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  1. partly for the lulz, partly because i want to see this in game, and partly to free up mental space Price Restricted Restrictions Rarity Required HP Base effect Mods 200,000 **** Yes Must target a lightsaber and ranged (heavy) weapon of encumbrance 4 or greater 15 6 split between lightsaber and chosen weapon remove all weapons original qualities and replace them with all of the lightsabers qualities nope so thoughts?
  2. manipulate its self is kinda OP for crafting items "spend 2 pips to add triumph" but yes two advantages isn't anything to sneeze at either
  3. this adds a pip to all force rolls including combined power checks yes, but takes away one force dice. so in essence it stabilizes one force dice, you can't roll ○○ nor can you roll any ●, you get some mild consistency
  4. while the ability is similar to empty soul and one with the universe, it's less of a have extra pips and more stabilises on dice and i just realised that i didn't make it clear that is can be activated once well if exploding is a problem for kybers then how about hard mechanics to install
  5. mechanics and cost both come from the same answer: kyber crystals (2x the cost of illum to be exact), lore wise no 1:1 parallel but few loose connections like the jed'ii tradition of using a kyber, a sword, and a force sensitive being to make all three act as one, granting the sword in the hands of the maker lightsaber-esk qualities
  6. also to make it easier and less confusing on other people im making crystal weave its own topic armour attachment: crystal weave
  7. okay so i found some loose president for items like this to be in game but i was only a single line and further research didn't yield anything solid but still think this would be cool Price Restricted Rarity Required HP Base Effect Mods 25000 Yes 10 3 When making a force check may dedicate C equal to the powers force rating to sustain the basic effect, suffer 1 strain per turn per C 2 “may grant the same effect to an engaged ally” mods so yea ideas, criticism, improvements and what not are all welcome OLD IDEAS
  8. not really the patient type and if i get a triumph on this here roll it might even get added to the book
  9. how's about stabilizing agent HP: 3 effect: commit FD: add ○ to all force rolls mods: 2 "add A to combined force checks" mods
  10. YOU SIR WIN AS A CRITIC. why? because you're no cynical about the idea and see that the core concept has value, most people mistake criticism as being an emotionless bastard railing against an idea, this is not the point of criticism, it is to improve the idea how? pointing out it's flaws and MORE importantly suggesting improvements for those flaws to allow a sound and useful idea to be added to a system, whether it is social or game oriented. actually that's an idea, how does this sound: attachment, crystal weave: cost: 19,000 restricted: yes required HP: 4 base effect: add ○ to all force rolls mods: 1 add additional ○ to all force rolls
  11. one more idea otherwise i'll forget: Price Restricted Encumbrance Rarity HP Defence Soak Ability N/A Yes 3 15 0 0 1 at the beginning of the session (gm's discretion), commit X C. as a maneuver, uncommit all C and add one identical pip to all the C that were commited
  12. im not that egotistical, i like to create and wish to create something that others can use. simple as that posting this here is simple to find what can be accepted
  13. jal shey where extremely proficient at making items imbued with the force, including weapon, armour, and other trinkets. in fact they were so good at this the emperor put them on the top of his list of nope, the only reason he didn't fully get around to it was because of the rebels and the jal shey's lack of numbers two things that signature ability is after the fact, this is before thus mildly less powerful, and the cost not only is a massive hit to the wallet, but your force efficiency. your also comparing oranges to apples using the "zero XP" argument as XP is for innate abilities that can't be taken away from a person, while credits is for items that can be bartered, sold, and most importantly of all taken away. frankly i find it woeful that you have such a closed view of this item and this universe, as you can't experience anything new, anything different, for you if it isn't in the rules it isn't allowed and how dare anyone suggest anything while being outside of FFG
  14. usefulness of force dice on a one v. one if you want more dice that'll take some time Probability of usefulness (challenge dice) Likelihood of pips ○ (66%) 41.66% Likelihood of pips ○○ (33%) 91.66% Probability of usefulness (difficulty dice) Likelihood of pips ○ (66%) 62.50% Likelihood of pips ○○ (33%) 100.00% yes i understand that downgrading is different to decrease that's why i worded it like that. and if it's the abuse of this item that you're worried about simple: "once per session" if people didn't push at the boundaries we would never know where they lie, and there are many narrative places this could come from, jal shey, night sisters, any of the other force sensitive communities that exist in the SWU, as we have been told many times jedi and sith are only the absolutes of the force one of light one of dark, but there are innumerable shades of grey in between them. everything can be balanced the initial idea is almost never the same as what is produced in the end.
  15. okay so having a look at the rules it seems that my idea is closest to the customizable armour which as stats of: Price Restricted Encumbrance Rarity HP Defence Soak Ability 500 No 4 4 4 0 1 N/A so it seems that the issues with my idea are with the ability and the balancing of the other stats so how about: Price Restricted Encumbrance Rarity HP Defence Soak Ability 20000 Yes 3 15 0 0 1 When making a force power check may commit C to downgrade the check once for each C committed and if "nothing can balance the power" how about this added to the end: suffer one wound per C committed
  16. there are rules for creating armour? i like this response. you say it's ludicrous while also having fun with it's ludicrousness
  17. two seconds...done and i'm the only one that really generates ideas, the others don't know the lore well enough to know what could be possible
  18. this rule of three ins't like any of that which you just stated as i said above each tree draws elements of the other rolls, for instance the paladin is a ubermensch unique, while a battle mage is a unique ubermensch. the way i interpret this is where do you draw your power? do you rely on yourself, and your physical body that's ubermensch territory, do prefer to outsmart your assalents with traps, plans, stealth and more you will like a tolls master, or is it your spirit that keeps you going, that is so refine you can manifest it in innumerable ways. and we all draw for one or more of these you are not locked into a single roll, that wouldn't be fun and near impossible for many people i find this a very useful tool (and so does my GM) as it allows me to understand what my friends are playing as, this way i know effective counterplay and how to use my abilities to make an epic synergy with their characters and no this doesn't lock a character into a single immutable roll we a players breath life into the characters we play as we change so must they this is a useful way to see how they have been played not how they will be played forever
  19. in any game there are three rolls one can play as with minor variations on the details and presentation of those core three. this three are the ubermensch, the tuft of flesh bobbing around somewhere inside a ball of unbreakable steel and leather, the gadgeteer/tools master, how relies on their surroundings and intellect to make a solution come out of thin air, and the unique, these guys understand the universe on a fundamental level and this understanding grants them powers others see as magic. and yes while each tree adds elements for the other rolls the consular as a mage falls under the unique class of play along with the mystic (even more so cause the consular has more force power/universe understanding then the mystic)
  20. that is true but as many would understand it doesn't fit the feel of a consular to be a tuft of flesh bobbing around somewhere inside a ball of unbreakable steel and leather. that's more the guardian's roll while yes these are valid points the holocron serves as an example showing items of this quality exist in universe (also i like how you use the straw man argument here and only use the one item that some what supports your claim) let me be clear i do not want to design the kyber saber, because it is far more challenging to design something that is pushing the rules without breaking them then it is to design something that lies outside of the rules entirely upgrading checks is more common than you would think skill vs skill is one of the most common and is very prominent when versing adversaries which will usually have the adversary quality further upgrading the check, but this can also happen with minions who have ranks in listed skill equal to there head count, there is also highly disadvantageous environmental factors like navigating through a jagged crevasse, firing blind, or the gm being a prick with destiny. as for being more advantageous to keep the force dice: a challenge dice has a 1/12 chance for nothing, 1/3 (4/12) chance one thing either failure or threat, 1/2 (6/12) chance for two things, and a 1/12 chance for despair, and a force dice has a 2:1 ratio for one pip against 2 pips making a mode (average) of 1, making a low power force roll useful (can counter/actively assist in a roll) 5/12 times and a high power roll useful in 11/12 times
  21. i understand the idea of the jedi curve (who gets that reference) , and that dealing with anything needs to keep its position in mind at all times during creation, but i haven't seen any armour crafted for squishies (to throw in another fandom) only for tanks, yes their armour is more encumbering but they have a massive threshold for that. the only powers i have seen to limit a "mage" force user is empty soul and iron soul from the consulars ascetic, and i know that these kinds of force user aren't supposed to rely on items like others are but we still have the Holocrons (the atypical force user item), the Bardottan Sphere, and the Grimoire of Syclos, but not armour of similar value? and in my opinion the current version is horribly OP as the last iteration appeared to be, in that if you encounter a situation that would upgrade the difficulty of your force check you can sacrifice your power temporarily to make that single roll easier
  22. not really im just creating a ton of ideas to see what works. learning how to refine ideas in this forum. and as a bonus objective get something added to the game
  23. changed armour ability to alternate idea
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