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  1. okay he says taking the spice and listening as the gunfight continues
  2. you are currently engaged with the selonian that spoke
  3. turn order @Edgehawk action taken @btmaja @Sincereagape the selonians if your going with that could i get a charm or a coercion either way with because of the fire fight nearby
  4. selonian initiative initiative: 2#1eA 0 successes, 2 advantage 0 successes, 2 advantage
  5. their not improvised they are proper forged weapons
  6. em no out of his hands yes destroyed no, your gun can't sunder things
  7. then your not shooting the one that spoke and the difficulty is
  8. ha ha but if you are starting combat please tell me which you are aiming for so that i can tell you the difficulty of shooting them
  9. OOC: i have no idea what you going on about there as you turn around you see that there is a selonian in each of the door ways heading further into the ship both with rather sharp pointy sticks one has a slight burn on his shoulder
  10. if shooting starts yes but you still have other options
  11. who are you? the selonian slowly slurs out (im personally happy with that) as you hear yet another someone rush by the room Freeze!!
  12. well the still humming but the window is the dead give away as it's stars outside education/mechanics check in what way?
  13. It's not to hard to tell where Lance is do to the sound of guns shots
  14. well you can see that the bolt has hit the engines but your not sure what effect it has had, **** your not even sure which engine you hit sub light or hyperdrive if you where aiming for them plus you did 7 personal damage against a ship
  15. good you didn't blow the ship in fact it doesn't seem like anything has happened
  16. if you f up this i am going to murder you roll against
  17. @Edgehawk @SithArissa @Sincereagape @btmaja what are people doing?
  18. current set up everyone but dash and lance is freed at 5 dash is at 11 with a high selonian, lance at 13 having lost the guard
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