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  1. the idea sounds great - lots of opportunities for god rpg! I would think of the other powers that would have a say in appointment of the new baron administrator. it should not be just enough to gamble and win the position - you should really be able to sell Lando to whatever powerful groups that have interest in Bespin. I would look into who those groups might be and what they would want to achive. This would lead to some more specific tasks for the PCs in order to prove that Lando is resourceful and tough enough to take the position.
  2. I have no issues with splitting the party up in terms of dividing attention between players - maybe I am justlucky wiht my players staying engaged even if they only do a couple of dice rolls for a whole session. The problem I have as a GM is making sure the party split works fine in terms of the information sharing. having comlinks helps a lot, but sometimes I want to have diffrerent players not knowing what's happening with the others, but just can't pull it off when everyone is at the same table. the only way around this is obviously to avoid such situations, but I do feel that I am missing so much opportunities this way...
  3. my team also uses headsets/built-in comlinks i actually find comlinks a very useful tool to overcome inevitable meta-gaming. in Star Wars the team very often splits up to pull off complex tasks - in a classic D&D game it is always painful (at least to me it is ) to manipulate information sharing when PCs split up and are not supposed to know what's going with the rest of the team. in a SW game it is normal for the players to on different sides of the planet/different ships and be able to communicate through open team channel instantly. this also opens doors for muliple oher mechanics such as scrambling/tracing/intercepting communication and invites PCs to inbest in their gear too.
  4. Act 2 is poorly written for relatively new GM/PCs - it assumes the PCs are ready to dive into social role-playing, while they are most likely still getting used to the system and require some more linear narative to drive them. I've done rety much the same as you described in our campaign and would generally recommend to skip Act 2 and save such enounters for later. Just go with whatever feels logical for your team/narrative and it will work just fine. the rest of the adventure plays well without this part.
  5. I would sometimes allow my PCs to do an opposed Coordination/Athletics check vs Enemy's attaching check (mainly melee or brawl), if the situation is appropriate and the player is able to sell it to me
  6. I was just throwing in an idea, but essentially you can get whatever your sould desires (within reasonable boundries). if we take whip-sword as an exapmle (you just google the appropriate picture): - it is difficult to craft - I'd require the PC to find a skilled weaponmaster on an appropriate world for a custom order like this. It would also take some time to produce (maybe also specific materials to be provided to the weaponmaster). I would rule that the base price would be around 2-3k + appropriate rarity modifiers depending on circumstances. Pricing would require some further consideration of course. - it would definitely have the ensnare quality, but perhaps also sunder, vicious, pierce and/or cortosis - as the case may be. if the whip option is not activated it ca be used as a normal sword an have a defensive quality as well. - also, it could be worn like a belt giving advantage in case you would want to hide it or secretely wear it past security. again, this is just an example - everything is possible subject to your discussion with a GM :))) a cane sword? a chainsaw-sword? a gun-sword? just name it :))))
  7. awesome! have you got a hi-def version of this pic?
  8. Very true. I think every GM learns this lessor quickly - if you start to play dirty with your PCs, they will constantly feel threatened and will be trying to outsmart you all the time instead of playing the game. the other thing is that the PCs sometimes want to leave someone behind not for the safety of the ship but for other tactical/narrative reasons, and you must be prepared to such turns.
  9. one of my players wanted to get a custom bow and arrows badly. We've worked from the options available in th books and came up with this: bow arrows I myself would rather go for the energy bow, but my player goes "less damage, more fun" which is actually very true in practice.
  10. thank you for your toughts! Indeed this issue is much deeper than one can originall think. I am being more and more reassured that I should go with the flow and be ready to support the PCs staing on the ship than trying to resist their plans. also, fully agree that PCs who stay on the ship should not be penalized. From my point of view - they are deliverately making a choice to stay out of the main adventure so they should sometimes even be awarded. I recall one time my players have roleplayed how they've killed time on boad of the ship so awesome, so the group that went on adventuring wished they could be back "home" on the ship))) not to mention splitting up the team - I was thinking of starting another thread on this actually when I have a moment to put my thoughts together on this issue.
  11. this is just a "perfect GM" I am trying to be (failing all the time with great fun in the process) :)))
  12. thanks for the comment! our game is very much cinematic. I have initially thought about this being my PCs reaction to some of the ruses I've tried to pull off and them just trying to overplay me instead of playing the game. We've discussed this and it seems that the problem is a bit different. The players do think that this is exactly what the characters would have done cause it is smarter. and if you think of any cinematic examples of the same situations this would only support this view. so the main responses to the problem I have so far (much similar to the points proposed above) are also meant to be plausible and cinematic (rather than purely mechanical): - leave NPC (including droid) behind to play this backup role - ensure the environment feels safe (instead of me just telling them that it is safe) that the PCs want to all go - the story makes the PCs feel that they all must go (again, not me telling them that this is the case - has to be their choice) the second thing would be to be ready for situations where some of the players still decide to stay so that they don't feel. I don't really like the idea of PCs actually being left out of the session and using this as an incentive to take different decision next time. This does ultimately feel like meta-gaming to me. I would even give all PCs same base XP for the session so they would only have less options to get bonus XP.
  13. as an alternative to using a clawdite, there is also an "Outlaw Tech Flesh Camouflage Set" which provides for an ability to termporarily shapeshift. it seems more flexible and easier to manage in terms of in-game mechanics. Since it comes at a high cost, so you can give it to your PC at expense of some starting XP points, or make it a small adventure of its own to get one.
  14. Thank you all, guys, for the feedback! This is pretty much what I've been doing myself, but it is always very helpful and reassuring to see how you all tackle similar issues.
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