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  1. I see, that is good to know, thanks! ^^
  2. Thanks for the reply! 1) Yeah, that was my understanding as well, it just triggered me how many people said that this was possible and lots of people said it is not, so it is hard to know who is right. 2) Ah, I see. So that "negative" 1 is not a withdraw move, it kinda looks a "-1", dunno if that was their intention. 3) Nice! It is a good command order then. 4) Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. 5) Also sweet, funny thing was I didn't had to use this. Somehow I positioned well the Airspeeder to attack both sides and did some good attacks with it. But it is good to know in case something goes wrong to get those double arcs firing, lol. 6) Ah, true, nice tip out there. Again, thanks for the replyes!
  3. Hello all. I started to play Legion recently and got a few doubts... I hope someone can help me out: 1) Leia's "No time for sorrow (NTFS)" can issue an order for another commander like Luke Skywalker? Saw lots of people asking about if Leia's NTFS can trigger Luke's charge. I don't know if Luke can be counted as a "Trooper" since he is a Commander and can be issued an order from Leia, also I am not sure if Leia's NTFS free move counts as action move. 2) Leia's NTFS mentions "speed-1 move". Is that a withdraw movement or just a regular range 1 move? 3) How Leia' "Somebody have to save our skins" works? Right after Leia finish doing her 2 actions, I can activate another unit with her? 4) Just to be sure, what a "faceup order token" means? Faceup order token means that unit can be activated or it can't be activated because it was already activated this round? 5) Airspeeder with Wedge Antilles, how do you do a Full Pivot? I know a pivot is something like 90º, so a Full Pivot I can position the Airspeeder to any place I want or need to be exactly 90º, 180º, 270º or 360º? 6) Han Solo' "Sorry about the mess", is he always activated first with it or if my oponent have 1 pip command card, he can activate his unit first?
  4. Well, someone already wrote about capturing a SSD for the Rebels, so yeah, why not a Separatist ship? ?
  5. Indeed, but still doesn't look canon a Separatist ship to be a Rebel one, but oh well, would need to read those comics to understand why
  6. I have no idea if any of those references are canon or not, they sound EU to me as well
  7. And do we really need another Star Destroyer class for the imperials? ?
  8. I am liking where this is going, keep the good work, guys! Would love to play a HotAC version for Armada :3
  9. I would like, but that would turn squadrons more expensive... unless they could rise the squadron cost limit per fleet, that would be ok.
  10. This. We need a rebel huge ship, not another imperial huge ship. And not Clone Wars btw. Clone Wars needs their own Separatist and Republic factions if they ever get to Armada.
  11. Isn't it obvious? I don't have much time neither, but w/e. The Last Jedi was a horrible sequel for The Force Awakens. One movie have nothing to do with the other (althought the same can be said about episodes IV and V). But on TLJ, they changed every single aspect, so I will try to be short. 1) Ships running out of fuel in a stupid and pointless pursuit with nothing happening besides catapult shots being fired. Genious space battle script... 2) Characters lost all their personality from TFA and were forced remodeled in TLJ. Luke throwed away his lightsaber like it was a piece of ****. Kylo forgot about Darth Vader completely. Holdo x Poe fight was very stupid... my personal opinion, they killed Ackbar, Phasma (possibly) and Snoke leaving almost nothing for episode IX, and so on... 3) Luke drinking milk from an ET ****, what a nice thing to keep in the movie... 4) Porg$... 5) Kylo and Rey connection, shirtless, another weird scene to keep... 6) All the other blank plots on TLJ that everybody already talked and discussed about before. I don't even mind how Leia escaped alive or how they killed Luke or how Rey is so OP to defeat Luke, but everything else failed miserably for me. 7) What I liked: Poe defeating alone a big First Order ship (still a dumb move from the First Order with a comic dialogue between Poe and the FO officer) and that was the only thing I liked on the movie.
  12. 1) The horrible story written by Rian Johnson for The Last Jedi. If you liked TLJ, don't even try to argument with me. 2) Rian Johnson did exactly what Kathleen Kennedy wanted him to do and she fired other directors that thought differently of her. 3) Hooray! Next trilogy gonna be written by Rian Johnson with the total support of Kathleen Kennedy.
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