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  1. Yea don't I new as well and this to a my first time gming a PbP
  2. Last action was the guard freeing himself currently the is initiative is guard hawk you with sith needing to roll
  3. Please keep the two seperate that is why we have the two threads
  4. the circuitry zaps you for 2 strain now why'd you have to the same as @Edgehawk can you both roll a as a tie breaker
  5. yes considering you are now on the correct side of the cell it is a simple matter to turn off the cells one by one and you start with dashtha's breaking free: 3eA+3eD 1 success, 1 advantage @SithArissa you see the guard get out of the grav-chute what do you do after your needed cool check?
  6. yes you may alternatively if you wish any of you can make a melee/brawl check to see if you can just break your cell
  7. your still in your cell and thus not in combat if you wish to join you need a mechanics check against to break out and then a cool initiative
  8. jumping forward and forgetting his guns the guard spins on you hitting you with his tail
  9. everything else is there make a ranged light roll to try and entangle him but first vig initiative
  10. well could i get a mechanics check to unlock your cell first? any one else who is trying to get out of there cell can also make the same check @Edgehawk you can try again if you wish but you get to ignore the
  11. im keeping it unspecific but it's happening around the same time as the movies
  12. Well unless some one has an action they wish to immediately take I'm good with skipping forward area minutes
  13. if given a few minutes the guard might fall asleep giving you a better chance to escape
  14. you notice the maintenance duct and the advantages means that it's reasonably close to you you can't identity any single use of your spice
  15. Just to make it clear there's one bored guard looking over all of you in a rather nondescript rather empty room with one clear exit and maybe other hidden ones Well can I see the roll?
  16. That was for finding secret doors not other guards I already told you you only got this one guy in here
  17. well i gave you a unique career skill for making and identifying spices, "spice chemist (int)" and you have one rank in to so far and it will be that against
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