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  1. he's still standing but he sure as **** ain't happy
  2. nope go ahead and pew the git still upgraded though
  3. @btmaja i can't see your current strain or wounds, just so you can mark them you've taken 7 strain and 9 wounds
  4. that cut in your side isn't helping either your erratic moments while brawling strains you some (take 1 strain)
  5. Sorry I'm half asleep at the moment So your just standing in the door way with popcorn?
  6. well okay that went from 0 to psychotic real quick
  7. Well you don't think he's going to fight you at the moment
  8. both are at short both give the chance to shoot zeec accidentally or otherwise so ranged check vs don't roll a despair
  9. i am assuming that you take aim and shoot Sorry for skipping you
  10. having just nutted one of his crew members the captain jump for zeec swinging his glaive
  11. YOU DARE HARM MY MEN!!!: 1eP+2eA+1eC+1eD 3 successes, 1 advantage ow 9 dmg before soak-3
  12. the selonian grunts and doubles over on the floor
  13. well i can say with experience that i will take him out for a little bit
  14. have you ever nut someone or, the much less fortunate, been nutted irl?
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