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  1. when rolling for destiny is it 1 destiny token per player with affiliation determined by force dice or force dice equal to players with tokens and affiliation determined by the roll
  2. Well actually im playing a inquisitor apprentice against the other members of my group (the decision to do so made me very popular)
  3. my character is a niman disciple and just got their second lightsaber, I've heard that dual wielding rules say worst characteristic with worst skill. while the skill is the same i want to know if i will be using brawn or willpower as niman technique is a bit vague: "When making a check using the Lightsaber skill, the character MAY use Willpower instead of Brawn."
  4. okay so while i was looking through the force powers i was confused by the wording of the upgrades. mainly do they say how effective force blips are or how many i can spend on a given upgrade? and if the former is there any limiting factor on how many blips i may spend, save blip generation aka. does strength 4 on move mean i can spend 4 blips, or that one blip upgrades the silhouette 4 times
  5. Tweak jal shey with a sprinkling of the armour smith roll
  6. Question should i change jal shey from a diplomat with cool force powers to a diplomat/armour smith hybrid...with cool force powers, by exchanging leadership with engineering?
  7. true i actually forgot about those abilities, but those are more along the lines of "give this item a temporary HP" while force weave is like teaching a item a force power that allows any one to use it (if they meet the force power rating)
  8. While EotE and AoR both have universal force trees both of them are kind of basic just allowing the player to use the few force powers the books allow, this wouldn't really be fitting with F&D, and since F&D allows for the same level of "physical" (for lack of a better word) activity as the others having the reverse wouldn't work either. Hence why i went with the secertive and advanced force specialization of jal shey, both because players can't start out as one and because their powers of using the force to upgrade things hasn't been explored
  9. jal shey careers: astrogation, mechanics, negotiation, charm Major upgrades Force weave x3. 10/15/20 may dedicate force dice equal ranks in force weave to imbue and item with a force power (see rules for more detail) Force rating x2. 20/25 Master weave x1. 25 when imbuing an item may dedicate additional force dice to increase the wielders force rating while using the imbued power Smooth talker x2. 10/20 Sense emotions x2. 10/15 Gear head x2. 5/15 Mental tools x1. 15 force weave rules Before the session starts force user must announce that they are attempting to imbue an item. that force user then dedicates force dice equal to the force power rating (the amount of force dice needed to use the power), for the entire session or longer (GM's discretion). After the designated time has elapsed the force user then makes a daunting (4 purple) astrogation check upgraded by the force power's rating (e.g. protect = 1 purple 3 red, heal = 3 purple 1 red) + 1 blue for the each of the players undedicated force dice A success means that the base power can be activated, while advantages say what upgrades are available (advantages cannot be spent on upgrades the force user does not have). Each item may only be imbued with one power at any one time.
  10. as a GM could i get thoughts on this: since the jal shey imbue technique drained the user for quite some time what would you say to the idea of me committing my force rating (currently 2) for 24 hours, however many sessions that translates too, and then make something like a hard astrogation roll at the end to see what effect i've had on the crystal
  11. first off i would like to make it clear that i am the player trying to do this the GM said that if i could find rules or at least a reason as to why i'd be able to do this he would consider letting me perform this action true the first article is about the je'daii and their traditions but it does state that the force user would just sit and meditate on the weapon they were imbuing giving it force powers, not making any mention that it took a specific person to perform this act, yes it does how ever state to the fact that the weapon and crafter "became as one." suggesting that only i would be able to use it's full power the second how ever is the practice of the jal shey, which as a link in the page that states "The organization survived into the time of the Galactic Empire but was considered a viable target for Imperial persecution in the midst of the Great Jedi Purge. Imperial commander Roly Melusar at one point contemplated dispatching Imperial commandos in pursuit of the Jal Shey." so while their order would most certainly be under strain like all force sensitive orders that didn't align themselves with the empire they may still be kicking in game.
  12. from what i can tell from a little bit of research, imbuing items was something any force sensitive could do but it took time and would drain the force user of their sensitivity for a time these are the sources i drew this from: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Force-imbued_blade http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imbue_item
  13. and above all of everyone that every wielded the force are THE force-wielders whom have infinite force affinity
  14. is there any rules on the practice of imbuing items with the force so that anyone can use the power? i bring this up cause i'm currently doing the F&D expansion: CotG, and have just collected the memory crystal on Cato Neimoidia but do not wish to leave Onrein to suffer, and was wondering if i could imbue my training crystal with the force heal properties and leave it as a gift for her
  15. as i said i don't have the book where would i be able to find this online?
  16. where can i find the page on it? (i don't have the book)
  17. While this is a tweak to the actually mecanics of rhe game abd so i don't expect it to actually be implemented, I'd like to hear your thoughts on these changes to the force dice and the light and dark paragons Okay the force dice as we know have eight blips of force for both light and dark. I think this should be changed because, as I've eard reading through the forums, one uses the dark side blips. This should be change to something more akin to the lore of light and dark with light being more passive, aka. Paragon perks, and dark being more direct, aka. More blips on the dice. I sugest this to actually make using the force abit more fluid, as i got paragon class 3 after 7 games, and less relient on other actions and micomangement on the gms part, cause that make the game less fun for them. The way force blips are currently split on the dice, 7:5, is good but how much they give is what im going to change so that the darkside has three double blips cause i would actually consider using those and taking away one of lightside's double blips, making the dice in favour of the darkside. To balance though the light side would need some more paragon perks either aspects of force powers or stats boosts making the darkside lightside dynamic of the force more akin to that of the lore and movies being that of Now or Later TL;DR: Force dice: black (3 double 4 single). light (2 double, 3 single) And better light side paragon perks Thoughts? P.s. on phone bad writing
  18. Edited one with the force added beginnings of matukai practitioner
  19. I like the ideas the only concern i have is teacher and historian may end up being so similar to be indistinguishable Though a matukai practitioner tree would be really cool in my opinion
  20. The ability is supposed to be a hyper enhance so i don't really see away around it without making the "all checks" part an upgrade which makes it abit messier and raises the question which ones should it upgrade to begin withHow ever i am more then happy to change it to "all non-force power checks" e.g. the critical heal of force heal cant be amped up by one with the force
  21. the name isn't too big a problem, i just thought it fit considering what the power did. what would you suggest for undoubted strength, increase point cost too 4? 5 in my opinion is too high as the consular can only get 10 force points currently, if they're lucky. though if the consular did get three more talent trees i would expect a few more force rating upgrades in there so i'll think about bumping it up to 5
  22. okay since the standard is becoming six trees per career thought it would be nice for the consular to get similar treatment so can we have a brainstorm for ideas, here's mine to start off basic powers: one with the force once per session may flip 2 destiny points and make a average (2 purple) astrogation check if successful the user may add force dice to there next non force power check spending force points for either a success or advantage Major upgrades: undoubted strength: user may spend three force points to add a triumph justified: user does not take conflict from using dark-side force points while active Additional talent trees (Major upgrades only): Matukai Practitioner Force rating 2x We all know what this does Natural flow 3x May dedicate a force dice equal to ranks in natural flow to increase brawn or agility by 1 per force dice
  23. By the way what would minion-rival-nemesis do for taming
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