind of ugly, though... Corran just costs so much...
  3. theBitterFig

    Substituting ships in Tournaments

    The other reason to check with a TO ahead of time is that they also might say "Oh, I have some spare TIE Fighters I can loan you."
  4. theBitterFig

    No Glory Tournament list

    The Sabers and the Sigma are nice, but I'm not sure on the Scimitar. That feels like a lot of points for 2 green dice and no shields. Personally, I kind of want to try to get 2x Saber and 2x Sigma. Dropping Stealth Device for just Juke/ColDet, they'd be 55 points each, which would leave 45 for the Sabers. Crack Shot would be a lot cheaper, and open up a pretty decent 8 point bid, at 192 total. // This isn't a suggestion to change your plans, but here's what I had on my listbuilder for a thought on a No Glory list, and it's something I'd consider. Sigma Squadron Ace (Juke, Collision Detector) 55 Sigma Squadron Ace (Juke, Collision Detector) 55 Onyx Squadron Ace (Juke, Fire Control System) 85 Total 195, bid 5
  5. theBitterFig

    Jedi Sacrefice (Luke/Kanan)

    Put this on the table and kind of liked it. I swapped out Chewbacca for Jyn Erso and Shield Upgrade on Kanan, and I think that made sense. Never used Jyn, since my opponent was focusing Kanan and Luke was free to Torpedo, but Kanan felt decent. Init 7 when it mattered. Target Lock attacks. With the weight of fire needed to bring down a reinforced Ghost, Luke is able to get his Torpedoes working pretty easily, and make it into the late game, where he can really zoom and regen. If Luke is the target, Kanan can zap out a bunch of dice, and Jyn helps Luke fix his blanks, since the Force is going to cover most of his Focus results. Might have to give it a second try sometime.
  6. I'm the Delta defender guy. If I'm playing a list like this, I'm going to knock Vessery down to an Delta with FCS for 75 points, plus 61 on Redline, and that'd leave 64 for the 3rd ship. Whatever I'd get, it'd be a lot more threatening than a Pure Sabaac. That could be a Whisper with Juke and Collision Detector (one of my favorite Imperial Builds). I've had fun with Major Vynder, and 60-ish points can get a pretty cool build for him (I like OS-1, FCS, AdvS, Lone Wolf). That could be a fairly sweet Reaper; Vermiel or Feroph with Vader. The FCS on the Delta would also be the first points to cut if you wanted something like 0-0-0 on a Vader-Reaper. Maybe The Grand Inquisitor with just FCS.
  7. theBitterFig

    Vulture swarm: Staying alive? Is it even viable?

    From the Tournament Regulations: I think some folks have read this as being a suggestion rather than a firm requirement, but it looks like a requirement to me. A hard limit of 8 ships makes a lot of sense to me. These Vultures should be cheap. Z-95 minus a shield upgrade is 17 points. If there isn't a limit in the size of a squad, running like 11 of these might be a problem. But presuming 17 points, a swarm of 7 would still allow 81 points for the 8th ship. That's an impressive mini-swarm plus an impressive ace. // Anyhow, I think a lot of us are thinking that some vulture droids will have defensive abilities. I was also listening to the Mynocks, and there was some concern about a full squad of Vultures with the Energy Shell Charges. I almost wonder if the missile slot won't be on every Vulture. Maybe the ones with Missile upgrade slots are limited to 4 per squad, or they're on two different 2 per squad limited ships, or somethhing. That'd be an interesting way to have both a potent, cost-effective alpha-strike, but at the same time prevent 7 or 8 missile attacks in the first round of combat. // There's just so much we don't know. However, I think there's a lot of potential in the design of Vultures, and having partly-limited quantities.
  8. theBitterFig

    Zari Bangel ability

    A more likely scenario to happen would be a Starwing (either XG-1 or OS-1) with exactly 1 disarm token who is overlapping an asteroid in the engagement phase.
  9. theBitterFig

    Zari Bangel ability

    One thing I keep getting hung up on is that there's a really specific part of the Overlap rule, part of the exact set of rules steps to follow when you partially execute a maneuver, which is specifically "skip the perform action step." The stress examples were almost a Schroedinger's Cat: an example to show how I thought the other method of interpretation was flawed. But back to Zari, the context of her ability--partially executing--has a step which is specifically the thing referenced by her ability. Everything is neat and tidy and enclosed within the Overlap rule. If you're in Jack's house--partially execute--and someone says "don't go into the bathroom" but you leave and go to Jill's house--asteroids--that injunction "don't go into the bathroom" no longer applies. I really just don't see how it generalizes to the entire activation. There are three steps you follow when you partially execute a maneuver. Zari tells you to omit one of those steps--specifically the step which causes you to skip your action. That doesn't read as *at all* general but incredibly specific. I don't disagree with cards being able to supersede the rules--clearly Zari supersedes the Overlap rule--but I don't think cards can supersede rules they don't refer to. I don't think there needs to be a separate conditional, first because Zari is really specifically located in the context of the overlap rule, and mentions nothing about asteroids. Second, because you always need to evaluate two separate "do I skip my action step" conditionals. We need some way to resolve TRUE (skip action step) and FALSE (do not skip action step), and under standard rules, if we invoke one TRUE, the entire thing is TRUE. Zari changes the TRUE/FALSE of the Partially Execute case, but to presume that she also changes the TRUE/FALSE of the Asteroid case just seems... preposterous. Utterly dis-attached from the card and what it is telling us to do. This isn't like a case of badly written code. We're not machines. We have to make a conscious choice to apply a card which specifically discusses partial execution of maneuvers due to ships, and then apply it as a blanket statement to asteroids, when nothing in the card suggests we should, when nothing in the card refers to the entire phase, when the card only really discusses the specific situation of partially executing a maneuver. We are deciding if the code is bad or not, whatever conclusion is reached. We reached it because we decided something. Particularly when two cards exist with abilities which would grant actions after a partial execution. Dauntless and Unkar Plutt crew both grant an action after a partially executed maneuver, and will work when overlapping an asteroid, because it is just granting an action, rather than commenting-out a step in the Partially Execute a Maneuver rule.
  10. theBitterFig

    XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

    I feel like if I'm investing in Colonel Jendon's shuttle, I want OS-1 Starwings. I'd drop the Ion Cannon for FCS and Advanced SLAM. That's a preference thing, more than anything else.
  11. Mostly just cooler aliens in Canto Bight. The sequence of events was fine, but the aliens could have been better. The limited color palate was a restriction, but they just weren't a visually interesting bunch. Certainly not on par with the Cantina, Jabba's palace (but far better than Special Edition Sy Snoodles), or Maz's castle. // But that's not a fun response, in the spirit of the thread. I'd do a "what-if." Maybe it'd be a better campaign for a RPG group than a movie, but the fact is, it'll never be a movie. It'll probably never be more than a post here. Suppose Anakin survives the end of RotJ. He's turned away from the dark side and back to the light. Luke seeks to train more, and perhaps Leia goes with them. Because you see, Vader is still War Criminal Number 1. The genocide of Alderaan is not the kind of thing you can forgive. Even if Luke says he turned back to the light, Mon Mothma is still going to be 'Um, no." So they have to flee. Vader's armor changes a bit (I don't like the pure-white version from one of the what-if style comic books), probably into something which more closely resembles what Obi-Wan wore. Brown and tan robes over plasteel. Maybe he gives some other name, not Anakin, not Vader. Tells people that he was nearly destroyed by Darth Vader in the Great Jedi Purge, since that's true, from a certain point of view. So they wander, they train. They help the people on some random world with a problem they're facing. But Anakin knows it won't work. He can sense Leia's rage, as she deals with the trauma of Alderaan, with how Vader literally tortured her. There's no way he could be an effective teacher to her. Meanwhile, he sees his two children turned into outlaws and criminals, for helping him to evade justice. So he turns himself in, stands trial, and deactivates his armor to die. But before he does, he tells Luke and Leia that he and the Jedi were wrong, so many years ago, to try to bottle away emotion. Feel, but feel in balance. Because it wasn't love which lead him to the dark side. And so Luke and Wedge live happily ever after. That's how I'm ending it, go tell your own version. // Also a fun idea: a filler animated adventure. Shortly after the destruction of the second Death Star, Leia finds out that Bail Organa might be alive. That he might have been off-world at the time of the destruction of Alderaan, and been held in a secret Imperial prison facility for years. But the Rebellion can't spare many troops to help rescue him, particularly since there's some evidence to suggest it might be a trap. So Luke and Leia, Han and Chewie, Threepio and Artoo team up with Hera, Chopper, Zeb, Kallus, and Rex. They get Sabine from Lothal, and then they raid the prison. Probably it all was a trick, but the heroes win, and some folks--if not the once they hoped to find--were in that prison to rescue. No massive stakes, just a fun excuse for a fun romp with the combined OT crew and the surviving Specters. Threepio being flustered trying to take care of Hera and Kanan's kid. Hera having to stop Chewie and Chopper from fighting. Sabine blows more stuff up. Rex has a moment of regret and remembrance with Artoo. Verbal sparring between Leia and Kallus. Han and Zeb grumbling about how things don't work. At some point, Luke hears Kanan's voice, and it saves the day.
  12. theBitterFig

    X-Wing Micro

    Massively costly with a... tiny benefit. 😎 Lock the thread right now, it won't get better than this. Anyhow, probably it could be done with bases only. Same ships, and pegs, but smaller bases. It'd look goofy, but would probably function. But even if that works, I don't know that it's a great idea. Folks will certainly mix up the asteroids between the two versions. There will be folks who show up at the same gamestores, but have incompatible versions and can't actually play with each other. Maybe some established player moves into a new community, but everyone there plays Micro, and rather than spend the no-doubt large price-tag to convert (for all new ship bases, you'd probably be looking at perhaps $100 for a full collection). Trying to switch between versions would also probably be really hard. Get used to the distance of eyeballing a range in one version, and you'll fail horribly at the other. Folks who try to switch between Attack Wing and X-Wing often really mess up their banks, because there are differences in the length. Lastly, you don't need 41 inches across. You only need 36. Ship cards and stuffs can be set to the side. One of the FLGS has two kinds of tables, custom wooden jobbies, rather than stock ones from a big-box store. Some are 48x64, full Warhammer size. The others are 36x.... 72? 84? I don't really know. But they're three feet across the short way. Good for MTG players, but functional for X-Wing players too. The game-mat goes right to the edge, but it works. Solid 36x36 boards to put over the top of a 30x[something] table would overhang some, but probably not really be an issue. Heck, at my other FLGS, we use a pair of 24x48 boards we'll often put over the top of *one* 30x48 table. There are a lot of options to Tim Gunn the playing area of gamestores which cost a lot less than a separate edition, and which don't split the player base.
  13. theBitterFig

    More cannons required

    Jam: the rest being low-init. A Starwing jamming for a TIE Swarm, for example, or a mix of tractor/jam scyks, or whatever. These are pretty 'meh' applications at best, but without range 3, they're non-existent. Bossk: Not so much missed, since I'm sure I noticed it before, but forgot. I never found Bossk that interesting.
  14. theBitterFig

    Informant, Listening Device and Cassian

    1. That's interesting, I'd never really thought about that. It'll be flipped up at the initiative of the ship with the Listening Device, I believe. The condition becomes an ability of the ship it's attached to, so if you place it on a high-initiative ship, you won't flip the dial until after all the lower-initiative ships in the lists have already "acted" in the Systems phase. Whisper with an Informant would have to make her decloaking choices before she'd force Wedge Antilles to flip his dial, for example. 2. I used to get into trouble in Math Class for something this when I was like 10. There'd be a problem "estimate the result of this sum" but I'd just solve the actual sum or product or whatever. I think there's a (very slim) linguistic argument that you could make that you cannot guess what you know to be true, but that's not the community consensus on how Cassian interacts with Listening Device (or Sense, for that matter). The consensus is that Cassian can guess exactly what's already been shown on the faceup dial.
  15. theBitterFig

    Deathfire and his death

    I can't think of one. But so far, there isn't one in 2e either. Deathfire can drop any device he wants, and perform an attack. There's some *part* of his ability which doesn't work, but folks round here almost acting like he's got blank text. And part of the reason why 1e never had stuff which didn't work is because FFG was frequently kind of dumb. They had to have a non-card-supported-ruling to get rid of Genius/Trajectory Simulator, because they didn't think hard enough about the interaction before hand. If some parts of cards being unused is the price for better future proofing, I think the sum total is still a good thing.