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  1. the force is nebulous and mystical in nature no one side fully understands what it is capable of, nor what forms it can take so first i mildly mute but i do understand why you are asking as a general assessment against the other attachments this would be a mid to high tier attachment some could use this to great effect others would be turned off by the price needed to use it. i have played, i have learned, i am trying to understand, testing my knowledge against others fanatics like my self here on the forums where i am not constrained by the time limitations of my GM
  2. lore, no where. no where i can find at any rate comparing it to the previous versions the original concept allowed you stabilize a single FD many said that is was OP due to many powers requiring one FP to activate, the second allowed a force user to dedicate a FD to add a S, and later 2 A, to a chosen skill, many saw this as OP due to what can be accomplished by the amount give. this iteration allows the sustain of any basic power with the commitment of FD and suffering of strain equal to the force power rating, while this does allow for sustain of powers earlier on then most powers do, usually 2 upgrades between basic power and any sustain upgrades, it also requires suffering of strain which all sustain upgrades do not require but almost always require the dedication of additional FD, in addition to this this attachment only allows for the basic power to be sustained, and not all the additional effects that the sustain upgrades allow for, so while you would be better off getting the sustain upgrades for the added power, you could still use this a early way to do so or as a mild version on the powers that do not have sustains.
  3. how would one deal with barabs burn while the dampening emitter is active?
  4. so looking at the example in the book it says 3A can increase HP by 1 but it also says that 2T can add 1HP and install a attachment. are these two exclusive of each other?
  5. 1. no they are work behind the scenes with the gm to better craft stories for the other players 2. they are using there abilities to better determine when and how much should be given this may be a qwerk of my group but our characters are just us in the star wars universe
  6. hmmmm. missing the point but a few valid points in there as well, the point is if you can you should try to analyse a characters motivation and justifications, 90% of people may not be able to do this but if one person of the group can all will benefit, as for the psychologist themselves they have the training to enjoy the game as well as analyse the others players at same time, assisting the games masters with the campaigns he crafts if he isn't the games master himself yes psychology is somewhat limited to a persons actions but they don't stop and pass judgement there they push on wards to understand why, this doesn't clear that persons name of the acts they have committed but does lend to know what is wrong far more then a surface analysis of their actions alone
  7. if you can do it passively it adds loads to the game, and yes it does help me do this that my uncle, who also plays, is a psychologist, as many aspects of psychology work best when undetected
  8. i is completely relevant of F&D because 1. our characters are us, or at least aspects of us. 2. i am not underplaying the actions of people but putting more emphasis on their reactions both external (their actions) and internal (their justifications)
  9. the acts are the only thing we can imperialistically measure but it is the philological aspect that is more important, is the Silver Surfer a bad person because of the acts he has committed? or is Reed Richard's Utopian ideals worse?
  10. yes the acts of of a person do matter but they are no be all and end all. no one becomes a bad person with the flip of a switch, you can never point to a single event and say that's where it all changed, it is continuous small acts that are more important and it's how they impacted others and how the person lives if those acts that are the most important, there can be moments when people snap and do bad things (Luke v Vader) but this does not mean they are bad people for that one act, my character has join the empire's inquisitors but is still lightside, what you are saying is that this one act should make me darkside when it has not, the initial decision did knock me out of paragon but now i am make lost ground through the way i am handling the situation not the situation it's self
  11. warning i am going to sound like an ******* in two seconds go back and watch the movies, and the clone wars mortis arch again every aspect of the force is mystic and psychological in nature, and as confirmed by Lucas himself, was inspired by eastern mythos, specifically Buddhism's chi so lets see the parallels; chi is a energy that permeates the universe, and is a quality of all things, much like the force, to have proper flow of this energy through the body one must be at peace with themselves and the universe, again 1:1, and then there is also the chakras that while the force didn't copy 100% can still be felt in the design of it and it's users, these chakras are like lenses and represent how chi can be applied in sense, and there applications are: anger, desire, greed, absence, appreciation, self-control, and peace, and funnily enough this can be chopped in two places that make the motivations of both light and dark to become very clear the first is in-between greed and absence this is a boundary between light and dark and the second is between self-control and peace, with peace having the most power and what many of the darkside and lightside long for immortality (spiritual immortality). and the thing is to get to peace many many things have to change, one notable thing is the merging of id and ego and destruction of self serving behaviors like "i am a good person" which it is (it's a defense for our psyche against the bad things we have done), and except everything the good and the bad as a single inseparable package like; the father so yes how you perceive yourself is very relevant to the force
  12. The force as i understand it is currently designed to innately pull everyone to the light via the conflict dice mechanic. The number and positioning of the force pips on the dice are done in a way that says that neither is more powerful but one is more available at any given time, this gives the dark side a minor edge on the dice, while the morality system is there as a reward system to benefit people that make the moral journey to becoming paragons of either side, here the light side has a minor edge of the dark side in that doesn't take anything away in the process of bestowing said boons. My major sticking point with the force right now is that it is a psychological system that ignores one of the most powerful psychological effects, in that no one sees themselves as the bad guy in someone else's story, yes many people will say that they have done bad things but they never see themselves as a villain. There needs to be a greater imbalance in the force, specifically the dark side on the dice, to effectively counter this psychological phenomenon because the two times my party has used the darkside, myself included, are both in do or die situations, which in and of itself is powerful enough to warrant the use of darkside, but this is not enough to actually tempt anyone from the light, from grace, the darkside was supposed to be a all alluring force capable of tempting all but the most well trained jedi, and even then they needed to be constantly vigilant. Now if a change where to happen to the force dice there would also need to be a somewhat equal change to the pargaon perks, specifically the light side ones, as they have become harder to reach with the reinforced allure of the darkside, for those of you who have seen my force and destiny house rules this is what i was aiming for to make an effective counter against this psychological effect that is, in my opinion making the force rather boring, as no one is tempted to use the force in all but the most extreme of situations, when the effect fails due to some other reason
  13. my problem isn't with "more force" it's that there are no items outside of super rare relics, that i know of, can help high power force users like the consular and mystic. if you have examples i am more than happy to hear them
  14. these two comment are probably the best responses i have got and if you want simple and balanced with a negative i have two ideas then: suffer 3 strain: add LS and DS to next force roll or flip destiny: re-roll one force dice
  15. i understand that there are a lot of subtle elements of the game that have to be considered with all aspects of design and that many of those subtleties i am currently unaware of, this game is montorsly huge and detailed to the last. as for the "overuse" problem: Price Restricted Rarity Required HP Special Base effect Mods 19,000 Yes 9 3 When installing make a hard astrogation check if success full choose one skill CommitC: add success to chosen skill (cannot activate multiple times) 2 “add advantage to combined force power checks” mods any threats generated can spent on anything form take conflict with every use of the item GM decides the skill flip destiny per use convert X LS to DS
  16. how bout this hard mechanics or astrogation check to install (this is supposed to be slightly wibbly wobbly) success the player can determine the skill that this improves as they install it any threats generated can spent on anything form take conflict everytime using the item GM decides the skill flip destiny per use convert X LS to DS
  17. no i don't want people to just praise and pamper me, but the thing is i weigh "this feels wrong" much heavier then "rules do not allow" if i need to explain every little detail of an idea i am sorry i can not do that, if you want me to make something that requires you to interpret some of what i'm saying i can deliver that i swades. for those of you that understand myersbriggs i am an INFP and so i overwhelmingly put effessis on the emotive not the rational, i can't deal with absolutes i can work with a open frame, and loose rules
  18. my personal experience begs to differ with your statement, while yes i have read the core books and a few source books this only gives a basic framework a start point, for a intuitive understanding, which is what i am aiming for, the best way i have found is start with a shotgun and work up to a sniper rifle. if people require a half page explanation on every idea submitted then our two modes of thought are too dissimilar to understand each other, i don't read half the fluff on any given post i look for the feel of the idea and try to understand that.
  19. okay how about: commit FD: when commiting force dice choose a skill, when rolling that skill add a success to the roll mods: 2 "when rolling chosen skill add additional advantage" mods
  20. if you compare this to my other works this is the lowest power of all of them personal preference, there are other attachments that i would install before this but it is still on my list of consideration
  21. ah right so qualities are more sunder and breach. good to know
  22. just to humor the idea some more the destruction of both seems more like a tripple or at least double despair effect and all the qualities of the lightsaber save range are being used, including crit
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