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  1. It's working for me, what problems are you having with latest version of the Generator?
  2. Minor correction: The C-ROC Gozanti is missing a starboard mounted twin laser cannon. Also, when I go to upgrade one of the existing twin laser cannons, the count is shown as 1, instead of 2.
  3. If you have an iPad, then Fringer's Datapad may help you do do this kind of thing. Instead of using a print out, it provides an electronic version of Oggdude's character sheet.
  4. I could not agree more! It's all so complicated, and what for...? I honestly don't see why FFG did not just choose the simplest option and allow all defence/setback dice to stack! After all, the game is already heavily weighted in the direction of attack. Once you have a little experience, it is no problem to boost your main attack to 4 or 5 proficiency dice. Actually hitting is no longer a challenge, so what is the occasional 5 or 6 setback dice against that? Edit: boost --> setback (of course)
  5. I had the same problem as you: SWCharGen was unable to load any character files. Both old and newly created ones. I updated .NET to version 4.6.1. This actually fixed the issue! But please note: Oggy says he is still using .NET 4.0 for development, so I cannot guarantee that you will not end up with some other problem. I am just happy that I can load and save characters again...
  6. That's odd. I'm still using 4.0 for everything. I'll be upgrading in the next version, however, to support a new managed HTML solution. Hmmm... that is very strange. Before upgrading .NET it looked to me like SWCharGen could not read any character XML files at all. I tried a clean installation and even the new characters I created were not loaded. And export/import did not work either. Anyway, I am glad that it is working with NET 4.6.1, but if you are using 4.0, then I would not recommend others to upgrade unless they seen a similar effect.
  7. Clear the cache from the launcher. As I said before, it should do this automatically and I don't know why it's not. Thx, but this time it was a different problem: .NET was too old. I was using 4.0 which worked with SWCharGen 1.6.3. I updated to .NET 4.6.1 and everything works fine now! Thanks for the excellent program!
  8. Hi Oggy, Strange thing: after updating to 1.7.0 the Character Generator does not show any of my characters. My data is stored in a custom directory, so this is unexpected. The Data Editor correctly shows my custom DataSet, so I assume I have things setup correctly. I tried exporting all my characters using 1.6.3 and then importing into 1.7.0 but I get the error: "Not a valid character". Any help would be welcome. Thanks!
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