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  1. yes it is, that depends on how you approach this i'll say that not all of what you wanted is present in the batch, two threats have added a negative element to the concoction, to find out what is missing and what has been added you'll have to study this selonian
  2. okay that's the kind of thing i want when you describe the effects of your unique spice, if it's just to make pretty pretty lights and wash away fear that i can work with and as such my interpretation is benefits of confidence talent and +2 blue on cool as such the difficulty to correctly make this is with since you've had a few months time to tinker with this batch
  3. I'm just gonna roll randomly on one of the known spices for now but in future you can describe what the effects are before hand
  4. i do believe i made the restriction of within reason
  5. all unique items are on the ship but not on your person
  6. yes you find your self in the engine room taking a breather to do all that
  7. indeed sorry 'bout that the way im gonna treat your spice kit is as a deus ex machina capable of doing anything with reason given you have time to prepare it, so yes what would you like this batch to do?
  8. silver lining the weaselly bastard is now a guinea pig, what are the benefits you where looking to create with this batch (i'll then have you roll to see how how many are present and what side effects there may be)
  9. with dashtha @SithArissa going after her spice that leaves lance @Edgehawk so edge peruse or stay?
  10. if no one is perusing the guard combat is over. speak no or forever hold your peace
  11. I'm gonna say that you fail to stop the selonian escaping
  12. oi first strike Coercion: 2eA+2eB+3eD 1 failure, 1 advantage he isn't conviced to stay there @Sincereagape @SithArissa you two still have a chance to attack before he scampers away
  13. okay just changes when you act initiative: guard, edge, sincere, sith @Edgehawk your turn the guard spent his getting out of the grav chute and has bolted for the door last chance to hit him before the ship is alerted
  14. i got sincere to reroll his and edgehawk entered combat unprepared
  15. sorry sith but for you it's a cool initiative either you can try your luck for a better roll or just acept the 2 success's you have now
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