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  1. This list seems like it can pack a punch and have some staying power: Obi-Wan (53) -7b (17) -R4 (2) Ahsoka Tano (47) - Predictive Shot (4) Wolffe (51) -R5 ( 4) -Palpatine (14) -veteran tail gunner (4) -expert handling (4) obiwan can keep focus tokens on Wolffe when he gets a double attack, Ahsoka can keep give who needs i a 2nd action and palp can punish your opponent for attacking Wolffe. It seems fun to me
  2. In the official x wing squad builder app, or is this a different app?
  3. Still nothing, i have an iPhone, maybe it hasn’t been pushed to Apple yet?
  4. I’m still not seeing it, my app says it’s up to date but I don’t see any republic anything? Help?
  5. Anyone have a link? I can’t find it on the website?
  6. So she basically has Vader’s ability but can share it too? Seems really strong!
  7. Can somebody help clarify ashoka’s pilot ability. When she spends a force to let an ally at range 0-1 take an action even while stressed, is that an extra action. So she moves, spends a force to perform an action, then still gets her normal action? for allies as well, they perform action after she moves and their normal? Or does it just allow them to take their normal action even if stressed?
  8. Nice deducing! That seems like a really good ability
  9. Well that makes me much more excited for it!
  10. Can anyone with better eyesight then me make out some of the text on the Naboo starfighter cards? it looks like young Ani has 1 force charge. It has a sensor and astromech slot and looks like a new torpedo or missile. also, can someone clarify the ship ability? I think it says, “after you fully execute a speed 3-5 maneuver you may perform an evade action” it doesn’t say free evade action, só does that count as your action for the turn or do you get to evade and do your regular action?
  11. “Four naked generics” that sounds like something I’d be scared of, terrified even.
  12. I’d like to see an ability to swap stress for Force tokens. Something like: “whenever you pay one force point you may gain one stress to recover one force point and whenever you gain 1 stress you may pay one force point to clear one stress” maybe expand it to include friendlys at range 0-2 also, since you are friends with Yoda would you mind introducing me?
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