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  1. Yes, if it's a two-player game the game would end immediately. What I was talking about was a house rule for 3 or more players. I thought it seemed harsh to kick a player out of the game as soon as his capitol was captured, then they just sit around or leave while the other players play out the string. This is also gives the possibility for them to achieve a different victory type. Now of course once the military civ captures all the capitols, then the game does end immediately.
  2. One house rule we have used is that a military victory does not eliminate the 'defeated' player from the game. If you take a capital city, put one of your flags over their capital. That player stays in the game and can win other victories, but they cannot win a military victory while another flag is planted on their capital.
  3. Hi all! I've been playing Civilization the board game and the Wisdom and Warfare expansion for about 10 months now, and love the game! Have played Civ on the PC since the mid-90s as well. I'm working to make some house rules and miniatures for replacing the combat system, to allow for 1 unit per square combat using dice. Does anyone have experience with doing this? Was thinking of making a combat system with 3 units types (Infantry, Artillery, and Mounted), and 4 era's (Ancient, Medieval, Industrial, Modern), just as in the base game. Each unit type in each era would have a unique miniature (with some Civ's even having a culture-specific miniature). The combat would be dice-based, with the era of the model corresponding to the number of dice rolled. Ancient unit = 1 die, Medieval = 2 dice, and so on. Highest roll wins combat, very simple. With some modifiers to the rules for rock/paper/scissors, and the Biology/Mathematics/etc combat bonuses, as well. The aim would be to give the game more of an intuitive (ie, Civ for the computer) feel and remove the abstraction from combat. Thoughts?
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