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  1. Here's the thing: I have been thinking about this for a while, and I would like the user's of this program to take responsibility for keeping it alive (see below)! The Datapad source code is already available on bitbucket.org. I can add the server-side code (which is PHP) to that. However, I just had a looked and things are changing there. Biggest problem is that the are about to shutdown the HG repositories, so I have to move it to GIT by the end of the month! In the process, maybe I will just move the whole thing to github.com which is popular for open source projects. I will post a message here, within the next few weeks to say which way things are heading.
  2. Sure! Datasets are created in Oggdude's DataEditor. You can add your custom stuff using the DataEditor. Then you can export a "dataset" as a .zip file. If you upload your custom dataset then Datapad will allow you to load it. The Current Data contains changes you make in Datapad itself. It acts as a backup of changes you make. For example, if you edit your XP in Datapad, or your cash balance. You can also buy and sell stuff in datapad, and the history of these transaction is stored in Current Data. Download Current Data, and you will see that it is fairly readable.
  3. Unfortunately, just because Genesys uses the same "narrative dice" system does not mean the SWCharGen can be easily adapted for Genesys. I have played various games using the 2d20 system, including Star Trek and Conan. These games use the same basic dice mechanic, but couldn't be more different when it comes to character creation. This kind of thing would require a complete re-write of the SWCharGen.
  4. That was a good idea! Yes, the file is XML and it is quite readable. So let me just mention again for everyone using the App: If you are tracking stuff in the App (e.g. XP, Morality, Credits, stuff acquired, etc), please "Sync with Server" regularly to ensure that the .xpad file is updated on the server. And, I would also recommend that you download the .xpad files from the server regularly as a further backup. I don't expect my server to go sideways, but it is just a regular hosted server, with no guarantee of 100% data security...
  5. Hmmm, yup. That is odd. It should be transferred to your iPad. I will test this out, but you may try downloading the .xpad file, and then uploading it again. This should update the modify date, which may trigger the App to download it. Basically the App should compare change dates with the server, and always take the most recent version. So if the most recent version is on the iPad, then it is uploaded to the server, and visa-versa. Anyway, I will test this out and see if there is a bug.
  6. Some of you may have noticed there is a new version available. Here are the release notes for version Fringer's Datapad 1.0.14: Many Talents and Force Powers have been implemented so that you can tap on an item in the Talent list in order to use them. For fully implemented powers, the App provides a checklist of items that effect your dice pool. If an item fits the situation you can select it to build your dice pool. The cost of using powers in terms of Maneuvres, Strain, etc. is indicated and applied when you close the checklist dialog. Datapad now holds multiple characters in memory so that switching between characters can be done quickly. The program stores the last 3 characters and the last 5 NPCs loaded. Added SWCharGen 2.2 base data. Fixed bugs which cause the incorrect display of characters that include NPC data. Previously NPC information was mixed with the PC data, however Datapad cannot also display the included NPC, instead, these need to be stored in separated files and uploaded individually to the App. The problem with displaying custom build items have been fixed, although this has not been extensively tested. So, let me know in the forum if you have something that does not work! Some work has been done to improve the handling of committing force dice. If you "over-commit" this is indicated by a force dice symbol with a red dash. When all force dice are committed, the restricted symbol in the dice pool is used to indicated that Force Powers cannot be used. I have noticed that Datapad cannot find its local data after update. I am not sure why this is the case, but you can easily download the data from the server again. However, if you have made changes in Datapad, for example to XP, credits or inventory then these changes may be lost if you did not "Sync with Server" before the upgrade. In general I recommend that you "Sync with Server" regularly if you are using these features to ensure that the .xpad file in which this information is stored is updated on the server.
  7. Here are most of them: http://beggingforxp.com/2014/star-wars-talent-sheets/
  8. The App is for the iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/fringers-datapad/id1135238359?l=en&mt=8. You can post any comments or questions you have here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/225891-fringers-datapad.
  9. Well, if you get a chance, ask them if they think that this "pen and paper game" can still be played without it! I remember the same thing happening with D&D 4e. In the beginning (level 1 to 5 or so), you were fine with pen and paper. But after that you just had to subscribe to their character generator. We played all the way through to level 30, so I know! I have a Star Wars character with over 2500 XP, so I know this is the case in the SWRPG as well: you just cannot do it without a character generator. In fact, that was one reason I also created the Datapad App with the Dice Pool "checklist". After a while you have so many options on a Dice Pool that you are bound to forget something.
  10. In fact, I think, SWCharGen is now indispensable because the game has become so complicated with all the equipment, attachments, modifications, talents, powers, etc. While I just love every new book, without the SWCharGen, the additional stuff would simply not be useable. That is why we all wait until it is built into the program before we add any of the new features to our characters!! I wonder if FFG knows this...? If they did, then they would realise that the sale of new material actually depends on whether the program is being maintained!!
  11. That is probably due to the fact that the current version of the App is not fully compatible with the latest SWCharGen, so the App's installed DataSet does not contain the information about the items. If they are custom made items, this feature is also not supported by the current App. I am working on an update which should solve these problems. Feel free to post further questions or comments on this thread:
  12. You might like to try a different PDF printer. I use PDFCreator: http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator
  13. Strange. I wonder if it has something to do with my hosting service in Holland... ? I assume you have no problem uploading smaller files (like the character sheet).
  14. Looks like Datapad cannot read the .ZIP file for some reason. Maybe corrupted at some point, could also have been during the transport. Try generating the file again, and redo the transfer. Otherwise, I would be happy to have a look at it myself. You can send me a PM with the name of your user account, and the name of the file that is not working, if you like. I am busy working on a new version of Datapad now, but it is a "background" task so it could take a while. One thing that is not working is custom built (crafted) items, which I would like to get working for the next version.
  15. I set the limit to 40MB and tested with a file over 20MB in size. So, it should work now...
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