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  1. one thing i did notice that was off with your above table though is that if you can't upgrade a check due to no purple or green dice it takes two upgrade to bring one red/yellow to the pool just for example mod 5 is difficulty 5, upgraded twice -6 difficulty this becomes in a simple check being upgraded twice resulting in a opposition of 1 red pulled from P.30 of F&D core
  2. Okay so looking through the rules it never says that difficulty can't rise above 5 but never gives an example of such a thing
  3. Ah so for a mod 5 check it would be a easy roll as well (7-6) yes?
  4. I thought that as well cause the way i play it is that it's difficulty 2 upgraded twice that way if you decrease the difficulty twice the two upgrades have nothing to upgrade and so just become increase twice Not sure if this is right or wrong though
  5. well poo but on the bright side the most "complex" attachment i have is the kimber stone with 5 mods so that's fun though for the latter check do i need to flip destiny to attempt them, or is impossible a GM's discretion only thing?
  6. secrets of the jedi has a minimum of easy, personal lightsaber has minimum of simple, and personal inlay i don't know if it has a minimum difficulty
  7. ah ha so having a personal inlay (-1), improved secrets of the jedi (Max. -3), and personal lightsaber (-2) can make modding a simple check every time?
  8. okay so i dual wield some rather unique lightsabers, decked out with superior quality, curved hilt and three crystals: Krayt, Kimber, and Sapith with this i have a total of 15 mod checks per lightsaber to get them to "full power" how would i go about rolling that many dice? is it just roll 11 purple (i have a few difficulty modifiers on my side)? or is there something else as i thought that the highest difficulty was "impossible" (destiny + 5 purple)
  9. while specialized i can think of two scenarios that would benefit from this power, defending a building? seal it now they can't get in as easily as they could otherwise, or the scenario where i would use it due to my situation, smuggling goods from the empire to the rebels? seal the box send it off this also only works one items and objects so misdirect is better for stealth/guerrilla strikes, while this is more permanent allowing for objects to go unnoticed for long amounts of time without the need for concentration from a force user so yes while this does have narrative uses it also has mechanical uses that players can use to there advantage as either CC or utility
  10. we have seen this multiple times but most notably with the hidden temple ezra and kanan open in rebels seal (Force Power Rating 2) basic: spend 2 pips to seal a selected object of S0, within short range. this requires a average mech check to open upgrades: strength: spend 2 pips increase the difficulty of check once per rank of strength magnitude (2 ranks): spend 1 pip to increase silhouette of object once per rank of magnitude range (2 ranks): spend 1 pip to increase the range the object must be within once per ranks of range control: spend 2 pips to increase the difficulty of noticing sealed object once (can be used multiple times) control: spend 3 pips to upgrade the difficulty of noticing sealed object once (can be used multiple times) control: spend 3 pips to upgrade the check once (can be used multiple times) mastery: spend 4 pips the item can only be open by a combined force check that generated 4 pips
  11. if you think it'll be in there okay i'll hold off on that
  12. that is true yes, and dual wielding, and link are good ways to hit the same target multiple times and auto-firing does almost the same, this mastery im crafting is aiming to be the auto-fire for force users/lightsabers
  13. that is true but it's more a finishing blow, the part where i'm drawing this particular mastery is the RotS scene of palpatine vs mace windu & 3 other jedi schmucks with his ability to hit multiple people in very quick succession, even in the same swing, with only one weapon and no one else getting a chance to react before he does so also changed the first mastery a little and tweaked the second
  14. i was tossing up a force power rating of two or three depending on further upgrades it is a fair point that with the right equipment that it can be very powerful, but with that mastery i'm trying to deliver a berserk-esk ability, some short term boost to damage output that you should never try in a prolonged fight
  15. first 2 easy done there is effective counter play already in game for the loss of a lightsaber crystal being the cyclic crystal array, thought that only works for a few rounds at best if this needs a higher "entry fee" to use how about "4A, suffer two stain, and a conflict", if it needs a nerf "once per session" or "second attack automatically generates 3 failures" or something similar, throwing ideas around here
  16. Im more talking of its primary function Yes sense has both offense and defensive qualities but is that its primary function? No it is to feed the player more information and enhance there senses it just so happens that with that comes some combat capabilities
  17. PURE combat powers move has uses in and outside combat and is more a utility power with combat potential similar to seek
  18. i have had a look at seek (max. of pierce 12 with aid from imbue), and it's triumph powers and yes that does have some nice combat potential, but the force only really have two combat powers right now (unleash and harm), i'm more crafting this as a pure combat power like those two. if to not encroach on seek i can change i to be basic power to be "spend 3 pips to damage one item one step (cannot be activated multiple times)"
  19. pulling this from the legends novel of the same name this power allowed the user to sense weak points in a object or person and exploit them Force Power Rating: 2 basic: when making a combat check the force user may add his/her force rating to the check and spend one pip to increase damage dealt by 1 upgrades, gap is the smallest number other upgrade that lie between the basic power and the stated upgrade strength (ranks 2, gap 0/2): spend one pips to add damage equal to ranks in strength magnitude (ranks 2, gap 0/3): spend two pips to add pierce equal to ranks in magnitude to the attack control (gap 2): commit 1 or more FD: remove 1 black generated by defensive/deflective/defense rating for each FD committed control (gap 2): damage one piece of equipment the target has by one step mastery (gap 4): suffer 2 strain and commit 3FD: one item the target has is inoperable while FD remain committed, suffer 2 strain each round FD remain committed this way mastery (gap 5): spend 4 pips pierce generated by shatterpoint ignores the cortoisis quality Old Concept:
  20. that is an epic way to do (or really avoid) morality.......yoink
  21. okay so found something that allows for items like this but nothing that says it did exactly this just says that jedi could have items to help themselves or hinder other force users which is and idea http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jedi_artifact Force Restraints
  22. don't forget the kimber stone and if this is how you want ideas presented on the forums that i can certainly do
  23. well cortosis and vacuum seal are both mid tier attachments and this is defiantly above those but it is no where near the micro-rocket or weapon mount attachments if you want a detailed comparison: cortosis is a specialized attachment that negates the sunder quality of lightsabers and a few other weapons with it only major draw back being the rarity of usefulness vacuum seal is also a specialized attachment that removes the danger for open space and gaseous attacks, i haven't seen any gas attacks so far in game, but in space it isn't all that useful unless your trying a daring move of jumping form one space craft to another or you've been sucked out a hull breach both weapon mount and micro rocket are both combat attachments allow the player more offensive options in a fire fight, engaging a second target for weapon mount, or blowing up everyone around a target but for more direct comparison, no non exist but that's the case for all attachments they for fill different rolls even the weapon mount and micro rocket can't truly be compared to each other for the rolls they for fill even while being in the same "offensive" category, my attachment is sitting in it's own category. so how would you like me top compare apples and oranges? this disappoints me in several ways the first point disappoints me as you aren't willing to experience anything that isn't crafted by the "gods" of star wars being Lucas, Disney and FFG the second point disappoints me as you are just railing against the idea, not willing to improve it "no man is an island entire of itself" we all need help for each other, if you think it is game breaking i am more then willing to hear you on what you suggest as an alternative yes i am trying to make something that bends the rules, do you get angry at the Bardottan Sphere for allowing players additional FD without paying XP for it? or the herder's gauntlet which allows the move power with XP? this item is equally rare as they are and yet you have a problem why? please read the wording of my idea as it says when making a force check meaning you must activate the power and then can sustain it's basic form and latter share that basic power with two friends that are close by
  24. I get the irony but i was more wondering if thr burn effect would be effected but the stun damage modifier
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