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  1. yea all good Destiny: 1eF 1 Dark Side PS. destiny hates us
  2. god **** it the collective nerd is getting to ****ing high
  3. blue eyes, black hair, pale, tall for his age, and thin and lean
  4. wearing clothes that have been worn broken and repaired over a dozen times, this youthful delinquents pride is only matched by his desire to aid others
  5. also unleash spend destiny to use as maneuver
  6. well im working on that myself won't slow the game don't none will it? this is what i have for excal'ur: his pure white eyes seem tired and withered from living ten lifetimes longer then his body which is still in it's prime
  7. well for me being a medic/teacher for said back water colony
  8. for excal'ur any small back water colony will do, or some other off the beaten track place where he can hide
  9. dual wielding still doubles tough yes as both weapons get effected?
  10. cause i was inside the star destroyer at the time (and the fact that the entire escape plan hinged on me doing this) my GM bent the rules a bit allowing me to ignore armor and only scaling to something like 1/5 damage
  11. i have the quoted text just above you first post danke my interpretation of those "rules" in the FAQ is that if i choose to use my sabers for defense i get (saber 1 defense + talent) + (saber 2 defense + talent)
  12. max damage for a consular with FR8 with the aid of imbue (7+(4*15)+13)*3=240 with 3 crits yes i was lucky enough to get this while versing a star destroyer, needless to say it did not survive and i only suffer 4 strain from the exchange
  13. just so people have the actually wording in the book "When wielding a Lightsaber, Melee, or Brawl weapon, the weapon gains the Defensive quality with a rating equal to ranks in Defensive Training"
  14. okay so defensive training "you have melee weapon? yes, have +1 melee defense" does this apply to both weapons?
  15. mephite is a absolute not for anyone that is trying to hide just for example a rag tag group of rebels and force sensitive that are being hunted, yes krayt does one less damage when fully modded but it doesn't give your position away to any random wandering yahoo with sense
  16. added a background for both characters http://swsheets.com/c/fjovdpucq-avalon http://swsheets.com/c/hw8v03zpe-excla-ur
  17. i went with FaD cause lightsaber doesn't appear in other sheets but yes he does come from EotE, other then that i think i have addressed everything
  18. master character http://swsheets.com/c/hw8v03zpe-excla-ur
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