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  1. the selonian that was previously guarding you see his captain fall and surrenders, as the ships comms start Captain we're approaching the rendezvous it seems they beat us here
  2. @Edgehawk @SithArissa @Sincereagape @btmaja @player3333902 new rule if you suffer strain willingly or otherwise within the last round you can't recover it on you next check
  3. shooting at melee/engaged has two difficulties for light it's for heavy it's and the nova viper is light
  4. what? where'd a lightsaber enter this? if you just shooting him point blank it's ranged vs
  5. you would have to try and duck past him to get to short as he's in front and there's engines to either side of you
  6. @Sincereagape final chance to drop the captain without becoming a shish kebab
  7. well i only wanted the red i was still going to use your first roll and since it gave the same result nothing's changed
  8. so you can see the captain has just jumped towards two of the other people that were held prisoner and the only ones to have armed themselves, while a the third one is presumably punching up another guard that you can't see because of the door
  9. YOUR REALLY PISSING ME OFF!! the captain shouts as he leaps for you, the blade how ever glances off your cover the other selonian gets back on his feat a fetches his weapon @Edgehawk it's you again
  10. @btmaja can you make your IC post so that people can make with their's?
  11. i don't feel i am skilled enough to fudge things like that just yet
  12. i'm saying that i might have exceeded everyone's squishyness limit by allowing the selonians to have glaives
  13. everyone is rather squishy right now i'm even debating whether or not i should have allowed the glaives
  14. no if you want you can instead draw his attention to you (zeec ain't looking to hot either)
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