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  1. your going to find this the most infuriating and most accommodating part of me but meh.
  2. where ever the nearest chair is is where im setting up with my food\
  3. caring what seems to be a few days worth of food over to the galley avalon straps in an chows down
  4. after introducing himself, avalon raids the mess hall devouring everything in his wake, though you can't really blame him looking like he an't been feed in a month
  5. screen capture what am i a savage nah just downloaded them
  6. "I wanted a place to sleep" he says interrupting you "you'll have to tell me how you did that" again cutting you off the youth remains silent as if waiting for your response
  7. well if i can't escape without you seeing me i'll edit the IC
  8. well i don't really know the interior of the ship so mostly just away from you
  9. he spins around with a look of awe and says "how do you use the awesome to do that?"
  10. startled awake by your shouting the child lands in front of you shoots you a glance then runs further into the ship
  11. in your cargo hold you find a sleeping child on top of some cargo his hand giving his resting place away
  12. on dantooine excal'ur walks down the street towards the market needing to refill his medical supplies, on the way he notices a splash of color on the comfortable dreariness of the settlement, as he draws he realizes that it is the young teetoe try to sneak out again "What are you doing young teetoe?"
  13. fun nerd computer fact did you know that the first three letter ever typed onto the "internet" (Arpanet) was LOL due to the system crashing while the operators tried the login command
  14. I saw the example above as one hand each much like two lightsabers
  15. the other thread? when ever or when we become important to play?
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