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  1. Hahahaha! Funny you should say that. I actually do have a webcomic! But it's not Star Wars related. It's called Mystery Babylon and I've been working on it for over 6 years! (Jeez!) I think it would be pretty amazing to draw some of our Star Wars RPG adventures in comic-form. Hard to find the extra time, but that's something I would looooove to do! If I actually do end up drawing something, even if its only a few pages, I will totally post them here. Or a least a link! (P.S. You guys are way too kind)
  2. Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I shared any arts with you guys, so I thought I would post some!!! I've got some new fake comic covers from our current adventures: This was actually our original cast of PC characters. Look how young and sweet and alive they all are! *lol* And last (but certainly never least) a little love from Darth Syren for all of you. ♥
  3. Here's a little cute drawing of my current PC, Pips and her gf Hylo Sortuli! I just figured out recently that Hylo is a legit NPC from the Dead in the Water adventure, which I thought was pretty awesome! We have so many great NPCs in our campaign, I have no idea which ones are based in the FFG books! Anyways, I guess she's mine now! *lol*
  4. Dang. Love these ladies. Fantastic art, too! If these ladies showed up in our campaign, I'm pretty sure the other players would throw their Jedi Code straight out the window *lol*
  5. HAHAHA! YES! Oh they totally would be! They probably have a lot in common... just being badass ladies with special pheromone powers, if nothing else! ♥
  6. Here's some new fake comic covers from our ongoing adventures. Things were tough for the good guys last week... and for some of the baddies too! :'( Curse you, evil Empire!
  7. Maelora!! Love the newest arts of Kandy and the Gunslinger! Not only do they look like fun characters, but I have a special appreciation for the detail in the artwork for the guns! Daaang! Kandy seems like she could give Mara Jade a run for her money for hottest redhead haha ♥ DaFloh! Also appreciating the craaaaazy amount of detail in your character designs! They look like a pair of trouble-makers, for sure!
  8. Suma99, love the characters! They definitely look like they belong in a cartoon show. Amli just looks/sounds like she would be my fav to watch hahaha! But they are all just bursting with personality. Metushelah, digging the pixel art too!! Even in pixel form I can tell Prince Illar has a sweet haircut.
  9. Kinda! I upload Star Wars arts to my Tumblr every once in awhile... as well as my other art stuff (and the occasional dorky pic) You can check it out here! http://kick-girl.tumblr.com/ I don't want to spam the Forum with 10000 arts, but I have been enjoying drawing fake "comic covers" of our weekly Star Wars adventures. Here's a few I liked! There's more online on the Tumblr too. I never ever get tried of drawing Star Wars stuff hahaha
  10. *lol* Probably not! I do miss her as a PC. All she ever really wanted was a little love... But it all worked out. She's more fun this way. Hahaha! The NPC body count continues to rise! I can easily picture your group being lone wanderers... It's hard to find ancient treasures if you tell everyone about what you're up to! I suppose I could picture a rival treasure hunting gang getting in your way more often than not! Or it's always fun to introduce the group to an old quirky family member/friend/former romance. I tend to really love the reoccurring friends/foes. ♥
  11. I love the music and I love the pink!! I approve!
  12. RicoD! Ahaha, well, I give my GM most of the credit when it comes to creating the most iconic characters. But I think he takes a lot of influence from stuff he sees on this very forum! So it all comes full-circle! And YEAH! I love that Despair symbol haha! Darth Syren has taken control of an ever-growing, cult-like army called "The New Sith Order" Since I'm terrible at logo design, I've decided to just go with the despair symbol to represent her evil faction. When she was a PC character, rolling despairs seemed to be her normal thing. (for better or for worse!) Absol197! AHAHAHA! Yes, poor Syren. She lost her arm saving the lives of the group. She joined the baddies in a deal to spare their lives. Dang, she so badly wanted to romance 2 other PC characters back in those days.... but no one wanted a romance with her!!! Can you believe that! *lol* I bet they are regretting that now.
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