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  1. Yes Indeed If combat had continued I would have gotten initiative but frankly the guard isn't looking for a fight, just wanted to slap you around for insulting him, as he has you captive
  2. @SithArissa @btmaja @Edgehawk @player3333902 @Sincereagape oh just a heads up if you get a net neutral roll with a triumph i will count it as a simple success with a triumph (if it's a combat roll you don't get the additional damage)
  3. slapped in the face: 1eP+2eA+2eD+1eS 1 failure, 2 advantage, 1 Triumph so he turns off the front wall to your cell spins around in a full 360 but misses hitting you with his tail and puts the barrier back up before you can react turning to you you sell, we sell you nope but considering your familiarity with it you can easily pick out it scent someones smoking it
  4. i said that there was no one your gun? he says sauntering over to your cell i didn't realise my father took this off you, and you are lively for a corpse as he waves the gun at you i do believe mentioning that you didn't spawn with your unique items but they are all on the ship
  5. okay well this will catch you up to what's been happening so far so no else he does have a every nice gun at his hip a nova viper if your not much mistaken he does notice you though like what you see?
  6. you don't have your unique items not yet why did you add a blue? your scanner goggles only remove the black for darkness
  7. one obvious one ( to check for others) the entire room is within short range, yes, no, its rather dim but your goggles negate that, the only weapon you can see in the room is the pistol on the guards lap ( to see if he has others)
  8. well in the room is pretty nondescript is there anything in particular your looking for?
  9. you realise that the guard is a selonian as they start awake cuh tar et- shaking it head it switches languages you want what? after repeating yourself they throw you a water skin
  10. nah recovering strain wasn't allowed on the first roll if you want your moving around pulls and stretches your muscles giving you that weird sensation of fatigued relax-ness
  11. to every one if you get advantages or triumphs i would like you to give a suggestion as to what i goes towards
  12. @SithArissa im gonna treat your spice kit as a dues ex mechina in that it can do what ever given you have time to prepare, as such you have the unique career skill spice chemist (int) with one rank
  13. the door is plainly obvious, but the room doesn't seem to be a prison cell and so isn't very secure
  14. also can you use the bbcode in future, and in total you take 6 strain what would you like to happen?
  15. you still have them they only seemed to be concerned with disarming you not striping you
  16. so you only take 3 strain but you quickly realise that someone has taken your spice
  17. there's not really a way to aid others in this case so i'll just say you notice through the bars (or star wars equivalent thereof) the guard sleeping with your pistol on his lap
  18. please use the bbcode link in future, and yes it would a bit, but you can propose a different good thing to happen
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