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  1. I live in Sweden so that wasn't a problem for me. 🙂 But if this tiny shop got them restocked i'm guessing they will show up at most retailers quite soon.
  2. I had all the books (except Hour of the Huntress wich i already had) pre-ordered. They're all marked as shipped for me as of yesterday. Ordered from https://www.alltpaettkort.se/ (Swedish site). Seems like they got about 10 of each copy in.
  3. Finally! Now I was hoping for Innsmouth, I really was. Or a cycle that involves the criminal world of Arkham. But this has great potential too. After the madness of "Forgotten Age" I think its smart to bring it back to Arkham and make it a little more grounded. I like the Silver Twilight Lodge, they're a shady bunch. I have never cared much for Diana Stanley, I feel her whole backstory is one of the more uninspired ones in the mythos. But she fits in the cycle for sure. From a gameplay perspective she seems more interesting. I have a feeling some nice cancellation cards will se the light of day in this cycle, which could make her quite fun to play.
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