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  1. I think you are not getting the idea. I think he means surge to defend. If you "save" just 1 stormtrooper you already save more than the cost of the card. Same goes for Vader.
  2. Sorry, as I said, he already has 4 lightsabers. Maybe he can get a command card to get more dice or aim tokens.
  3. I am sorry but he already uses 4 lightsabers. Each of his 2 weapons is called "Trophy lightsaberS" so 2x2=4.
  4. 50 points to Gryffindor for effort. I agree with you and yes, the bikes are "the lesser evil". If you have to shoot you in the leg before a game the bikes at least give you some firepower to pay for its points. Another point. One T47 = 1 activation. 2 bike units = 2 activations.
  5. The most helpful thing you have ever posted. Thanks (no sarcasm, I swear I am really trying to improve my english). Yep, that I knew (but thank you anyway). Also you did not appear to be agnostic about the T47 in any way at the beginning of the post. Hey, I see you trolling, at least I am laughing back. Totally true. But remember, the bikes have movement 3 also. Having better features than some unit does not make it better at all. Well, that is a fact that applies only to you. I have watched/played more than enough games (not recorded though) with the T47 involved so I suggest you do the same if you find yourself lacking knowledge about the speeder. I am afraid you are so wrong here. You can do a lot if you know the initial position of the speeder. Who talked about a single DLT? At least you are going to have a pair of extra activations so even in your "safe round" you are going to get shot. How about a pair of stormtrooper units? That´ s just 0.875 crits and 2.75 hits. Then you get one aim token (or two, who knows if Veers is around). Counting the aim token you reroll 3 dice and get a total of 1.250 crits and more than 3 hits (so you ignore the cover 1 or 2 of the speeder or if you lose a trooper or 2 you still have enough guys to use "Impact 1"). So nop, after armor and defending you get more than 0.5 wounds. More like 3-4 wounds with a pair of DLT. And that is with a pair of squads. We better not talk about the next round when you are just in the middle of the fray. And all that counting that is a low priority target due to its lack of attacking power which is meh at best for its cost. But all this has been written down in this post once and twice and... n times. So yes, I think you are deliberate ignoring the data you do not like or simply trolling. Until next time!
  6. You do not understand. He can "outmanoeuvre" you denying your cover (any kind), shoot at you with his range 3 guns but you cannot shoot it back with your range 4 DLTs because reasons. It is not like the vector of approach could be spotted from miles away...🙄 But it is OK, sure, bringing that T47 is going to cost the activation advantage but the T47 is going to shoot last without any retaliation at all. Because it is dope I suppose.
  7. You just have described you. You said that tournaments with a low number of games played did not matter. I gave you a lot of data from almost a hundred games between two leagues. You said that did not matter without giving you the results from players with a T47. I gave you that also. Trapped by your own requisites being delivered you began asking for the impossible like video recordings from every match (yep, I am sure everybody here keeps about 200 hours of their leagues recorded just for you to check it 🤣) Well, at least you are (slowly) beginning to process the facts. At the beginning of your speech the T47 was OP and now you are just agnostic about it. Maybe next year you will discover why snipers are a good unit in the meta and why the T47 is not in that place. Good luck
  8. You sure have the time but I doubt you have any ability to do a productive thing with it (at least Legion related) Maybe a humbler opinion will help your case.
  9. Do not worry, it is not you, it is him You can point out the millisecond in which Alex Davy said it and it will not matter a bit. Keep calm and let this post die, kill it if you have to 🤣
  10. You can always have the Cantina Band fan t-shirt but I must warn you, they have cancelled the tour to Alderaan.
  11. 1- They do not have to. And that is not true. 2.- Not true again. 3.- Do not average anything vs cover. Again, you just fly fast, you do not make area cover, walls and buildings disappear. User error is using the T47 pretending it will be a good idea for winning a game.
  12. Sorry but they are right. Mortar is a CORPS option.
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