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  1. 1.0.3 Opened up the app this morning. Immediately clicked 'create new squad'. Picked "extended". Picked "Scum". A screen appeared with the 'add ship' button but the name of the squad showed as one of my existing, saved squads. Changed the name. Built my squad. Saved. It OVERWROTE my old squad that had the same name as it had when i clicked 'create new squad' above. I thought this was supposed to be fixed in 1.0.3? Seriously FFG - you should have just made an API and let 3rd party developers make the apps. That, or just bought it from an existing 3rd party dev.
  2. I had this question too - X-wing.com is just advertising. It NEEDS to be the squad builder app.
  3. 2.0 expansions will be more expensive.
  4. Chaotix

    New scum falcon

    Scyks and Kihraxzs definately look scummy. They're brown, dirty and all around brawlers. Protectorate is Mandelorian, so without a Manadlorian faction it makes sense to place it in the scum faction. A shiny 'new' ship that already exists as two previous iterations doesn't make a lick of sense to me and seems redundant and wasteful.
  5. Chaotix

    new factions?

    I want to see a Mandelorian (sp?) faction.
  6. Chaotix

    New scum falcon

    But honestly - a THIRD falcon? We need new ships - not rehashed stuff just because it's popular among the masses. It just seems redundant at this point.
  7. Chaotix

    New scum falcon

    I don't need a 3rd falcon model. Not a fan of the 'new' design in SOLO. Doesn't even look scummy. FFG should just release pilot, chit, and upgrade cards. Nobody wants a 3rd model (except for "That guy". Most of us aren't "That guy".)
  8. Hey for multiplayer availability, let's just use Google Calendar. Add your "Name" and the times you are available: https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=ajhxcTBsbGYwYmZxOGZnYWcydWtndmZma29AZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ For creating recurring events, click "More options" when creating an event. Not sure if it matters, but the calendar is in Pacific Time.
  9. I had a crash last night - I believe Dengar died, but had a retaliation shot to be completed before he was taken off the board. The program didn't know what to do by the looks of it (Dengar was already removed, but without his retaliation attack. Debug console showed something about this, but I couldn't decipher it).
  10. Chaotix

    Synced Turret

    Requiring arc for modifications on a turret is just plain silly imho. Requiring a TL for a turret is even more silly.
  11. Pssh... I took out a ghost with Guri over 5 rounds. Not a big deal.
  12. Chaotix


    They haven't errata'd Zuckuss for huge ships yet...
  13. Huh... I always thought the attacker's closest to closest would matter. Good info thx. (not a newb - just never used this ship before)
  14. Chaotix

    PS 9 Pilots

    It won't be a Falcon - that's for sure. YT-1300 with Dengar in a squad? ya, no. As long as Han doesn't show up in a YT-1300, i'd be cool with him coming to the scum side.
  15. Here's a FAQ release history. I found it interesting. It's been 189 days since the last FAQ. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16cx7c3Xc-CoRpqapeZQt-FzNqgK4ugkohjK8gpRUG2k/edit
  16. 3-hard actually put it at range 2 according to vassal, but you're right. there are very limited options for avoiding your own bomb, launched forwards with a 5-straight maneuver using a large-base ship.
  17. I am not sure that works. Xizor IS hit by the attack, but the damage is offloaded to another ship.
  18. Chaotix

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Is this application not supported anymore? I know Ynot hasn't had a chance to develop with the original developer (VERY sorry for your loss Ynot), but the original developer hasn't touched it since he 'reclaimed' the application it seems. Is this application done? Nothing is being done. More effort was put into it prior to the original developer taking it back - now that he 'reclaimed' the application, more and more bugs are reported, but nothing is being dealt with. I'm starting to think someone (possibly me) should just redo this app from the ground up.
  19. I basically set up in an offset pattern grouped in a swarm. I kept them in a swarm for the most part - except when I couldn't./
  20. So we had an escalation tournament on the weekend. I brought a unique list of my own creation, and won the tourney surprisingly! Let's take a look, shall we? For those that don't know what an 'escalation' is, it is a tournament where you bring 4 different (but similar) lists. The first one is 60 points, second is 90, third is 120, and the final list is 150 points. Each list must contain all upgrades, pilots, and ships from the previous list. You can add upgrade cards, but not remove them. So, here was my first list for 60 points: M3-A Interceptor: •Serissu (21) Attanni Mindlink (1) M3-A Interceptor: •Genesis Red (20) Attanni Mindlink (1) M3-A Interceptor: •Inaldra (18) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) Total: 59/60 Pretty awful right? Well it is. I knew this going in, and lost my first match against a rebel list with an ARC170 and Captain Rex. Without any mods aside from Attanni, things were WEAK man. But I had a method to my madness. I kinda knew I may lose the first match, and I did. The second match consisted of the following list: M3-A Interceptor: •Serissu (26) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) Tractor Beam (1) M3-A Interceptor: •Genesis Red (26) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) M3-A Interceptor: •Inaldra (18) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) M3-A Interceptor: •Sunny Bounder (20) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Total: 90/90 List is looking a little better, right? The Heavy Scyk and Manglers did their job well. The surprise was Pulsed Ray Shield. This upgrade became invaluable as it offered my scyks 1-forwards as well as regen. The regen was huge. I went up against a new player, playing Poe, an A-wing, and another T70. Since he was new, I completely decimated him, but I got a better idea on how to fly my list. Mangler, pulsed ray, mangler, turn around, pulsed ray, manglermangler mangler. It works insanely good. Especially with Attanni. Tractor Beam did it's job well as well, placing ships where I needed them. My 3rd match: M3-A Interceptor: •Serissu (26) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) Tractor Beam (1) M3-A Interceptor: •Genesis Red (28) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) M3-A Interceptor: •Laetin A'shera (20) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) M3-A Interceptor: •Inaldra (24) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) M3-A Interceptor: •Sunny Bounder (22) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Total: 120/120 This match was against a seasoned player, and I usually don't do well against him. He was GOOD. I managed to corral him to where I needed him though, and managed a full win. I lost a couple ships, but managed to pull out the win. Again, pulsed ray shield was amazing. Sure, you are advertising your position, but these scyks are insanely hard to hit with focus, evade, and 3 green dice (sometimes 4 or 5 depending!). He complimented me on my list, which made me feel good. The final matchup was VERY tough. My opponent had: 1 YV-666 1 Shadow Caster 1 Firespray with Tail Gunner 2 contracted scouts My list was: M3-A Interceptor: •Serissu (26) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) Tractor Beam (1) M3-A Interceptor: •Genesis Red (28) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) M3-A Interceptor: •Laetin A'shera (26) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) "Mangler" Cannon (4) M3-A Interceptor: •Quinn Jast (24) Guidance Chips (0) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) Ion Pulse Missiles (3) M3-A Interceptor: •Inaldra (24) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) Attanni Mindlink (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) M3-A Interceptor: •Sunny Bounder (22) Pulsed Ray Shield (2) "Heavy Scyk" Interceptor (2) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Total: 150/150 5 big ships against my little scyks. I was scared. Looking across the table with 5 ships taking up the entire edge of the board was intimidating. I thought for SURE I was done, but we met for a joust (!) and managed to survice the initial engagement, taking the Slaver down early in the first 2 rounds of firing (Ion pulse missiles helped here). We bumped like crazy for a couple more rounds until I could get away for a few regens, then came back. took out a Scout, then another the following round with his unlucky pulls from the damage deck. 2 crits - both double damage. That was the turning point of the match I believe. I made short work of his Firespray, losing about 3 ships at this point. Working on his Shadow Caster I lost another ship so it was down to 2 of my scyks against his almost full Shadow Caster. My greens, evades, and focuses pulled though (as well as regen!) and I got the win. Everyone was amazed that 6 little scyks could take down 5 big ships like that (soooo many hull and shields to chew through!) But the scyks are VERY hard to hit. So what do you think of this list? Everyone thought I flew well, but I fully realize that Attanni Mindlink is what did a lot of the work here. I personally believe it to be OP, but I know opinions vary.
  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/6juix5/an_escalation_story/
  22. Curious! Is Lion Rampant Imports no longer handling FFG's product entering Canada? Who is the new distributor?
  23. Chaotix

    Ynot Squad Benchmark

    Who is supporting this application now? Is the github repository still the place updates are occurring, or did the original developer 'take it back' so-to-speak? Where do we submit bug reports? How can we request changes? Things seem a little up in the air again since the original developer took it over again.
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