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  1. You mean in Worlds Championships? Probably yes, they were there.
  2. In the face of the approaching Polish Independence Day, I wanted to present the painting of several ships. They are based on the camouflage of Polish P-11 fighters from the beginning of the Second World War.
  3. Fire sparks trio - new repaint of Reaper, Tie Advanced and Tie Interceptor.
  4. It was a method like sponge, but instead sponge I used brush do get those inregular edges.
  5. Shuttle Milka a.k.a. Blue-milk hauler heading Your way...
  6. The Grey Ghost. Latest and most complicated repaint that I'm very proud of it
  7. I really don't know why I didn't post it here. Those are some of my old repaints of K-Wing and Outrider in orange color:
  8. Hi again. This is time to show you some Sabine paintings: Dial T-70
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