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  1. @SithArissa @Edgehawk @btmaja YOU AWAKE TO FIND YOURSELF IN A DARK ROOM please take 5 strain minus a resilience check (), if you roll a despair take wounds instead what do you do?
  2. standard OOC cflapery found here @btmaja Zeec Mejin @SithArissa Dashtha Skoove @Edgehawk Lance Deckard @player3333902 TBA @Sincereagape Pamalyn Stilead Destiny
  3. are you trying to be the "i'm shooting you from another postcode" kinda person? if so http://swrpg.viluppo.net/equipment/weapons/233/ i'll allow this
  4. Ah yes that's right you one of those who have posted a character
  5. @Hchar @Sincereagape @btmaja how are characters coming?
  6. i am fine a little bit of home brewing say for instance changing the given skills of a cybernetic implant for example cyber eyes from +1 vig and per to +1 space and planet
  7. i im going to start this campaign on the 8th you all have until then you post you characters (@player3333902 you are immune as you have told me you will be late)
  8. your a rodian so i think you got your will and presence mixed you also get the racial talent expert tracker
  9. i assume that you want a Blaster Carbine with the superiority attachment
  10. I don't really want characters to have a current affiliation with the empire, though a exiled inquisitor acolyte is perfectly fine
  11. while not all situations i will certainly try to make it so you can play a character the way you wish it, be it shoot first ask later like jane, or talk your way out like mal or shepherd do on occasion
  12. @SithArissa @player3333902 @Hchar @btmaja @oneeyedmatt87 @Edgehawk @Sincereagape i would like all of you to keep track of your obligation/duty/morality value/s as i will be using them in game mainly criminal record and bounty but i will also be using any that you have chosen
  13. Raw ten this doesn't include the ten the i have given you for this campaign thought you can stack it all up for a total of 25 (5 starting 10 campaign 10 augmented)
  14. group resources as well as unique items will be handed out in the beginning of the game but i wish to emphasise you do not spawn with them nova viper allowed
  15. More the latter then the former but without a specific/single entity and okay your the last player
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