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  1. Is the character you are granting the talent already Force sensitive? Uncanny Senses is a Force sensitive talent.
  2. RAW = rules as written. You can find them in the books. That is generally opposed to RAI (rules as intended) which are sometimes clarified by dev answers, or other contradictions within a book or across the line.
  3. Could be spending on the usual chart, or some other kind of bonus. Maybe on Bad Motivator, the issue doesn't come up until the key moment rather than immediately, or the bad guys don't notice the issue.
  4. Just for a note, you only have one career, this would be a subsequent spec. I'd go squadron leader. It gets you some great leadership, along with some awesome (I think 2 ranks in Defensive Driving) piloting talents.
  5. I uninstalled and re-installed my PDF printer and it works again. I also use PDF creator and it has (other than this moment) been great.
  6. I just started having this problem out of the blue. Did you figure out a solution?
  7. I think you're looking at it backward. A BH with the fame obligation generally wants to increase their fame. So time out of the spotlight and under the radar should raise it (since higher obligation is bad) and big contracts and success should lower it. It's effectively that little voice in her head telling her to keep pushing. If she's a little too famous, I'd swap it to Notoriety or something that makes it a little more logical for overexposure.
  8. Superior does not require a hit to generate the advantage, but the Bantha's Eye does.
  9. I think Oggdude generally has it set up to only show stuff on the dice pool if it is a blanket modifier. So if you have Manipulate's Control node that adds your FR to all mechanics checks, that shows up, but it wouldn't include something that only goes in a combat check at short range.
  10. Yeah, from the article it sounds like they are just reprinting. Basically no work (I assume) on their end to make money. Little bit of risk to cannibalize the current product, but in the end they are different enough that I don't see a big issue.
  11. Another thing to remember is that you can't use Ebb/Flow if you are rolling Force dice for something else in combat, like an Unleash check, the Brawl part of Enhance, or Hawk-Bat Swoop. You are never prevented from using Balance at the end of an encounter.
  12. Maybe keep brawn down, and use enhance to boost your brawl roll? That way you could easily get a 3-X-3/4-3-X-X characteristic setup which should meet your needs. Maybe start in Warden, it has some great talents to grab ahold of stuff.
  13. Perfect! Thanks for confirming. I have a warleader, but he doesn't shoot, so I haven't picked up that talent, I just know it's kicking around.
  14. I also wouldn't allow it given that there's a talent that lets the PC avoid friendly fire on a despair, I think it is in Warleader? This would make that talent much less awesome and unique.
  15. Piracy is an issue in a very select number of locations. However, none of them are between China (where I'm pretty sure they print) and Long Beach, CA where they are imported. Horn of Africa and Straights of Malacca are where you see the bulk of piracy these days.
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