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  1. only reason I bring this point up it to look at existing weapons and trying to rebuild. (standard difficulties so no chance at despair) eg. Heavy Blaster Pistol would need to generate a roll of 2 adv/triumph (stun setting), 3 adv/triumph (destructive), 1 threat (heavy), 3 threat (ammunition-inefficient) total of 5 adv and 4 threat, or 2 triumphs and 4 threat. if adv and threat negate as per standard rules you would have to depend on the triumphs. which mean the chance of making a heavy blaster pistol become extremely high for a common weapon. if you try and recreate alot of the basic weapons you will find they depend on a combination of adv and threats to help define their flaws and improvements.
  2. love the look of the craft section. just a quick question about crafting. Under the rules, step 3: construction - no where does it say that advantages and disadvantages cancel out, it states that the player spends advantage and triumphs and the GM spends disadvantage and threats. my interpretation to this is that the whole dice pool gets used for improvements and flaws. just noticed that your tool only allows for either advantage or disadvantage to be selected with a number beside it.
  3. First off, have to say, love the tool. Just notice a few things: 1.) Heavy Energy Rifle (Template) list at 400 credits, should be 1000 2.) having issues with melee weapons and the "Add Damage Mod", this adds damage to a Damage line not the Damage Mod line 3.) taking a heavy blaster pistol and adding 1.) Blaster Actuating Module (modded +1 damage, +1 pierce), 2.) Rapid-Recharge XCiter (modded 2x decrease inaccurate), listed still a total of 4 set back dice 4.) Vibro-Bayonet Attachment - it is adding +1 enc, (as per book this should not be the chase, does not list any additional encrumbrance value) I have been able to use the data editor to correct a few of these issues, but just wondering where I can find the "Add Damage Mod" entries, so I can correct those. And again, the tool is great and I appreciate all your work into it.