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  1. First of all, please make some effort to use the quote tool correctly so everyone can read your post easily. Take a look at everyone else´ s posts please. Second, do not distort what I have told you. You said that listbuilding does not matter. I told you that was not true. Listbuilding is important. Can you win with a bad list? Yes. Can you approach with a mediocre list to a big tournament with top tier players with top tier lists (or at least people with your level of skills) and expect to win? Fast answer, no. Maybe you can get some wins due to dumb luck or big mistakes from your rival (even top tier players made mistakes sometimes) but at the end of the day, you are going to be mopped a lot. I am sorry to bring it to you but listbuilding is **** important in this game. Is it better to be a good player than having a good list? Of course. But when you arrive to a BIG tournament you need to be good and to have a decent list at least.
  2. That is just not true. List selection is truly important. And I am not saying "Best list wins". I am saying that if you go to a tournament with a list out of the 50% of efficiency you are going down hard vesus the top tier players with a 95% list.
  3. Well, as a matter of fact. I do. I have both the points of victory and the destructed points per army. Neither of them is any good for the T47. In fact, their lists are the only one who had their entire army destroyed more than once per league. In fact they have the bigger difference in points of victory by far (being them the losing side). One game out of ten maybe is won by an anomaly. 62 games out of 63 is in no way a cause of anomalies. The TOP8 of our league (myself included) are people who have been playing since Legion was avalaible. We bought our ATSTs and our T47s the first day and we have been playing them a lot because at first, we did not have many other options. In fact, that could have been an advantageous for us because newer players did not play so much vs a T47. It appears that advantage was not enough for any of us. When enough data is provided you certainly can do some asumptions and when the data is just enormous...
  4. Yes, they do not alter their lists over the course of the entire League. No, we do not keep battle reports of the 67 games. You can think we are falling under a fundamental attribution error or the simpler explanation that the best top8 in the first league where somehow hindered by the inclusion of expensive ineffective heavy options. Or maybe is just an incredible coincidence which happened in 39 games out of 40 (24/24 in the first league). I think you have more than enough data now but it is ok if you want to know what did we have for breakfast and if it somehow hindered our performance with the T47 😉
  5. Luke can move as he likes, he can move forward, sideways of backwards. He does not need arc for shooting and if he is in melee he cannot be targeted by ranged attacks. If I had to explain to you why Luke is "Hot stuff" and the T47 is just "Hoth stuff" I think we are going to be here for a long time. And now I will give you some data about the T47. Here (in the north of Spain) I have a pretty large community and we have the LEGION ABACO League (ABACO being my association of gamers). We have a 24 players each 6 months and we are currently playing the 3rd one. We make one 1 army list for the entire league (5 games and a top8cut). The first league had 2 ATST and 3 T47 players. All of them went 0-5 except one ATST player who was in the same group than another T47 player so he went 1-4 thanks to winning the game vs the T47 player. At the beginning of the 2nd league we made a rule for the las top8 players. They were obligated to include an ATST (if imperial) or a T47 (if rebel). Same players and this second time there were no T47 or ATST except the last top8 players. Results? There were 5 T47 players and 3 ATST players and just one of them did ok (an ATST player who went 3-2 not making the cut either). Checking the excel of the 2nd League I see 2 T47 players making a 0-5, 2 making a 1-4 (both of them vs ATST or T47) and a last one making a 2-3 (one vs ATST the other one vs "a regular list"). Now, you do not know the group but I can assure you it is a very hardcore group with a lot of experience in wargames and in legion in particular. And I am pretty sure about what does it mean a complete shake up in a top8 cut when the same players play a second league (well, all but one who was replaced for another member of the group, neither of them made the cut anyway).
  6. And what about anger? Without an aim token Vader is not reliable at all throwing the saber vs cover (light or heavy). And one great threat for Vader is Luke and the Wookies charging towards him. But with 8 wounds he usually survives a charge just to make a not totally destroyer attack. (6/8 without attack surge). BUT. With anger you can chop 2 wookies/attack or hurt Luke badly. I do not dare to say Anger is better than any of the other force powers for Vader but I play "TriggeredVader" sometimes. So out of this 4 powers what are your favourites: Saber throw, Force reflexes, Force push, Anger, Choke For me saber throw and force push are a must have. And then I have to choose between Anger and Force Reflexes. I do not see many chances for choke in my lists. What is your opinion about Anger?
  7. In a tournament? -4. Thank you so much for limiting your options with the T47 and not bring rebel spam+wonder twins+snipers. It is just an easy win.
  8. This. Maybe Boba will be far from the medical droid but it is so easy to keep the deathtroopers near a unit of stormies with DLT and medical droid.
  9. Not disagreeing completely, just adding info. Anyway, as I have pointed out, if all 3 teams are at least "wounded" it is really easy to put the last guy down even in heavy cover. The advantage provided by sniper is not their kill count but the extra activations. You can deal with that in turns 1-2 with a bit of ranged firepower (and if you are running Han + 6x fleet troopers then assume you are going to take some damage from them).
  10. Leia has sharpshooter 2 so she ignores cover. How is it relevant then for the sniper team to be in cover? Leia has a 76.56% of scoring 2 hits out of 2 red dice. 2 of the 3 attacks you get both hits easy and for the third one you can always use your aim token. So, almost 95% of the time, you get 2 hits in the 3 attacks from orbital attack. Then enemy snipers only saves with white dice with surge. So every time Leia hits with both red dice, the sniper team has a 44.44% of dying both, a 44.44 of losing one soldier, and a 11.11% of surviving both. So if Leia hits all your sniper teams you can loose a lot of activations (and if only one survives he is easy prey for other snipers, single DLTs or something with range 4).
  11. Do not worry, this things happen in forums That is true but has 3 important problems associated. -If all goes well it is still an expensive bait. You spend your 0 pip card to shoot twice Palpatine in cover (you go for him, not the other way around) and you get 0,5 wounds on the bad guy. -In many situations that approach means you are 1 range ahead of your army with Han. If not, sometimes Palp can NYWD the rest of your units when Han retreats. This possible advanced position can generate a situation where half army shoots at Han and you do not shoot back because of range. (Not counting the usual advantage in weapon range the Empire already has). -As you point out, you do not spend NYWD if you are not sure is going to hit somebody. If playing a "same as you-level opponent" it is a risky bait for Han who is not the best tool for dealing damage to the empy. My normal approach with Palpatine Vs Rebels is deploying every 100% blocking LOS scenery avalaible in the middle, possibly near objectives. Then I play a couple turns the game of attrition shooting from range 4 with DLTs and snipers giving the opponent two options. Either they hide in heavy cover and pray for good dice or they go for the middle risking a close range battle with Palpy and IRG. It is not easy to play with the expensive old guy (specially comparing him with Boba) but it is really funny XD
  12. +1. They are named Phase 1 clones for a reason. My bet is Phase II comes out 1st quarter of 2020
  13. That would be wrong. Emperor IS in heavy cover. Cover is a permanent state and then, sharpshooter modifies it ONLY when the attack is done. Anyway, you know what I meant now Incorrect. Palpy deals 1.5 crits and 2.25 hits to Han per Round. So in heavy cover, 2 wounds average. And that is without aim. You cannot shoot with Han to Palpy and not get shooted back. Palpy is not going to move "just to the border of range 2". He is going to keep just 1 cm out of it so if you want to shoot him (to almost no effect) then he is going to shoot you back.
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